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  1. Interested in feedback on My Best Tour which uses golf carts to tour Rome. It is a guided tour and not self drive. Anyone know if you did the 6 hour tour if you can get to see much of Rome (Without touring inside the Vatican or Colosseum) and get out to the Roman Aquaducts? Thanks
  2. So how do you get these upsells? Is your cruise completely paid for or have you sailed many times? Some of the offers had me intrigued....inside to a balcony! Wow
  3. Thanks,I know when we do cruises to Mexico ship time and local time are different,wanted to confirm before booking excursions.
  4. I am not sure if I can get a definitive answer on here as Carnival does not have European home ports yet...but I will ask. What will the on board currency be on Legend when it said Barcelona to Venice and returns in 2020. Thanks
  5. We are sailing France,Greece and Italy,will ship time be the same as the local time in Port?
  6. First time visit! I assume by the reply above but please clarify. You can walk into St Peter's square without going through metal detectors, correct. The queries are to get into the Cathedral etc.
  7. Thank you for all the replies, I will take off the Spanish steps and the Vatican would be a quick look around St Peter's Square if we had time. We are anticipating it being very hot (July) and as well we have some trouble with walking steep hills. (and Yes,summer is the only time we can travel!) This is a port day from Civitavecchia. Anyone know if it would make sense, if we didn't go to the Vatican, to take the train from Trastevere (as long as we did not do the express train.)
  8. Just happened to read in another post that Termini area is "up hill". Is Rome very hilly when walking around the historic center. Is one direction more downhill? We had planned to go from the Coloseum an head Roman Forum,trevi fountain, spanish steps, Trastevere and maybe Vatican. We realize this is too much walking so maybe catching an uber to transfer between an area. Is there a particular area of Rome that it would make good sense to avoid up hill walking? Using the train to get to Rome.Thanks
  9. I am interested in seeing the Amalfi Coast. I am considering The Classic Amalfi vs the tour that goes to Pompeii as well. I believe the difference is you go to Revello on the Classic Amalfi. I assume you have longer at stops if you by pass Pompeii. Do you have long enough on the Amalfi Coast even going to Pompeii? Is Revello a good trade of Pompeii? Thanks
  10. You mentioned a big station is that Termini? Will the Brig ticket only go to the one station or can you go to any? I know that it has been mentioned before but just hoped for a little feed back. Is this too ambitious? We are thinking to go to Ostiense, subway to Colosseum and Forum. (spending some time there) walk to Pantheon, Fountain, maybe stairs. Taxi to Trastavere, maybe walk to St. Peters square to just see it, and take a train from S. Pietro back to the ship. Thanks
  11. Trying to find an economical way to spend time in Perast. Is there regular taxis that go to Perast? Will they drop you and pick you up at a later time? It seems the hop on and off bus may not be reliable according to some reviews. Is this a typical port that there are lots of last minute tours available and may be cheaper to wait until in port. We are hoping for a few hour in Perast and the group boat tours I see only give you a half hour.
  12. We are hoping to get to Perast. Any opinions on using the hop on and off bus in Kotor to do so. I noticed it also stops in a few other places, are they worth stopping to see as well. We would like to have some time to see Kotor. There are boat tours from Kotor but I have not found a group tour that gives longer than a half hour in Pervast. We would likely prefer a boat but would not like to be rushed in Pervast. Thanks
  13. "You will have time to get your breakfast, but it won't be breakfast in bed!! The disembarkation morning is never much fun anyway. The party is over, everyone wants to move on." Yes it is almost comical how you are everyone's best friend until the last night, then its "get off the ship"! I was more concerned on timing as I have an airbnb booked and also wanting to arrange transportation. Thanks for your help.
  14. Carnival just posted their Rome by private train at 79.00 US. For first time visitor to Rome, is there any merit in going this route? Is the express train that much more difficult than using the cruise line? A few commented the train was late getting to Rome is that usually an issue?
  15. I wondered if any one had experience with Carnival disembarking in Venice. We dock at 5 AM. While I know that they have to clear customs, will the be asking people to get off right after that?Thinking it may take an hour so will they be trying to get people off 6-7 am. Interested what other cruise lines do as Carnival has limited travels in Europe.
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