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  1. I have two 7-day cruises B2B booked for 2022. I booked them directly with Princess. The Princess agent didn't mention anything about it not being permitted.
  2. Does anyone have any pics of the views from E428's balcony. I'm booked in that cabin on the Majestic to the Mexican Riviera next year.
  3. I used to pull off any laundry tags as soon as I found them after returning home, but since the hiatus of cruising, I have been leaving them in place as a reminder of past cruises. Even if the location may be a wee bit irritating, I like having my memory jogged. 😉
  4. I have done AK cruises on Princess ships 4 times in the past, 3 of which were in September. All 4 were everything I hoped they would be. AK for me is addicting because of it's beauty. The cruise we had booked for this September was cancelled, of course, so we have now booked a cruise-tour for 2021, in September. Last September, one of my daughters and I did a 10 day round trip out of SFO. The weather was cooperative, the temps were coolish, and no rain. The only time we needed warm jackets were during scenic cruising at Glacier Bay, and that was mostly because we spent a couple of hours up on the uppermost open decks and the breezes coming off the glacier were quite chilly. In the port stops, the temps were decent, While it was cool enough that I wore a windbreaker when we got off the ship, as soon as we walked into the town, the jacket had to come off. I expect the chilly water temp made the air feel cooler in the port area. The year before that, I went with 2 of my daughters and one son-in-law on a 7 day roundtrip out of Seattle. We had sunny pleasant weather every day of that one. Several years ago, on a r/t out of Seattle, we had mostly overcast days, and frequent misty rain. I still enjoyed every minute! A light weight, hooded waterproof windbreaker is a necessity when cruising in AK, IMO.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Knowing that Princess provides for GF options in the dining rooms and the buffet. I have to believe that there would be the similar options at the Princess lodges. When we get closer to our cruise, I will utilize the above link to check the menus.
  6. Thanks, the Brewhouse menu looks great. and a number of items are available GF. Now if someone can address the availability at the Princess lodges, we'll be good to go.
  7. We have a cruisetour in AK booked on the Star for next year. My adult daughter is gluten intolerant, and is concerned about the availability of gluten free foods during the land tour portion. Also at the hotel in Anchorage, the Captain Cook, if anyone has stayed and/or dined there. Hopefully someone here can help us with this.
  8. If they do, a lot of us would see it as age discrimination. Just because one is 70 or older, and happens to have a chronic health issue that is in good control , and does not have/ has not had any symptoms of flare-up of the issue, it should not preclude them from cruising, any more than it did before Covid-19.
  9. Whether they made your list or not, I would not hesitate to book and sail on ANY of the ships in the Princess fleet. I already have done 49 cruises on Princess ships, and intend to continue sailing with Princess as many more times as I can.
  10. I'm guessing this might be the result of the port pf SFO apparently being closed to cruise ships for who knows how long. We're booked on the August 31 sailing out of SFO on the Star. I imagine we'll get cancellation notice one of these days.
  11. Scopolamine can cause disorientation and confusion as a side effect.
  12. We have not cancelled our TA, FLL to Southampton, visiting Iceland and Shetland Islands on the way, that begins May 24th. I am 80 and my travel companion is 77. We are both healthy and active. Plus we are both retired RNs who have cared for many patients with infectious diseases during our lengthy careers, so feel we are knowledgeable about how to take care of ourselves and how to reduce the chances of getting sick from shipboard illnesses. As things stand at this point, we are not considering cancelling, but understand that, as time goes by and the trending of the spread of the virus, there could be a point where we might feel it necessary to do so.
  13. I have found that embarkation day can be a good time to look for books on the exchange shelf ….. books that were left behind by departing cruisers at the end of their cruise.
  14. With the exception of the Pacific Princess, I always load up the Kindle, because the libraries, as a source of a books from an exchange shelf, let alone books for borrowing, on the other ships is iffy. We were on the Regal recently, and there were many empty shelves and more table games on the shelves than books. In contrast, the Pacific's library is cozily gorgeous, very inviting, plenty of comfortable seating, and has an enormous selection of all sorts of topics that can be borrowed, and several shelves of exchange books which is very popular, and heavily used. Even if one is not looking for a book to read, that library deserves to be visited. It's a treasure!
  15. Whether or not a corkage fee will be charged seems inconsistent. We just got off the Regal a couple of weeks ago, and took a bottle per person onboard. There was a "wine table" set up for checking in the wine, but it was unmanned. One bottle was take to dinner in the Crown Grill The waiter took it to put it on ice, and served it without charging a corkage fee. I took what was left in that bottle back to the cabin, refrigerated it, and took it to the dining room the following night. The other bottle was taken to the ATD room, and again, no corkage fee was even mentioned. The waiter chilled it, served it, and stored it for the following night. After dinner that night (our last night onboard), I took the remainder back to the cabin, poured it in my WIne2Go double-walled wine bag, and put it in my suitcase and brought it home!!
  16. When you check out the casino, look for the Game King machines. They have both video poker and video keno games on them. Every Princess ship that I have been on,( and that's most of them in the fleet.) there are at least a few Game King machines.
