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  1. Streblo

    MSC Divina - Dinner time companions

    Did you speak rugby (union) at all? I'm a die hard Springbok fan myself but confess am in awe of the skill, composure and dedication to the code shown by the All Blacks. Much deserved respect. We did beat you guys at The Cake Tin though. I'm hoping we can get our act together in time for the world cup next year and give you another run for your money. We are two of the greatest rugby nations with the strongest rivalry. But, lets see what happens this weekend first!
  2. Hi, 2 adults on MSC Divina this Oct/ Nov. Doing Ocho Rios - Cartagena - Colon - Puerto Limon - Costa Maya - Nassau. We'd love some good quality snorkelling at one of these ports of call. Which would ya'll recommend? It would be a bonus if you knew of a reliable operator to use too. We'd hate to take our gear half way round the world for nothing. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Streblo


    We are on MSC Divina on Halloween too. I don't think the Italians are as into Halloween as the Americans. I do recall seeing a vlog where Divina was 'decorated' one year during the night on Hallow-eve, but that was about it. It would be awesome if there was a Halloween theme night especially since it falls on a sea day for us!
  4. My friend is sailing soon on Meraviglia soon from Hamburg and I'd like to ask him to buy me a new MSC peak cap. Anybody who sailed on her recently have any idea how much they cost in Euro?
  5. Thanks everybody for the advice. So far the best deal I have found is a 99c Sim, 30 Minute airtime at $9.99 and then 1GIG data pre paid plan @ $10 from TracFone through Walmart, valid for 21 service days. I can buy it when we arrive in Tampa on the 23rd October and it will expire on 11th November. I can buy more airtime and data at the same rates if I need. Verizon was significantly more costly with limited options. Their smallest plan was a $20 sim and $40 4GIG data pre paid.
  6. We will disembark at POM Thursday November 8th and have a full day to get to FLL for a flight back to South Africa via Dubai at 8.30pm. Can anyone recommend a cost effective way to get SIM/DATA combo for at least one day's use? We want to be able to check online for tours, bookings etc. Uber, GPS etc. Budgetary pricing would be a big help. Some, if not most usage will be on the go, so free WiFi is not really doable. Thanks.
  7. THANK GOODNESS! :tropical-drink::wine-glass::cocktail::beer-mug::beer-toast:
  8. So, if I'm on the all inclusive package and have a few cocktails and beers before sailaway, will it be detailed on my onboard billing at the end of the cruise?
  9. Streblo

    Am I going to feel lower class?

    In South African waters on board Sinfonia, there was no real class separation or experiences on offer as such, other for those who could afford the suites over standard cabins. They enjoyed access to the reserved restaurant, but were served the same meals as MDR. My first cruise (Mozambique) was a cabin with a window which was nice for the 4 days onboard. My next was longer, 11 days to Mauritius in an inside cabin, which sucked because I battled not being able to orientate to a horizon. What these experiences did for me, was to decide that each cruise will be better / bigger than the previous. This October on Divina - 12 days Caribbean, I have a balcony cabin and Fantastica experience. The next one will have to be in at least Aurea or maybe YC - once I've saved enough!
  10. Noted: Don't try the hidden elevators!, thanks.
  11. Thanks Riclop, but I'm still unclear which you mean. Do you mean just the Garden Pool? Or all the places I mentioned in my OP.
  12. I see on deck 15, the Le Muse Restaurant labelled as Yacht Club, but is the Garden Bar and the Garden Pool Zen Area a no go place for us humble Fantastica Experience pax? I figure if I know I'm not permitted beforehand, I can psyche myself up not to gatecrash :cool:. I'm guessing The One Pool and Bar on deck 18 and Top Sail Lounge on Deck 15 are to be avoided. Anywhere else?
  13. Streblo

    South African Cruises to Nowhere

    Beamafar is spot on with his reply. Cruises to nowhere are designed for those who wish to have a big, fat party. They have no destination where you can disembark and explore etc. You don't even need a passport. The crew lay on all sorts of entertainment and fun throughout the day and well into the night. If you want to relax and take things slow you might be annoyed by the party animals busting loose on these cruises. By South African standards, they are relatively inexpensive. The durations are short. No real time to be leisurely. If you want a peaceful cruise, rather save and book for longer trips, like the 7 day Christmas and 11 day New Years eve cruise, or try back to back legs. Depending on which side of the fence you are on Cape_Town_Cruising, the above can be pros or cons :)
  14. Streblo

    What to do at jfk for 6 hours!

    I hear you Waterbug. When you consider that we will fly 1hr from DUR to JNB, wait 7hrs then fly 8hrs over night from JNB, 3 hrs layover then 14 hours from DXB, I'm pretty sure the novelty of flying will have worn thin before arriving at JFK. The little comforts you've suggested could make things a heap more pleasant. I also saw there is a lounge called Moroso where you can watch planes arriving and taking off. Ever been there?
  15. Streblo

    What to do at jfk for 6 hours!

    I saw the images on the website and thought it looked a little bit pokey! I'm hopeful that a Sunday afternoon wont be as busy as a mid week morning, but then again, this is JFK! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!