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  1. To activate on board you can go through the Hub App and under internet plans enter your Folio# and Birthday to get the wifi package activated.
  2. When we cruised last, for a 5-day cruise it was $20 per person. Now I am getting $6.80 per day. which is summing up to $40.80 per person for 6-day cruise. What prices do you usually get on this?
  3. Hey everyone, I have recently cruised on Triumph and I was able to purchase the Social WI-FI plan with a good discount per day when I bought it online in advance. I am cruising the Horizon in September and when looking online it only shows the full price plans. Per your experience, do you believe they would have an special price come up before sailing or is full price the only thing they will usually do in Horizon? Thanks in advance for the help!
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