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  1. I often use on board credit to cover tips.


    Suddenly I wondered if those obc tips actually get to the crew. Anyone know for sure?


    Are all tips shared among all crew?


    If I pay extra does it get to my steward?


    If I reduce the tip does it affect only my steward?


    Just want to be sure I know who I am tipping.:cool:




  2. What I'm seeing when I click on your link is the lower pricing is for the Inside Guarantee which comes up as the lowest price with the default of two guests. When you change to one guest, the guarantee is no longer an option which is why the prices appear to rise.


    Not offering guarantee rates to solos is consistent with RCI's marketing. You can try calling or having your TA call to see if they will allow you to book it solo. I wish they would allow us to book guarantees. I don't see it as false advertising, though.


    As an aside, $357 in port fees and taxes--wow!


    It is interesting that Carnival's taxes and fees are so much lower that RCCL but that's a different topic.


    If you select two guests, the Inside Guarantee is $574 pp. That's $1148 for two.


    When you select one guest, it is $350 pp.


    When you take the next step, it changes from $350 pp to $1048.75 pp.


    That is 3 times the price offered.


    I've called twice and they (and their supervisor) have refused both times.


    You cannot get $350 pp whether you book one or two guests. And you never could.


    After having not been fixed for so long, it is intentional false advertising.


    -- Diplomat

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  3. Originally Posted by camprunner:

    Trying to book Grandeur of the Seas (RCI). It says it's $525 per person and listed at this price solo elsewhere. When I try to book it charges me the (much, much) higher rate listed for picking a cabin. Anyone else had an experience like this? Did they just forget to change the price on the web site?


    No, they didn't forget.


    RCCL has been advertising low rates (like $350 or $525 USD) on Grandeur of the Seas but when you try to book the actual cost is much higher. Like 2-3 times as much. They claim it is a glitch on the website.


    Try this link: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/booking?hasSenior=N&hasFireandPolice=N&accessCabin=FALSE&cruiseType=CO&sailDate=2016-10-22&selectedCurrencyCode=USD&shipCode=GR&hasMilitary=N&packageCode=GR09Y028 and select Oct 22, 2016 and select Interior for 1 guest. You will see $350 for Guaranteed Interior but the actual price when you try to book it is $1048 USD.


    This has been going on for several weeks. At this point, it can no longer be categorized as a glitch. It is a marketing strategy that appears to be working for them.


    Personally, I'm boycotting RCCL until this false advertising is stopped. My money will go to a more ethical cruise line.


    -- Diplomat

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  4. Yesterday, I booked 7/26/2013 in a balcony for $1261 +tax, etc. That was a single supp rate of only 40% above the double occ rate of $899. Not bad for an Balcony facing the ocean on Oasis of the Seas.


    Since then I added a friend and kept the $899 rate for each of us. :cool:


    Less than 10 days to get ready though!


    The single supp rate is back up now, but watch these for good last-minute deals.


    Happy hunting!

  5. RCL Serenade of the Seas 12-day Mediterranean bargains in May!


    Example: 5/29/12 is 749+127.26=876.26 pp for Double Occ (USD).


    It's 1198+127.26=1325.26 for Single Occ (USD).


    That's 151% single supplement.


    Best cruise in the Mediterranean, IMHO. I'm going in Sept 2012.


    Sails from/to Barcelona. Ports: Monte Carlo, Florence/Pisa, Rome, Ephesus, Athens, Santorini, Naples


    And I booked airfare for Sept on American for 910.70 (USD).


    Happy hunting!

  6. While the OV & Balconies are nice, I can't justify the (normally high) extra cost.


    I'm either on deck ... and there are some very quiet ones ... or involved in one of the many on-board activities ... or in port!


    The only time I miss OV or Balcony is when I'm getting dressed for the day, but the cabin TVs have weather reports and (at least) the newer ships have deck cams.


    I'll cruise 4 times this year. Actually, 5 times in a one-year period. (The first 2 in January 2012 were back-to-back 5 & 6-day cruises because that was cheaper than a 7-day in that time frame!)


    All of those cabins are interior rate.


    You do the math... :cool:

  7. I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to pack for a 7 night cruise taking nothing larger than a carrry-on sized suitcase. Obviously I wouldn't take my snorkeling gear (or a kitchen sink!). Also, taking a suit and dress shoes, etc., would be, questionably, a no-no. (I am not exactly a gregarious person -- so I may or may not miss going to dinner on formal nights.)


    You can slide by on formal night with dress pants, shirt and tie.


    There is a laundry on board which is way cheaper than the extra bag. ;)


    Hope this helps!

  8. RCCL has some amazing deals on Transatlantic Cruises in mid-April. For example:


    4/15/2012 13 Night Transatlantic Cruise (San Juan to Barcelona)

    OV room is $449 DO or $621 SO (138% single supplement) That's $47.77/day!


