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  1. We dined at Verandah three times on a recent QE cruise. The food and the service is excellent. The best meal was a lunch and learn with a wine tasting paired with several courses. A bit spendy but well worth it. If I had to choose between the standard lunch or dinner, I would probably choose dinner because the lunch menu is a bit limited. The lobster cocktail appetizer was amazing and the clam chowder was delicious.
  2. I agree. On the QE we tried Bamboo (excellent), Coriander (excellent) and La Piazza (pretty good). Food was fresh, service was excellent and the venue was very quiet. Twice we made reservations and once we arrived at dinner time and were seated right away. The portions are larger than in the MDR. In fact, two nights we were so full that they offered to box up our desserts and have room service deliver them to us. In our opinion, the dinner was worth the extra price.
  3. clauner

    QE - sushi?

    Any chance we will find sushi onboard the QE next week?
  4. Excited to learn that the Queen Elizabeth will be positioned near the Queen Mary in Long Beach for the 4th of July fireworks. We are staying on board the Queen Mary that night before we depart on the Queen Elizabeth the following day. This will make it even more special.
  5. Has anyone tried the Cunard private label wines? We typically spend more than that on a bottle of wine, so just curious. Thanks.
  6. Is there a list of the wine packages that I can compare to the wine list?
  7. Does the QE fitness center have any rowing machines or free weights? Anyone know the hours open? Thanks!
  8. Thank you all for the great advice! This is our first trip without her so being able to stay in touch will help ease my mind.
  9. We will be sailing Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale through the Panama Canal on the QE, without our 11 year old child. What is the best way to stay connected with her? Phone, email, text? Should we restrict to port days? We live in CA and have AT&T. Thanks!
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