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  1. Why are people so negative ? Time to be positive please and embrace change / the way ahead
  2. That email from Jack doesn’t tally with the TA email schedule showing all the cancelled cruises
  3. I’ve checked Celebrity website October cruises still all gone except Australia n S Pacific, if they came back up it wasn’t for long! my balance for Oct 12 cruise was due on Friday they delayed for a week as she was sure an announcement was due this coming week
  4. October 20 start date seems unrealistic,,?
  5. Be careful when you start to compare country against countries Stats . Unless every COVID death in each country has been recorded with the exact same criteria and expertise then you are Looking at an imbalanced picture. The most accurate comparison at this time is average deaths over 5 years against latest deaths. Sorry to be morbid but it’s too easy to look at league tables
  6. Anyone know when Celebrity will make an announcement about cruises from September 20? I was thinking late July but wondered if anyone had information
  7. Constellation heading to Limassol Cyprus,, wonder why???
  8. There are plenty forums to discuss COVID 19 and all it’s complexities This forum should be talking mainly about cruising , this forum is titled around cruising being suspended yet most contributions talk 100% about medical matters
  9. A lot of guests were already on their way to Singapore!! I like the way they describe missing Thailand with another “relaxing day at sea”! too many sea days now,,,they don’t want to offer cancellations as everyone would cancel,,,what will happy to the next cruises???
  10. Anyone receive the P and O email today promising some announcement? Any ideas ?
  11. The navigator cruise fares were very high compared to other ships/lines,,, it’s a very competitive market and cruisers were booking better fares on other ships. I feel sorry for families as at peak school breaks it is difficult to get a bargain,,, last year it was cheaper for us to fly to Barcelona n go on Symphony than go from Southampton,,, also why doesn’t one of the big lines cruise from the north we are a forgotten land for starting cruises on the big ships,,
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