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  1. Right! Thanks Royal for totally making me feel bad about myself today...!
  2. I purchased today at 57$ per person, ugh. Didn't want to pay it but I feel we are better off paying for the package. When you say "cancel" hasn't my card already been charged? How quick are they to refund if a better sale comes up?
  3. Thank you! That defiantly helps towards that big bill!
  4. Hey all I know on Carnival the drink package did not kick in until the second day. Is that true for Royal Caribbean also? We depart from Galveston. Thanks! Amy
  5. Hi all We have a cruise booked for late February. We made the mistake of not ordering the drink package on the night we booked when it was 52$. Now it has gone up to 61$ a day! So now I am trying to figure out if it's worth it, and yes we like our beer. We are Texans! So will that price keep going up, do they have any type of drink sales on the ship? I know i don't want to drink everyday, but dang I feel like I'm being pressured into with this package vs the price on the ship. What's a beer drinking Texan to do???
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