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  1. Good Luck, Becky! Like you, we've always requested late & got late. I think it's because of your late booking, as you said. I'm sure they will clear it up for you with no problems. I'm very jealous, ya know...:p
  2. Yes there are small mini bars in the cabins but it will be locked when you first get into your room. You will need to get the steward to unlock it for you & remove stuff if you have anything you want to put in it because it will be full.
  3. We are spoiled to our 7 cruises but decided to do our first 4 day on the Ecstasy last weekend. We went to the Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception on Friday night. There were drinks going around but no hors d'oevres & I had my mouth all set for those little meatballs (:()... & there was no Past Guest Party. But we still had a great time. This being a 4 day cruise I wasn't sure if that was normal. I knew that there wouldn't be any ship pins on a 4 day but I sure would like to have one to add to my collection. Does anybody have one they can spare?
  4. I always take a 12 pk of Diet DrPepper with me. I love the Conquest. Have fun!
  5. On our first cruise the little sample basket was packed full of lots of stuff. Then we started noticing in the next cruises that the stuff nobody uses was all that was left in the baskets. I think we found out this answer to this last year. We had already booked our cruise for this year during our cruise last year. The cabin that was to be ours this year was right next door to our cabin last year. We waited until those people were gone after the cruise & asked our steward if we could go in & look. Yes, the cabin was identical to the one we were in but we wanted to see it. Well, I went into the bathroom & that basket was overflowing with goodies! We wandered if this is what's happening...people going into vacated rooms before they disembark & taking the stuff. :confused:
  6. I'm sorry...I thought all of the pics were $20.00. Thanks for that info cathyz.
  7. I don't know how much the packages are but the single pictures are $20.00 per pic. They are an odd deminsion also & I had a little trouble trying to find frames for them. I can't really remember the size right now because all of my originals are put away. Lots of folk find it wise to wait until the end of the cruise to pick out the pictures they like.
  8. When we cruised on the Elation, my daughter had a rollaway bed & loved it so much that she commented she wanted to take it home with her...lol... They didn't take it out of the room though. They folded it up & left it in the corner through the day & then came in & fixed it up for her while we went to dinner. That's been a few years ago so maybe they have started removing them now.:)
  9. I agree with a previous post. Grand Cayman & Cozumel are my two favorite ports so far. Grand Cayman is just so clean & the shop owners are absolutely NOT in your face or pushy & there are just loads of things to do. Cozumel, well what can I say. It's just a good place to spend the day. The people are nice, the food is GREAT & it's beautiful.
  10. sorry... somehow I missed the post of another person explaining how you get your pin. I hope you ahve a wonderful cruise.:)
  11. If this is your 2nd cruise, then you will get your pin with your invitation to the party. They will leave in your cabin while you are at dinner.
  12. newt98...No problem. I just wanted to make sure everybody saw my thank you...lol:)
  13. There are a few pics in my WebShots. Just click on the link in my signature & it's the 2008 Conquest cruise that would have te pics. It was an awesome experience that I would be glad to do again & again.:) I hope you have a wonderful cruise!
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