    4/14/2012 16 Night Transatlantic Eastbound Cruise (New Orleans to Barcelona)

    INT room is $599 DO or $861 SO (144% single supplement) That's $53.81/day!


    Of course, airfare can be expensive...but you should be able to get a flight back for around $1300 or so. Not too bad! :D

  9. Carnival 5-Day from Jacksonville, FL on 1/7/2012 to Nassau and Half Moon Cay for $199 pp ($398 solo).


    A 200% supplement, but still a great value for solo and Southwest flies cheap to Jacksonville with no bag fees!


    Same itinerary on 1/21/2012 is only for $229 pp (or $458 solo) for an Oceanview room!


    Both are Kansas resident rates but almost certainly includes others too. Try it and see!

  10. I just booked a 7 night from New Orleans on Norwegian Spirit for $219.00 single occupancy! Total with tax/portcharges: $473.78 inside. This shows up as $379+ tax/fees on websites, but the above is the total breakdown for that price. Ocean view appx $70 more. Where are the party people? Book today and let's rock this ship!


    Don't see how this is considered $219 sing occ, but it is still a reasonable deal.


    Cruise Fare .......... $379.00

    Gov't Taxes & Fees ... $ 94.78

    Totals ............... $473.78

  11. Hi, it is a special that Celebrity and Royal Carribean offer on Tuesdays.

    I will post a link for the Celebrity site but I don't have Royal's link.



    The RCCL link is:




    It lists a 9/20/2011 "13 NIGHT MEDITERRANEAN HOLY LAND CRUISE" on "MARINER OF THE SEAS" for $599 inside (double occ) with a 150% supplement.


    Also lists a 9/16/2011 "10 NIGHT HOLY LAND CRUISE" on "VISION

    OF THE SEAS" for $399 inside (double occ) with a 175% supplement.


    Not bad!

  12. Here are a couple of Transatlantic cruises (100% supplement, but still good values, if you can work the flights):


    10/28/2011 Carnival Magic, Barcelona, Spain to Grand Turk

    16 Day Transatlantic, interior cabin, $1,498.00 + $20 Verandah + $65.69 (tax) = $1,583.69


    The following year:

    11/6/2012 Carnival Breeze, Barcelona, Spain to St Maarten

    15 Day Transatlantic, U/L cabin, $1,298.00 + $90.86 (tax) = $1,388.86


    Or go with a friend for the same price (add one more tax and flights).


    Hope these help!

  13. Hi all


    Perhaps someone could help me please.


    I am looking for a Christmas Cruise that doesn't break the bank. Christmas cruises are generally a little more but put it together with the single supplement it is a down payment for a new car. lol


    Anyone heard of any deals out there???




    If you have the flexibility, watch & wait for it. Around Oct 1 (or sooner?), you should see some holiday deals. I'd especially watch the weekly Celebrity/RCCL specials:





    Happy hunting...

  14. 7 Night Southern Caribbean (San Juan roundtrip)

    Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines

    Cruise Ship: Carnival Victory

    Departure: 11/06/2011

    Cruise Length: 7 Nights

    # Passengers: 1

    Dining Pref: Early Dining (around 6:00pm)

    Stateroom Category: 1A

    Cruise Subtotal: $678.00

    Tax: $67.61

    Total: $745.61


    A couple of tips on Victory (and Triumph):


    You should ask for room 2444 or 2445 if available. Should be same Category 1A, but you get TWO picture windows for the 1A U/L interior price. (They are available on next year's 11/25/2012 sailing, for example.) If not, Cat 1A portholes may be available. Nice to be able to see out!

  15. RCCL Mariner of the Seas has a "13 Night Mediterranean Holy Land Cruise" on 9/20/2011 sailing from Rome. Eight ports (Crete/Greece/Jerusalem/Haifa/Turkey/Athens/Sicily/Capri) in 13 days. Double Occ rate $909 and solo $1199 (which is 133% supplement rate). Both have $122.71 tax/port charge. If you can find a flight (try AA), then not a bad price for that itinerary!

  16. The cruise booked for 2012 is a bargain imho for a solo like me...


    37 days, including flights in a solo cabin (not twin at single rate) for £3090.


    Costa Classica, the full itinerary is in my signature below :)


    [ ... ]


    And then....12 April 2012 - Costa Classica - 37 Days of Relaxation & Exploration - Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Colombo, Maldives, Goa, Mumbai, Dubai, Fujairah, Muscat, Salalah, Safaga, Sharm el Sheikh, Alexandria, Corfu, Dubrovnik & Venice :D

    You had me at "Phuket". ;)


  17. Great deal. Did you check the ChoiceAir rates? You can do very well with them plus you're covered if your flight is delayed.

    It was cheaper to book direct with the airline and add $59 cruise protection.


    Today, that same cruise has inside rooms (under "Exciting Deals") for just $599 based on double occupancy or $774 for solo which is 129% single supplement. Not bad for a 10-day cruise.

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