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  1. Hi Looking for an island tour of Jamaica from Ocho Rios. I am hoping for a group or small group as there is only 2 of us. We hope to see some of the island, maybe a water falls and would like to see how the locals live. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Are there people offering tours of Jamaica at the port. I think we are hoping to see some of Jamaica and maybe Dunn's Falls. What can we expect to pay at port?
  3. Any reviews on using this service. I am apprehensive about letting my luggage out of my sight but a day without luggage sounds pretty amazing. We're they punctual delivering from Miami port to Miami airport?
  4. Any opinions on Miami Max tour and boat before flight out of Miami. I liked it because they will take luggage. Any other tours that also take you to the airport?
  5. Thinking of taking a taxi from Ocho Rios to Dunn's Falls and take our time there but what do we do the rest of the 8 hour port day? Is Ocho Rios a larger port area? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies, we took the plunge and booked a havana balcony. Very excited!
  7. We noticed the Havana pool area is open to the public in the evenings. (5-7 at night). Is anyone allowed in the pool and hot tub at that time or just the deck area? Opinion if it is worth the extra. Looking at aft cabins in the Havana area. Thanks
  8. We used fly to fun 2 years ago and as long as the program has not changed I would at least look at prices. When we flew from Detroit to Seattle we saved 100.00 on a 500.00 flight. I was able to pick the flight I wanted and had Delta website open and Carnival was 100.00 cheaper each.
  9. Are there always the Mercedes lined up for tours?
  10. I have been on Legend in Alaska and it was comfortable on the ship. I am hoping someone can comment who took her to Austrailia or carribean in the summer. Does the air conditioning keep up when it is in a hot climate. Wondering the interior comfort level when Legend does the Mediterrean next summer! I know it will be hot in Italy and Greece,hoping the ship offers a cool reprieve!
  11. We want to see the beauty of this island and wondered if I would really be missing out to not do some tour away from old town. We are wanting to see the beautiful water views that you hear about. Any ideas for economical tours to accomplish This?
  12. Interested in feedback on My Best Tour which uses golf carts to tour Rome. It is a guided tour and not self drive. Anyone know if you did the 6 hour tour if you can get to see much of Rome (Without touring inside the Vatican or Colosseum) and get out to the Roman Aquaducts? Thanks
  13. So how do you get these upsells? Is your cruise completely paid for or have you sailed many times? Some of the offers had me intrigued....inside to a balcony! Wow
  14. Thanks,I know when we do cruises to Mexico ship time and local time are different,wanted to confirm before booking excursions.
  15. I am not sure if I can get a definitive answer on here as Carnival does not have European home ports yet...but I will ask. What will the on board currency be on Legend when it said Barcelona to Venice and returns in 2020. Thanks
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