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  1. Thank you Jacqui for all the time you spend to keep these lists, especially during this time of constant change. You are Wonder Woman!
  2. Received this morning! Please be advised that due to updated travel restrictions, Nieuw Amsterdam will no longer call to Fuerte Amador (Panama City), Panama on Saturday, October 16, 2021 but will instead visit Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Tuesday, October 12. The call to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos on Thursday, October 21 has been replaced with an overnight call to Half Moon Cay, Bahamas beginning at 1:00 PM on that day. As a result of these changes, we will now depart San Diego, CA at 7:00 PM rather than 5:00 PM, and call times in Oranjestad, Aruba have been adjusted. The revised itinerary displays in full below. Guests with Holland America Line shore excursions for cancelled ports will receive a refund to the original form of purchase. Tours for new ports will be available to book online within the next 7 to 10 days. We look forward to welcoming you on board Nieuw Amsterdam.
  3. Growing up, my family attended a church that had a German legacy, and they loved to hold pork & sauerkraut dinners as fund-raisers. I was the family disgrace because I hated sauerkraut! Funny thing, though - now I like it. I'll be off the boards for the rest of the week because I'm flying to Iowa to help my son & DIL (and 2 cats) drive back to MD for a permanent move. Yay! While I'm away, I'll be deciding whether I'm going to go on my NA trip in October or cancel. The latest round of itinerary changes (which I learned about here - still nothing from HAL) eliminates the two ports I wanted to see, and I'm not thrilled with an overnight at Half Moon Cay. But, on the other hand, it IS on a BHB. Decision time!
  4. I remember when one of the red pandas at the National Zoo in DC escaped and went on the lam -- the city had great fun enjoying his brief freedom! I've got to say, and I hope I don't offend anyone, that the meal of the day sounds like a Hamburger Helper concoction! Hurricanes (the drink!) always take me back to New Orleans. Stay safe and stay well, everyone!
  5. Good citizenship and the Constitution go hand-in-hand, in my mind! One of my favorite desserts is hot apple dumpling ala mode -- aaaah! It's got an apple in it, so it's healthy, right? 😉 I always associate mint juleps with the Kentucky Derby. I was in Nashville on business one time and stayed at the historic hotel that claimed to have invented them - and they were tasty! I've embarked from San Diego twice. The first time was a mess -- we stood in line forever and there were very few seats available to rest. And it was hot - no air conditioning - ugh! The second time, in 2019, was much improved, so I look forward to boarding the NA there in just 19 days!!
  6. According to my calendar, today is also Mexican Independence Day -- Sept. 16 marks the day when Catholic priest Miguel Hildago called for independence from Spain in the "Grito de Dolores" in 1810. Mexican Independence Day coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month.
  7. Bruno - prayers raised that you'll be home and back on CC soon!
  8. We were on the Inaugural visit of the Eurodam to Fanning Island in March 2019. Our Cruise Critic Roll call, along with crew members, collected school supplies and other items for the children on the island. Here is a Powerpoint presentation that one of the CC members made after the cruise. A Fanning Island donation presentation 2019.pptx
  9. Carol, I'm so sorry this happened. But very glad that you caught it so quickly! Prayers that they'll be able to establish the correct level of warfarin quickly and Sam can come home.
  10. Just got home from church. The choir rehearses briefly before the service, then after the service we have our weekly hour-long rehearsal. Followed by a stop at the grocery store - it was afternoon before I got home! Thanks for the Daily and the Care /Celebrations lists. I'd rather have a coffee milkshake than a chocolate one! I only knew my paternal grandmother, but she died when I was five, so my memories of her are dim. All of our pets have left a pawprint on my heart. Thanks for the information and pictures about Fuerte Amador. The NA stops there in October before going through the Canal - this will be my first visit. I booked the rain forest tram ride -- has anyone done that? Prayers for everyone! Edi
  11. The sky this morning is a brilliant blue, not a cloud in sight, just as it was 20 years ago. I was working in downtown DC and we could see the smoke from the Pentagon from our rooftop terrace. The office tv was tuned to the events in New York, and we were all in a state of disbelief. I also remember September 12 and the spirit of unity across our country. I wish we could capture that spirit again. Thank you, @dfish for sharing that beautiful video.
  12. I heard on the tv this morning that there is a school of thought that it would be best to have the booster shot be different from your first two --i.e., if you had Pfizer for the first two, then get a booster with Moderna and vice versa. The thinking is that the shots are different enough that this would give you greater coverage against the variants. However the verdict is still out based on more testing, and no one is sure about how to handle the J&J. Again, just fyi!
  13. Is that Mederma scar removal gel available without a prescription? I have a place from " Moze on the nose" that I'd like to minimize! Thank you!
  14. I got mine today, too. I wanted to get it early, in case it might have any affect on the covid test needed for the cruise. Probably wouldn't make a difference, but I'd rather err on the side of caution!
  15. Sounds suspiciously like the legendary Wang wang!!
  16. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit -- Happy September! When we were on the Eurodam's Hawaii/Tahiti cruise in March 2019, we crossed the international dateline and the equator on March 20, the vernal equinox. Captain John Scott held a contest to name those of us who experienced this unique event - thus, the Royal and Ancient Order of the Purple Porpoise Golden Shellback was born! I like the drink recipe today & can't wait to board the NA to give it a try! @msmayor - Congratulations on the good news! Prayers and cheers for everyone! Edi
  17. That was quite a storm, wasn't it! I quickly got dressed & ran to the basement to make sure the pump in the stairwell was working. Don't need another flood! It was, so I'm feeling more confident about more rain this afternoon. Phew!
  18. Thank you for the Daily, the lists, and all the kindness shared on this thread! I celebrated "Touch a Heart" day by giving blood at the Bloodmobile at my church. A nice young man with a good eye was able to get the needle in on the first try-- always a plus! Plus he was polite enough to listen to my stories of how things have changed over my 50 years of donations! Then I came home and booked a flight out to Iowa later in September to help my son and DDIL move back to Maryland. Yay!!
  19. Sorry to be late to the party today - no particular reason, but the day just slipped away... Interesting collection of days! I discovered Whispering Angel several years ago and it's very good! I knew it had hit the big time earlier this year when I was reading a murder mystery and the author had the guests at the fatal wedding drinking bottles and bottles of Whispering Angel! Adding my prayers for those in Ida's path. After Katrina I spent eight years going down to Nola one week a year to help with rebuilding. Sad that some of those same families may have to go through that again. Here's a smile for you:
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