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  1. You asked a very specific question. It was a safe assumption you knew of some potential disturbances.
  2. My local beach is just as nice, if not better. Pools are dime a dozen in my area... and heated (not sure if Coco Cay is). Not interested in the water park at all but I have many awesome options for that in Orlando. I’m not two days at Coco Cay desperate enough to cruise right now.
  3. Thanks for the research, Tapi. I know very little about MSC.
  4. The other cruise lines may cram more passengers in but they certainly feel less crowded than Carnival’s ships. The design used by cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean permits far superior passenger space ratios with crowd flow and passenger logistics in mind. In addition, they control the flow of passengers in the background using technology and strategic planning to alleviate congestion.
  5. If that’s what you want to call it 🤷‍♂️
  6. I wouldn’t book this stateroom. If you have to ask, it’s clear you already know about the potential disturbances. Also, one person’s experiences will not dictate that your experiences will be the same.
  7. How has this changed morale? In an already dying industry, is this commission issue causing travel agents to seek alternate employment options?
  8. Not sure I’d book a suite again on Carnival. The perks really aren’t there and I didn’t find the room to be anything special. Other cruise lines seem to handle these accommodations better. Between that and land based upgrades, I’d say I was very underwhelmed.
  9. Carnival didn’t care about turtles in 2018. It wasn’t the trend.
  10. I have. And it was extremely frustrating. Not only that, I couldn’t even get a paper straw or a sugar straw. They absolutely refused to provide a straw whenever ordering a non-alcoholic beverage Your experience is very different than my recent experience just prior to the suspension of operations. In the same time period, I sailed on both Royal and Princess without any challenges receiving a straw when requested. Carnival is why I don’t travel without a surplus of straws.
  11. Plastic straws have made a huge comeback in my area which nearly went to all restaurants no longer offering them. Hopefully the same happens on the ships. Until then, I’ll continue to bring as much as I need onboard. #TeamPlastic
  12. Loyal Royal? My preference stays with the sea witch. I don’t look down upon Carnival cruisers at all. Are you suggesting there is a reason one should? What is wrong with Arnold Donald’s comments?
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