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  1. DH & I got the new shingles shots when they became available, so I was puzzled why I got it. The dr explained that the shots are 90% effective, so I'm one of the "lucky" 10 percent!
  2. Happy Friday the 13th and thanks for today's Daily -- "the friendliest place on earth!" My DSis is a lefty, and says that's because she's in her "right" mind...so I blame her for everything! Rich - thank you for the reminder of the meteor shower last night. I settled down in the front yard and saw three in 45 minutes. Delightful! My big news is that on Wednesday I was diagnosed with shingles. Ugh! But it's only a mild case and I'm on the meds now, so it could be much worse! Bummed that I had to skip the church dinner & concert that evening and will probably watch church online on Sunday. Ah well. Have a great day and stay safe! Edi
  3. Jacqui - no apology necessary! That's totally ridiculous!
  4. I've had success in separating my hostas in the spring, just as they are sprouting new leaves. I've transplanted sections all over my yard, where they happily take root. I have to do it next spring again, because the ones in the front garden seem determined to take over the world!!
  5. Thank you for today's Daily! Yay for elephants! I saw on the news recently that the wandering Chinese elephants were on their way back to the preserve. However, there's another herd that appears to be leaving because the space is getting too small... Have a good day!
  6. Have a great cruise! We look forward to your reports!
  7. Debbie - Have a safe trip! The last time I was in Kauai was 1999, when DM & I sailed on the American Hawaiian's Independence to celebrate her 85th birthday. We took our first (and only) helicopter ride at sunset and saw a circular rainbow -- absolutely amazing! Looking forward to returning next Feb. with DSis. I've made a note to ask for a Brooklyn at the Ocean Bar in October - a salute to my parents, plus it looks yummy!!
  8. Thank you, Roy, for the laugh about the MVA! I admit that I did give myself an attaboy! (attagirl?) Love beach sand and salute my DS and DDIL! Thanks to everyone for this lovely spot. Have a great day and stay well!
  9. Well, my "lazy" day has gotten off to a late start. This morning I had the "pleasure" of visiting the MVA. I received notice that I couldn't get the car registration renewed (due by 8/31) until I removed DH's name from the title. Of course I got this notice at the end of July! I was given a list of necessary documents to bring by the customer service rep by phone, but of course when I arrived, the clerk wanted additional items. Thank heavens I overprepared and had everything. Actually, I was in & out of the office in an hour, so I count that as a win! And I'm not going to do anything for the rest of the day - it's too hot! Thanks to everyone who posts today! Stay safe & well.
  10. Good morning! I love books, preferably the physical version but I take them on my iPad when I travel. On my first job in high school, I was a book shelver at the town library. I got reprimanded by the Head Librarian for doing more reading than shelving!! I just finished Anne Hillerman's latest book -- Stargazer, and have a renewed respect for our indigenous peoples. Love the polka! Have a good day and stay safe! Edi
  11. Thank you, Roy! I think you can move my DDIL to the rotation, because sadly she'll have this condition for a long time.
  12. Greetings to all! Thumper & Lola believe that EVERY day is Cat Day! I've loved watching the Olympics and plan to watch the closing ceremonies tonite. I like zucchini, but DH didn's, so we made a deal -- I ate it, he didn't. I've always liked that Mark Twain quite, but now it has a personal connection. When DH died, some friends made a donation to a local homeless shelter in his memory. Or, at least, that's what they intended to do. However, their comments about my reports from our cruises made the shelter think that I was the deceased. So my DH was sent an acknowledgement, in my memory!! I'll treasure it!
  13. VERY late to the party today! But after 1-1/2 years, I finally went back to our favorite winery for a wine club picukp, and of course I had to do a tasting of their options to see what I had missed. And one more glass, to go with a pizza (1/2 for lunch & I'll finish the rest tonite.) All-in-all, a nice afternoon. Thanks to everyone who posted here today - always a friendly, safe spot! I love campfires -- I'm thinking s'mores and Girl Scout campfire stew. But I never figured out why I was always in the direction of the smoke, no matter where I sat! LOL!
  14. Not her but a similar lady on a different line.
  15. Island Wings. Michele won't fly if there's any hint of a weather issue. It took us three visits before we got to fly with her, but it was worth it!
  16. I think I know that line. We were on one of their ships and there was an elderly woman who wore her name tag and stood in the receiving line at the Captain's Welcome. Also had "her" table in the specialty dining room!
  17. Just got a progress (or lack of) report from DS. My DIL saw her doctor last Thursday and had several tests done. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic, but was waiting for the test results for further treatment. After that, they heard nothing until they called the Dr's office on Tuesday. She's on vacation! Grrr. I understand that doctors are people too, and need vacations like the rest of us, but could she at least have told my DIL that she'd be away? or ask another member of the practice to follow up? Sorry for my rant, just reflecting their level of frustration right now.
  18. Underwear - don't leave home without 'em! I'll happily take oysters from anyone who's not a fan (DH couldn't stand them)! And I was out pulling weeds early this morning, so I think I was working like a dog! Please keep my DDIL in your thoughts in prayers - she's a covid long-hauler(chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia) and now has a collapsed lung!
  19. Didn't feel it either, Roy. In fact, this was the first I've heard about it!
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