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  1. What’s your point? I’ve asked the question for months. Open your eyes folks. The situation for cruise lines in the US is becoming dramatically worse, not better.
  2. Here is one thing I’ve learned since beginning of the pandemic, nobody knows anything. God help us all.
  3. So, not until 10/1 @ best. When does RCL declare bankruptcy?
  4. God bless the patience showed by many waiting for refunds. What a despicable company to deal with over and over again. Where have all the RCI apologists gone?
  5. Bankruptcy would be fantastic but not realistic, yet. Cheers!
  6. My thoughts are with those who haven’t received their refunds from RCI. I hope you get your funds back very quickly. Im no big city superhero but I feel comforted knowing I’ve saved people a lot of grief by testifying and advising them not to book RCI at this time.
  7. Lol, you’re too cute. I’d love to say how much money Royal was holding for the many cabins I paid for family members, but I don’t want to be “that guy” who flaunts how much money he has. You’re welcome.
  8. Absolutely ridiculous. There is zero reason for any company to take more than 30 days to refund someone’s money. No matter how many excuses the posters on this board make for them, Royal has proven to be a terrible company.
  9. Nothing. Hope that helps put your mind at ease.
  10. Factually incorrect. Royal screwed up my initial request. Lord knows how long it would have taken had I sat on the sidelines and waited.
  11. Oh, how wonderful. An endless buffet of food after quarantining on your rear end for 6 months. Our country is doomed. The choice between covid and heart disease is a difficult one for some, I presume?
  12. Thank you. I’ve rented my vacation home in Colorado to some board members here. Bookings are way down compared to previous years. I, too, feel the pain of a broken economy.
  13. With Royal, never. I’ll stick to luxury cruises and leave Royal for the poors. Cheers.
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