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  1. spearmint

    port to plane same day, Anchorage

    Thanks all. The HAL website shows Seward (Anchorage) docking; that's where I got it from. Will check with friends for their actual information. I hate to say this, but I need to talk to him. I think she is not up to date on facts. :eek: Bill
  2. Some new friends (for the first time ever) are taking a Holland America cruise in May from Vancouver to Anchorage. From what I can see, they dock at Seward which is near to Anchorage? They have a mid-morning flight from Anchorage back to Vancouver. (10: 00 a.m.?). Will they make it on time to you think? I have no idea where the airport is located compared to the port. Any help will be appreciated. (Had I known them prior to their booking, I would have advised a later flight.) Bill
  3. spearmint

    anytime dining options

    Thank you,everyone. I will pass on the information to my friends, and will use it myself on our next cruise. I normally call dining reservations in the morning, but,of course, it makes more sense to find the Maitre d'. Bill
  4. spearmint

    anytime dining options

    I take anytime dining and call each morning to reserve the same waiter and whatever time I want. But, friends who will soon travel the Baltic (really early a.m. excursions) with Princess want to know if -> at the first of the week, one can make an everynight reservation for the same time and the same waiter for every night? It is really traditional dining but at a different time than traditional offers. I could not answer the question,but I know someone here will be able to. :D Than ks. Bill
  5. spearmint

    St. Pete's visa question

    Thank you all for your prompt replies. It is as I suspected, but wanted to verify. We, in fact, did book all our Baltic tours except Saint Petersburg through the ship, and we actually were not disappointed. But, at the time, thanks to wonderful folks on these boards, we listened to advice regarding the superiority of land tours companies over the ship's tours for St. Pete's, and booked with DenRus and could not have done better, I believe. But we also believe that there are others like Alla and Red October who offered a good product, as we met people who had taken some and were just as enthusiastic as we. I have passed all this information to our friends ( even spending lots of time researching what I could find about Saint Petersburg on the boards about the most recent opinions, as well as tour company sites that were recommended) but they booked all tours ... including Saint Petersburg .... already through the TS/ship's tours anyway. Bill
  6. When we cruised the Baltic in 2006, our travel company for Saint Petersburg, DenRus, among others took care of procuring our visa. We have friends who are doing the Baltic and have signed up for ship's tour of S.P. Their travel agent told them that if they did not use ship's tour, they would have to get their needed visas themselves. Have things changed in that regard over the years? Seems odd, to me. Bill
  7. spearmint

    CaptainsCircle Party

    I don't recall any notice of a Captain's Circle party. We will be Ruby next cruise, next week. Are we included, or do we need to be a higher level? If so, how are we informed? Bill
  8. I also cannot get into the cruise personalizer. Went via "Booked Guests" with all information presented correctly, including my booking number. The site will not let me in, as it says that I have no right to that booking number. It's not a great concern, since I run off all pertinent pages as soon as they are available. But it is annoying, all the same, as I thought I might re-visit some shore excursions. Bill
  9. spearmint

    Regal Princess dry dock end of 2016

    How sad. I thought Norwegian ships look rather tacky, but the Royal is just plain ugly. Instead of a Sea Witch, it looks like an angry squid.... or a sort of Rorchac (sp) pattern from someone splattering a vat of paint across the bow!
  10. spearmint

    To be assigned!

    We sail on 28th Feb. Just got our cabin two days ago. Princess told me that probably 7-10 days prior to sailing.... Did you use a TA? Princess said that my TA would let us know and I double checked with her and she concurred. So far, no word from her. But, I kept checking my cruise personalizer and it showed up there. Bill
  11. spearmint

    Princess Luggage Tags - on flight too?

    We also wait until the flight is over. I like your idea of the itinerary. I also put a luggage tag on our carry-on, on the slim chance that I forget it somewhere on board while waiting for our cabin to be readied. Bill
  12. spearmint

    Do you still get excited as your cruise nears?

