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  1. Received refund today on 4/6/20 Cruise. 3/13 was date I canceled/rescheduled.
  2. We are going to road trip somewhere this summer, we will go to more rural states and visit national parks we would not normally go to. I have a travel trailer.
  3. I have a refund of 700 coming, it has been about a month now. I am assuming the 90 day wait may be true. I was not told 90 days through my PVP.
  4. Can you play Craps/Roulette and charge to OBC? Or just take out chips?
  5. I don’t get why you would quarantine in your cabin if you still have to quarantine on land at a military installation for 14 days. Unless there is a huge outbreak. I cruised two weeks ago and have another in early April. Hopefully by my next cruise they can figure it out.
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