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  1. Didn't feel it either, Roy. In fact, this was the first I've heard about it!
  2. We were in Venice for Halloween 2019 and saw lots of costumes throughout the city. First the young ones, who went from store to store to trick & treat, then later, the young adults were out & about in full costume. And alcohol, of course! We were surprised, because we also didn't think that it was "a thing" in Europe, but then Venice is different...
  3. YAY! CC is back! I was suffering separation anxiety....
  4. Thank you, Lisa, for taking us along on your cruise. The detail you provided was wonderful, and your patience is incredible! Have a safe trip home.
  5. Wow! I hadn't heard about that. We just got the thunder, lightening, and rain. No wind at all!
  6. I'll pass on the cheescake -- usually too heavy. But I had a wonderful FIL that died too soon from Pancreatic cancer. And I concur that the Daily is an excellent reflection of International Friendship. Thank you to all for keeping it a safe space! We were only to Skagway once. We docked in Haines and then took the fast ferry. Our plan was to take a van tour up into the Yukon, then take the train back into Skagway. The van driver gave us a wonderful tour, then took us to the train stop, where we found out that the train had broken down and wouldn't return to Skagway until after the ship's departure! Luckily the driver had stayed around & offered to take us back down with an extended tour. Needless to say, he got a HUGE tip when he dropped us off at the ferry!
  7. We have tickets for the one in DC in September. I'll be interested to hear your reaction!
  8. Jacqui - thanks for the pictures of the mountain hydrangeas. My friend has some in her garden & was showing me today, but couldn't remember the name. Mystery solved!!
  9. This aunt was able to visit with my two nephews, my niece-in-law, and my great-niece as we joined my sister in celebrating the the life of my DBIL. He died last year from Alzheimers, but the pandemic delayed the service. It was SO good to get together!!
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