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  1. So do i. We all face every day problems when we are not on vacation. But when your on vacation you want your week to be stress free. I am sure the crew will get the problem fixed
  2. Where did you hear this? I cannot find it on the internet. I am on the summit in 1 week. Deck 9
  3. Seahorse inn. Nice place great bar. https://www.google.com/travel/hotels/sea horse inn jacksonville/entity/CgoIj-_Q7viI6Y4tEAE/photos?g2lb=4208993%2C4223281%2C4252074%2C4253230%2C4254308%2C4258168%2C4260007%2C4265959%2C4274032%2C4274649%2C4276660%2C4282187%2C4284166%2C4251519%2C4265427%2C4270859%2C4280642&hl=en&gl=us&un=1&q=sea horse inn jacksonville&rp=EI_v0O74iOmOLTgCQABIAQ&ictx=1&ved=0ahUKEwihzOLf7bLjAhULHM0KHTayDBgQoioIRzAA&hrf=KhYKBwjjDxAHGBkSBwjjDxAHGBoYASgA&tcfs=EhoaGAoKMjAxOS0wNy0yNRIKMjAxOS0wNy0yNlIA
  4. We booked a c3 on the summit sept1st sailing back in December. We Scored big time $2950.00 for the two of us this included bev package and $300.00 onbourd credit. Plus $150.00 credit from travel agent. I just checked today same room is now $4700.00. To much for what you get.
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