    As exciting as the first cruise? I don't think so; we had no idea what to expect. But still, for all 23 cruises we are still.very excited... me from the day we book, and DW about a month or so prior to the sail date. Bill
  13. spearmint

    Regal Princess vs. Celebrity Eclipse

    We loved our cruise on Eclipse. That being said, we have never been all that enamoured of the style of the Solstice class ships. And we have found that Celebrity's menus are pale imitations of their superb offerings when we first cruised whereas the Princess menus are not too bad... I'd say more like Royal Caribbean. We loved the Century and the Millennium classes, for their more refined looking decor i.e. "wood" and brass vs. aluminum and plastic. With Regal Princess, we found that style again. Crooner's, Alfredo's, Wheelhouse Bar and Crown Grill, Bellini's and Vines are all in that "wood"-enhanced style. The larger Piazza is much more suited to dancing than the small area at the bottom of the staircase on Solstice and her sisters. There is a dedicated band dais, and not an alcove in the elevator shaft. On one of the upper decks (16?) there is an area called the Retreat that is for adults only. Aft of that area is the Sanctuary, a pay-for place that is also adult. I think that it is about $129 per person per day, but I am not sure. Even at a per couple rate, that is expensive as a Canadian. The pool area is different.. those stupid tent-like affairs don't exist, but then neither do masses of loungers around the sides areas. There are loungers, but under the above deck, there are tables and chairs, and or banquettes. Our last Celebrity cruise was a back to back in November 2015 on Silhouette. When my wife, who eats almost everything had a hard time with the menu, and I had quality problems with the oft used "everyday menu", we had enough. After 22 Celebrity cruises, we took a back to back in April, and the same thing again in November 2016 on Regal. In a few weeks, we are on a 10 day cruise on Royal, sister ship to Regal. The entertainment shows on Regal are really well-done. The theatre seats on Regal are more compact than Eclipse, due to the increased number of passengers, and they fill fairly quickly on the main level, so people on these boards have suggested to get there a half-hour early. One odd thing on Regal is the traditional dining room aft, Allegro. It is on deck 6 but if you are in one of the lounges mid-dhip, the only way to access it is to go to deck 7, walk aft and then go down to 6. There are two other anytime restaurants... Symphony is anytime dining, and Concerto is a mixture i.e. for the early part of the night it is traditional, and then (about 7:30?) it reverts to anytime. Hope this helps. Bill
  14. spearmint

    Headed out on the Regal today

    I would be interested in knowing what the congested mess was... more than normal? If so, why? We will be there in 3 weeks. Bill
  15. spearmint

    Celebrity cruiser trying Princess

    We gave sailed RCCL Adventure- and Allure of the Seas. We found the food somewhat like Princess, which is fine by me. Otherwise, all our cruising has been with Celebrity... about 21 cruises. We got tired of the downgrading of their product, especially, but not limited to , the menu department. Have been on Silhouette for 3 back to backs, the last being Nov. 2015. I had enough. When I spend 3-4 nights with the everyday menu, and even that produces trashy chicken or sirloin, it is time to try something else. In April and again in November we cruised Regal for the same itinerary, back to back. We much prefer the classier decor over the Solstice class, and were glad to get rid of those damned stations in the cafe. Horizon breakfast is good, but I do think Celebrity is a bit better with its dedicated stations for eggs, waffles and pizza. (They had these stations in place on ships long before the entire cafe turned into their now frenzied stations.) The menus in the dining rooms are fine in comparison to Celebrity's offerings. We are booked on the Royal at the end of February for 10 days, and, since it is identical in decor to the Regal, we won't be disappointed. We can dance in the Piazza, which is larger and a hell of a lot better than the "dance floor" at the bottom of a staircase; and the band is in its own area, not inside the space for the elevator shafts. We don't care where the ships go... you see one Caribbean island, you have seen them all for the most part. We really love being aboard. Celebrity, when we first started in 1999 had a menu selection far and away above anything that we have had on the other lines. They have downgraded their offerings and the quality to the point that we had to leave. I am more fussy; my wife will eat almost everything offered. When in Nov. 2915 even she was disappointed with daily and everyday menu offerings, I knew it was time to leave. Bill