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  1. We just did this itinerary on the Coral Princess this past January. While Princess is my preferred cruise line, I do not fit in their normal target demographic being late 20s. Having done several transatlantics, I'm no stranger to sea days. With that being said, I learned the Coral Princess is not the ship for me and I'm not sure I would return on the Coral or Island unless it was a very attractive itinerary and also heavily port intensive. I found the ship to be very boring with limited amenities and not much to do. Also of great importance, the provisions used onboard weren't anywhere near the quality used in other parts of the world. The food tastes for similar menu items had varied greatly and the variety in the Horizon Court was also pretty limited. It was too many sea days for me, at least, on that type of ship and going forward, I'll be much more careful selecting ships. It wasn't my best cruise nor was it my worst -- I'd simply rate it as okay. Antarctica made up for some of the disappointment but we had only spent 2.5 days there instead of the 4 quoted on the booking due to weather delays and other various geographical constraints. Antarctica is truly spectacular and the itinerary was fantastic -- you'll have a great time regardless being one of the very few people able to visit the region. If you have the chance to go, take it. If the cruise is underwhelming, it doesn't matter because you're going for Antarctica which won't disappoint. Just be prepared for the comments and shock you'll get when you say you are going there or have been there. If I were to go back, I'd opt for an expedition cruise and have an actual landing on the continent.
  2. My next cruise is January onboard the Sky Princess. I’m looking forward to my 14 day extended vacation. 😉 @Seago2 I already know what you’re thinking.
  3. It does when you’re trying to check into an oversold hotel at 2am. Cruise world, it shouldn’t. I wait until closer when I randomly think about it, complete the check in and finalize the boarding details.
  4. You’ll be near someone eventually. You can’t deflect from others forever when you’re all stuck on the same ship together. It’s physically impossible unless you self quarantine. Plenty of organizations on land require a Covid test prior to utilizing their services or while working on their behalf.
  5. I wasn’t aware the CDC is up to December 1. I’m under the impression by their website that it currently expires on October 31. Am I reading this incorrectly? https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html >>> referencing the No Sail Order only and not any additional internal requirements such as certifications, environmental concerns, etc.
  6. In your opinion but corporations are still considered people.
  7. I remember we talked about your name once before. Sorry for your loss. 😞 Mine may or may not be related to a distributed denial of service years ago but I cannot confirm 😉
  8. Not everyone has but it’s been a pretty big topic with OP already having awareness of the facts 🙂
  9. Sadly, I agree with PhillyFan regardless of how much I hope you get to cruise. If yours gets canceled and mine doesn’t, we’re pretty much same ports/same dates but from Fort Lauderdale instead. Feel free to join but I’m beginning to doubt it’s likelihood now due to the environmental concerns (not Covid concerns). Already have my land based alternative secured.
  10. That’s how it works for ships currently sailing in Europe. Why would you expect different here? Parking at the port isn’t much more expensive than off site...the additional cost is always worth the convenience.
  11. I would never book any future travel that would carry a non-refundable deposit.
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