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  1. It's right there in the FAQ on Celebrity site: Vaccines that are fully approved or authorized for emergency use by a national regulatory authority (such as the U.S. FDA), or global health organization (such as the World Health Organization) are accepted. Please be aware that certain countries we sail from or visit during a voyage may require a specific vaccine, and only those travelers vaccinated with the requisite vaccine will be considered fully vaccinated. Be sure to review your departure country's requirements or consult our guest materials prior to sailing for these requirements.
  2. They changed it the other day so you have to be within 21 days of sailing now, not 30.
  3. We always drive in the morning of a cruise and even that makes me nervous.
  4. Emoji Not sure, but I would think the number of guests not complying with the vaccine requirement would be very low and any number exceeding 5% would be minimal so if there are any fines, it wouldn't amount to much. Keep in mind the $5,000 is a maximum and not an automatic amount. Also, since this cruise was advertised with vaccination being a requirement for boarding, I would hope that anyone denied boarding for that reason would be denied without compensation or any sort of refund...which would help offset any penalty.
  5. Have only previously sailed on Disney (13 times) and Carnival (twice). Would gladly go on either of those again. Also looking forward to checking out NCL someday. This will be our first Celebrity cruise.
  6. Heard that those who can prove vaccination would likely receive wristbands. Much better and more comfortable to wear than a mask. 🙂 They could also issue color coded keycards since everyone seems to wear one on a lanyard.
  7. July 17th is no longer on the site now as well
  8. Where did you hear/see that confirmed?
  9. Hello! This is our first time on Celebrity. We had the 7/24 Mardi Gras booked out of PC, but it was canceled so decided to give Celebrity a try. Looking forward to it!
  10. We are on that one as well. Been trying to keep track of availability. A few days ago there were about 210 staterooms left and 4 suites. As of midnight last night I counted 165 staterooms and 2 suites remaining.
  11. Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and likely the others are doing something similar, but not as drastic. They are asking for proof of vaccination. Those who do not provide it will be required to take a Covid-19 test prior to embarking...at their expense. They will also have to take another Covid-19 test prior to debarking...again, at their expense and I don't think these rapid tests are cheap. In addition, those who do not provide proof of vaccination will be required to wear a mask at all times, except when eating or drinking while those who are vaccinated don't have to wear one at all. That is compliant with Florida law and hopefully enough to discourage those who are not vaccinated. If not...perhaps they'll move on to your idea. 🙂
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