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  1. To quote Indiana Jones - "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes??" 😁
  2. We've been to Sitka numerous times - I think it may be my favorite port. Love the sea otters on the nature cruise! In 2014 we had a unique experience there-- a policeman who was retired on disability (paralyzed & in a wheelchair) was raising funds for a program to train troubled youth as dog sled mushers. He was set up in the convention center, and for a free will donation you could get your picture taken in costume with a sled and three REAL huskies. That was our Christmas card that year!
  3. Finally able to return to CC! The memorial service for DH went well on Saturday, so well attended that the church ran out of programs! It was gratifying, so I have to agree with Dr. King's quote. Ravenna looks interesting - thanks for the pictures. And it's wonderful to see little Camilla! Prayers that she continues to thrive.
  4. Love dark chocolate, we all need forgiveness, and I wish I could take a walk with my dad! This week has been spent preparing for Ron's memorial service on Saturday. DS is attempting to fly in from Iowa, but has encountered multiple delays and cancellations. Looks like I'll be picking him up at Dulles tomorrow afternoon instead of BWI. He'll be spending an unexpected night in Chicago. Meanwhile, my DSis is driving up from NC tomorrow and hopes to leave early enough to be ahead of Elsa. Prayers for safe travel for both of them would be appreciated! Edi
  5. Happy Fourth of July Eve! I'm watching "Aerial America" on the Smithsonian Channel -- a 50 state marathon. They are showing Washington state right now, with a section on Seattle. Of course, a BHB sailed by. Yes!!
  6. DH loved his cameras (and lenses), but I would get equally lovely pictures with my trusty point & shoot! Now I rely on my phone. I will believe the pandemic is truly over when we start sharing the peace in church again -- always lots of hugs involved! Prayers for Camilla! Stay well, everyone! Edi
  7. It actually looks like a nice itinerary -- docking at the Dockyard, St. Georges, and Hamilton. And even manages a couple of "sea days"!!
  8. Thanks to everyone who participates on this thread, prayers for those that need them, and cheers for those who are celebrating! I got to meet my newest great-niece today (7 months old) and she's a real cutie! Her parents promised frequent visits, now that restrictions are lifting. Nothing like a sweet, happy baby to lift your spirits!!
  9. I'm looking forward to hearing from @Himselfthis morning -- I saw on the news that a tornado touched down in Naperville last night. Father, please let us know that you are okay! I haven't tried skateboarding, I have containers of seashells all over the house, and my one attempt at yoga before the pandemic resulted in surgery for a torn medial meniscus. Needless to say, I decided yoga was not for me!
  10. @mamaofami Carol - I'm so glad Sam wasn't injured and also glad that you had a good cry. That can help! Praying that you only get good news from here on! I took a big step (for me, anyway) yesterday and changed the reservations for our February Pride of America B2B - removed DH's name and added my sister. Much easier than I expected! POA cruises are canceled through October, so I hope we actually sail! Hawaii is the only state that DSis hasn't visited, so I'm glad to help her complete the list. This will also be her first time on a cruise ship!!
  11. We visited Venice three times. My favorite memory was from the first visit. DH & I had settled in at a cafe along one of the side canals for lunch & an apperol spritz (of course). Gondolas were passing by with singing gondoliers & we were enjoying the music. Then, one passed by with the gondolier singing that classic Italian song -- "The Girl from Ipanema"! I'm afraid I spilled some of the spritz because I was laughing so hard!!
  12. I love chocolate, but don't care for chocolate ice cream. DH, on the other hand, refused to eat apple pie unless there was a scoop of chocolate ice cream alongside! @HimselfHappy Anniversary, Father! @mamaofami Praying for your DH. I know how frightening this can be, so you are in my prayers, too. I don't know if we have June Bugs, but we certainly have cicadas! I'm really over them, and wish they would finish mating and crawl back into the ground for another 17 years!! Edi
  13. Roy - I think that's appropriate. Thank you! Edi
  14. Happy Birthday, Jacqui! Wishing you all good things on this spin around the sun!
  15. @kazu Jacqui - thank you for keeping my DH Ron on the "Cares" list for so long. It may sound strange, but he can now move to the "Celebrations" list. He died peacefully on Tuesday morning and is no longer in any pain. If there are cruise ships in Heaven, I know he is at the Ocean Bar drinking an espresso martini! Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support during our journey.
  16. Good morning, all! My mother insisted that we three girls all learn to play instruments. I learned the piano and later the violin & viola. Sadly, I don't own any of them now. Could probably play the piano still, but forget the strings!! My first visit to Seattle was in 1962 as part of a cross-country trip to visit the World's Fair that year. I still love that city. Here is my favorite picture, taken after our most recent 14-day Alaska trip -- DH enjoying dinner at Elliott's. Good times!
  17. Thanks to all who make this thread a calm & welcoming place. Good news about returning cruises! Unfortunately, the celebration for DH was premature. He only spent one night in rehab and then moved back to the hospital, a different one from before. He was in ICU yesterday, but moved to a step-down unit last evening. I believe he was released from the first hospital too soon, if that's possible after a 4-1/2 week stay! More prayers welcomed! Edi
  18. Thanks for all the advice about splitting iris -- a new chore for the fall! Good news! DH moved to rehab this afternoon! One step closer to coming home! Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.
  19. I One of my neighbors brought me some jugs of distilled water -- I need to get more tomorrow, just in case. Thank you!
  20. A bit of good news -- no additional work on the water main yesterday or today. Is it fixed? I'm not willing to say for certain, but I'm enjoying having clear water again! Today was DH's third radiation treatment. All seems to be going well, so I'm hopeful he'll be able to move to rehab later next week. After four weeks in the hospital, he just wants OUT! Thanks to everyone for all your prayers. It's working! Edi
  21. Good morning! In honor of today, I dug up my copy of Twain's "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" to read . So in addition to DH's first radiation session today, we have dear friends visiting from Florida. So what happens? The water main in the street below breaks, and we have no water!! Well, we actually have yucky dark brown liquid coming out of all the faucets. I cleaned the toilet bowls for this??? Jeez.....😐
  22. Happy Wednesday, friends! Jacqui, I have an update on DH for the Care List. Yesterday, he had more MRIs of the brain. The two lesions detected two weeks ago have grown aggressively, so the doctors are recommending five days of targeted intense radiation to shrink them to the point of elimination. DH agrees, so the treatments will start tomorrow. Prayers welcomed!! Thanks!
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