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  1. We will be in Tortola next week arriving at Road Town Harbor cruise dock. What is the quickest way to get to the Soggy Dollar Bar and what is the price point to get their per person? How long is travel time?
  2. In regards to craps. Does anyone know if NCL allows you to bet odds behind your pass line bet? If they do, how much do they allow?
  3. Wondering if anyone who has sailed on the Bliss recently would mind responding any table games you remember seeing/playing and the typical limits. Do they have different versions of blackjack? Ultimate Texas holdem? etc. Are the same games offered in the Smoking portion of the casino as the nonsmoking? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Could you ask if the new prices are fleet wide? Wondering about the Bliss specifically.
  5. Can anyone confirm the current drink prices for the Bliss? It appeared that NCL raised several drink prices a few weeks ago that pushed a lot of brands out from being covered by the UBP. However, it appeared last week that some ships were reporting new prices again that brought back several drinks back under the UBP. Would some ships change and not others?
  6. I'm wondering if the latest prices have made it to the Bliss as well
  7. Couple of silly questions. Its now just the blue NCL app not Iconceriege right? Also, is the wifi named something easy to spot (ie BLISS). Do they ask for any login info to join the network? I'm assuming once you are connected (if you are lucky) the app will offer more time slots for dinner spots that you could previously not see while browsing using your cell phone carriers data in the waiting area? Thanks in advance.
  8. Do we know if the new menu prices (GG below $15) have rolled out to all ships at the same time or just some? Sailing on the Bliss in a few weeks and wondering if we will see the changes.
  9. But how the is the checkin process of how they monitor?
  10. Wondering how the spa access works in regard to us having access that comes along with the Spa Mini Suite room. We are going with another couple and wondering if one person from the other couple would be able to use the spa in my place. Do they check pictures during checkin? Do you just scan in or do you checkin with a person at the spa?
  11. Random question. If we order a mimossa without specifying anything else, would the bar tender use the included champagne that stays under the UBP?
  12. Has anyone taken the ferry over to St John when your ship ported in St Thomas? Which Ferry did you take? Did you purchase tickets in advance? Thanks in advance for any thoughts/tips
  13. Is orange juice for a mixer say with a screwdriver included or do they charge extra for that? Assuming no extra charge since mimossa's are no extra charge but figured i'd ask.
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