  17. On my most recent cruise a few weeks ago, we took a couple of bottles of wine onboard at embarkation in Ft Lauderdale. There was no table with a crew member checking wine in and putting stickers on the bottles. One night we dined at the Crown Grill and I had taken one bottle there, and was not charged a corkage fee. I chose to take that bottle back to the cabin, and the following night took it with us to the ATD room. The waiter accepted and served it without comment, and stored what was left for the next night. Toward the end of the cruise, I took the other bottle to one of the anytime dining rooms. For some unknown reason, none of the wait staff said anything about paying the corkage fee. Our waiter took my bottle, placed it on ice, and served it as soon as it had chilled enough. At the end of the meal, he took the bottle and stored it for the coming nights. Whether it will be different for you re: corkage fee, I have no idea, as well as with them checking in wine at embarkation. Both seem hit and miss.
  18. I'm with Spikesgirl and others who love this ship, and have cruised on her numerous times, and as recently as this past Nov/Dec for 29 blissful days. When looking for the next cruise, the first itineraries I check are those on the Pacific!! Yes she's small, but that's her biggest plus. Love stepping up to the elevator, pushing the button to call for it, it arrives promptly, and, wonder of wonders …. it's empty!! And walking from end to end in 3-4 minutes!! There's the same types of activities and entertainment as on the larger ship, just on a smaller scale. One tip ….. when there's a production show scheduled, plan on getting there early so you can be seated in one of the first few rows. Since the dance floor is where much of it is performed, you'll have a better view of what the dancer's feet are doing. I sincerely hope you come to love the Pacific Princess as much as so many of us do.
  19. Help. please!! It's been quite some time since I have sailed on the Island or her sister, the Coral. Considering a minisuite on Dolphin deck, but need to know if those balconies are covered (hopefully), or uncovered as is true of many other Princess ships. I need to know for sure before pursuing this, and doubt that Princess agents are apt to know with certainty.
  20. For my most recent cruise on the Regal, we had booked a balcony. Got an offer for an upsell to a mini for $350 apiece …. too pricey for a 7 day cruise, IMO. So I didn't respond to it. A few days later we got another upsell to a mini for $200 each. That one we took, as an extra $30 per day wasn't bad.. About a week later, we got another upsell offer ….. a full suite for "only" $495 each, which I ignored. Two days later it was offered again for $300 each. I didn't bite on that one either. After all, we'd already spent $200 apiece for the mini we took, and we were not interested paying in another $300. We were perfectly happy to be in an unplanned mini!!
  21. That "package" isn't a deal for us. We each get free Wi-Fi, for the little bit we each use it; I only have a couple of glasses of wine at dinner most days, and my cruise mate very rarely drinks anything alcoholic. And, we only have coffee each morning, and no soft drinks, so that other beverage package has no value to me either. The only thing in it that would benefit us if the free grats. So I'm not impressed with this news, and wonder at the logic of whoever in Santa Clarita decided to do this long-term. I suspect, in the grand scheme of things, it has something to do with reaping bigger profits for PCL and Carnival Corp!!! We prefer OBC promos so we can decide where/how we want to spend it. Plus we both have CCL stock and alternate turns stacking the shareholders benefit onto promo OBC. I hope the concept of promos offering OBC won't disappear from Princess.
  22. I recently faxed in a request in mid-morning, checked the Travel Summary after lunch, and it was already there!! Pretty impressive!
  23. Depends on how it's booked, one long cruise or two or more shorter cruises offered as one cruise. If it truly is one long cruise there'll be one set-up. If it's two or more lumped together and sold as a single itinerary, there will be another set-up provided on the turn-around day(s) in mid-cruise. On my most recent cruise where there was a "refill" provided on turn-around day, I received a call in the cabin from room service a couple of days ahead of that day, asking what I would like in the new set-up. I requested the whole thing be replaced with a bottle of wine. They even asked what wine I wanted, I gave them the brand and variety, and the next day exactly what I wanted was delivered. Found it, when we returned from lunch, sitting on the desk …. already on ice!!! Way To Go, Princess!
  24. We just disembarked from her yesterday morning, and we found her to be very clean and bright. The Bistro section of the food court had an amazing variety of foods, especially at lunch (we never had dinner in there, but I'm assuming the array then would have also been great.) The hand washing stations at all the entrances to the food court were an excellent addition. The crew was cheerful, pleasant and helpful everywhere on the ship. Embarkation was very speedy and convenient ….. we arrived at 11:30 and were in our cabin by 11:45. NO long lines and crowds milling around. Disembarkation was also very quick and efficient. We were impressed!! It was our first time on one of the ships of this class (I've been on most of the other ships in the Princess fleet and was prepared to not like this class), and even though it seemed a bit more difficult to learn our way around, we agreed that we would sail on this class again if the right itinerary cropped up. (PS. Those little fold-up maps they have always handed out at check-in are available from the Guest Services desk, which was VERY helpful.)
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