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  1. xDisconnections


    You are forgetting... we are talking about Carnival. Do you need a reminder about the Carnival Destiny’s transformation to the Carnival Sunshine?
  2. xDisconnections


    The marketing worked on you.
  3. xDisconnections


    Lol, you can’t deny it... a name change won’t solve anything. 😄
  4. xDisconnections

    Carnival Credit Card....Is it worth it ?

    Amex ❤️
  5. xDisconnections


    Once the poop ship, it will always be the poop ship... just as the Sunshine is nothing more than lipstick on a pig.
  6. xDisconnections

    We've gone and done it!

    What was the itinerary on the Adventure of the Seas?
  7. xDisconnections

    Do they swap ships after reservations are open?

    Ehh... it is rare but does happen more than a consumer would hope.
  8. xDisconnections

    Carnival Magic Maitre'd contact info?

  9. xDisconnections

    WiFi on the Magic

    MedallionNet is pretty awesome now that it’s more stable.
  10. xDisconnections


    We had the opportunity to purchase “inaugural season” merchandise from the shops onboard the Carnival Magic. We did the transatlantic just a few months after the ship launched.
  11. xDisconnections

    Rookie cruiser on the Breeze Feb 2020!!

    Dress code? There is no dress code. It’s Carnival.
  12. xDisconnections

    Steakhouse on embarkation day?

    That’s a nice incentive.
  13. xDisconnections

    Carnival Shareholder Benefit Expiration

    We’ve already made back our initial investment in onboard credit and the stock price has doubled over time. We’ve been pretty happy with the shareholder benefit and depending on the frequency someone cruises, it can be a no brainer.
  14. xDisconnections

    Anyone Recently Returned from a South American Cruise?

    Can anyone who recently sailed comment on the onboard Internet when getting to the bottom part of South America? We’re sailing on the Coral to South America and Antarctica next January and wanted to get an idea of the recent satellite conditions.
  15. xDisconnections

    VIFP program

    It’s like being Silver with Marriott. Sure, it’s a member tier but it’s basically worthless. Although it gives you an extra 2.5 points per dollar and a “priority late checkout” that will never get approved as Platinums are guaranteed 4pm, you still see people running around proclaiming they are a Silver Member at the Front Desk and expect the world. It’s very comparable in execution to Gold/Red on Carnival.