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  1. Last year on this day, we were on Mykonos, as they celebrated "The Day of No," honoring the day that the Greek government refused to let the Nazis enter their country.
  2. Our Cruise Critic group in Athens last year on this date. A great group and a wonderful day!
  3. On this day last year, we were in Santorini. While we were visiting Oia, a wedding procession passed by on the way to the cathedral. The bride, her friends, and family were dancing to a happy drumbeat. A marvelous memory! And the sunset that evening was beautiful, of course!
  4. On this day last year, we were in Santorini. Here's the sunset from that evening - magical!
  5. Thank you for the Daily, Rich , Roy, and all contributors! Today many churches are also celebrating Reformation Day! On our virtual service this morning, our music director played "A Mighty Fortress" on 30 handbells and the organ. Simultaneously. Zoom technology is wonderful, and she's an amazingly talented lady!
  6. National Nut Day -- Does anyone else remember the Almond Joy/Mounds jingle? "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't...." That's been in my head since I read the Daily this morning. So now I pass the earworm on to you --- you're welcome!!😜 Edi
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends north of the border! We're grateful for all your contributions! Edi
  8. I always figure that "elderly" is ten years away! LOL! Thank you, everyone, for all the information and smiles posted on the Daily! Edi
  9. Here's a shirt I thought we can all appreciate!
  10. I'm just curious -- did the 2020 WC luggage finally get back home?
  11. Thanks for the Daily, Rich. The best read of the day!! Roy, I think you can move Bermuda to the Celebrations list. They got through Paulette with no loss of life or serious injuries, but of course, lots of wind damage to roofs and trees. The Causeway was able to reopen last night - no structural damage. Best news of all -- two baby boys were born at the hospital during the height of the storm, all are doing well! Edi
  12. Roy - thank you for putting Bermuda on the prayer list. I've been watching the portcam there -- surprising that the cam is still working! According to the Royal Gazette, the eye of Paulette has passed over BDA, but she increased to a Cat 2, so the winds now are around 100. The residents know how to deal with these storms, but I still expect there will be a significant amount of damage. Edi
  13. Thank you for the Daily, Rich and to Roy for the prayers and congrats! Only my paternal grandmother was still living when I arrived, and she died when I was five. But I have her cuckoo clock hanging in our family room and every time the bird sings I remember MeMar! Edi P.S. I have grandcats, who are delightful!
  14. Thank you Rich for the Daily and Roy for the prayers and celebrations. We appreciate this warm, caring and happy community! Edi
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