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  1. The sky this morning is a brilliant blue, not a cloud in sight, just as it was 20 years ago. I was working in downtown DC and we could see the smoke from the Pentagon from our rooftop terrace. The office tv was tuned to the events in New York, and we were all in a state of disbelief. I also remember September 12 and the spirit of unity across our country. I wish we could capture that spirit again. Thank you, @dfish for sharing that beautiful video.
  2. I heard on the tv this morning that there is a school of thought that it would be best to have the booster shot be different from your first two --i.e., if you had Pfizer for the first two, then get a booster with Moderna and vice versa. The thinking is that the shots are different enough that this would give you greater coverage against the variants. However the verdict is still out based on more testing, and no one is sure about how to handle the J&J. Again, just fyi!
  3. Is that Mederma scar removal gel available without a prescription? I have a place from " Moze on the nose" that I'd like to minimize! Thank you!
  4. I got mine today, too. I wanted to get it early, in case it might have any affect on the covid test needed for the cruise. Probably wouldn't make a difference, but I'd rather err on the side of caution!
  5. Sounds suspiciously like the legendary Wang wang!!
  6. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit -- Happy September! When we were on the Eurodam's Hawaii/Tahiti cruise in March 2019, we crossed the international dateline and the equator on March 20, the vernal equinox. Captain John Scott held a contest to name those of us who experienced this unique event - thus, the Royal and Ancient Order of the Purple Porpoise Golden Shellback was born! I like the drink recipe today & can't wait to board the NA to give it a try! @msmayor - Congratulations on the good news! Prayers and cheers for everyone! Edi
  7. That was quite a storm, wasn't it! I quickly got dressed & ran to the basement to make sure the pump in the stairwell was working. Don't need another flood! It was, so I'm feeling more confident about more rain this afternoon. Phew!
  8. Thank you for the Daily, the lists, and all the kindness shared on this thread! I celebrated "Touch a Heart" day by giving blood at the Bloodmobile at my church. A nice young man with a good eye was able to get the needle in on the first try-- always a plus! Plus he was polite enough to listen to my stories of how things have changed over my 50 years of donations! Then I came home and booked a flight out to Iowa later in September to help my son and DDIL move back to Maryland. Yay!!
  9. Sorry to be late to the party today - no particular reason, but the day just slipped away... Interesting collection of days! I discovered Whispering Angel several years ago and it's very good! I knew it had hit the big time earlier this year when I was reading a murder mystery and the author had the guests at the fatal wedding drinking bottles and bottles of Whispering Angel! Adding my prayers for those in Ida's path. After Katrina I spent eight years going down to Nola one week a year to help with rebuilding. Sad that some of those same families may have to go through that again. Here's a smile for you:
  10. Thanks for the Daily, the lists, and everyone's updates. I love the selection of Days! By my count, there will be six cats & three dogs waiting for me on the other side of the bridge - at least for now. I will salute them all with red wine tonight! Here's a handy reminder for the Garden Club:
  11. @JAM37 Prayers raised for your DH (and you as caregiver!) dealing with the Delta variant. Hoping that he continues to improve. I'm also praying for the loved ones of all those killed in Kabul. Senseless! Whenever I hear the Tarzan yell, I think of Carol Burnett! A classic! Have a good day everyone, and stay safe! Edi
  12. Sorry that I've missed the last few days -- you all have been busy! Thank you for the Daily, and all the caring here. My favorite iconic restaurant is Commander's Palace in New Orleans. Quite a few top chefs trained there. We saw Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii on our last cruise in 2019. I grew up with pictures of Pompeii from Nat Geo, so I was thrilled! My DH's favorite drink was an espresso martini - but only on a cruise ship! My plan is for that to be my first drink when I board the Nieuw Amsterdam in October. A friend asked me to drive her to her beach rental on Saturday, so I did that on Saturday & came home Sunday. Ended up having an unexpected mini-high school reunion with friends that visited from CT. I had to come back because Monday was my volunteer day at a collection site where I sort clothing & other donations for shipment overseas. Now I'm back & need to catch up here! Edi
  13. Have a wonderful cruise & post-cruise visits!
  14. Thank you both. I'll continue to keep an eye on developments. Please post here if you have updates.
  15. Wow - we're scheduled for February 5 -- not sure I want to be on one of the first cruises, assuming that there will be a learning curve for the crew....
  16. Roy - my shingles outbreak is getting better, so I think I'm ready to come off the list. Thank you!
  17. I can't like this, but I'm praying for Brenda & the rest of her family. Thanks for letting us know.
  18. Roy - you should put yourself on the celebration list!!
  19. Thanks for the Daily, Rich, and the great selection of days! I choose Daughter Day -- while I don't have a daughter, I am blessed with a wonderful, loving DDIL! My son sure knew what he was doing! Black Opal is my go-to brand during the cooler months. They make a merlot-shiraz blend that works very well with everything, and you can't beat the price point! Glad report that the shingles are making me itchy but no real pain. It could be a lot worse, so I'm blessed! Graham - thanks for your pictures of the Lake District. They are on my short list of places to see when travel is back to normal. Have a great day and stay well! Edi
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