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  1. Recently ordered distilled water on my personalizer for a couple of upcoming Princess cruises (fingers crossed) and no charge. HAL charges $2 per gallon for distilled water. ☹
  2. I understand the Island Princess does not have an IC. Where does one go on that ship to get a fresh brewed cup of coffee at 6 am?
  3. Well, here is what happened. When we first checked our account we had two FCD's - each with separate ID numbers. After the first booking was made, one FCD now has a notation that it is applied to that booking. And the booking confirmation notes $100 removed from the fare in addition to the discount. After the second booking was made, the second FCD and its associated ID number are not even in our account anymore. The discounted fare and deposit are applied to that second booking, but no additional $100 was removed. So, two different but similar bookings with two dif
  4. We have two bookings on different voyages. What we find confusing is that in one booking there is an additional $100 debited, and in the other it is not. (Both longer cruises with correct discounts for the fare and the deposit). We just don't know which one is correct !
  5. Hi, Can anyone clear up some questions about Future Cruise Deposits (not FCC) for voyages over 45 days. I know they offer a 3% discount on the fare and a reduced deposit (usually 5%). However, my question has to do with the initial $100 cost of that FCD. Is that also applied as a debit to the fare, or is that included as part of the 3% discount? In other words, suppose my 50 day cruise costs $10,000 with a $3,000 deposit. (These are made up numbers.) With my FCD, the fare, discounted by 3%, is $9700.00 and the deposit, discounted to 5%, is $15
  6. Thank you all for taking the time to provide your thoughts and comments. I will get back in touch with Princess to work this out - now that I know it is indeed possible. We would like to stay longer in QC, but other obligations prevent that. 🙂
  7. I have called Princess twice and have had two different answers, so looking for actual experience from fellow cruisers. We are considering a New England / Canada cruise this summer which ends as an overnight in Quebec City. Flights home are much less expensive with fewer or no layovers from Montreal. We could easily take a train or bus to Montreal airport from the Quebec City cruise port after spending the first day visiting the city. However, in order to make a reasonable flight on the second day, we would have to leave the ship earlier than the published
  8. Thanks ! It came up in conversation with a friend so she used her business phone with international calling - yes they are open!
  9. Good morning, I don't see this info posted on their website and a Google search did not help. Does anyone know if the Sunset Bar is open on Christmas Day? Thanks ! Andy
  10. Good morning, Have been searching the boards but can't seem to find a definitive answer. This question only has to do with the availability of freshly brewed coffee, which I understand is unlimited with the package. Can that coffee be obtained at the MDR and buffet if you have the package, or is it only available at the IC? Thank you. Andy
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