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  1. Excuse me, but are you talking about a 2- or 4-legged Newfie? Think about THAT one and re-read your posts! I am having a great time reading them!
  2. I will be pleased to report on whatever I find out. I will be there the end of April, so it may be a while before you get my information! Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  3. Thank you, maryann ns, for this information! I, too, will be visiting Halifax and Sydney, and appreciate the information you have shared regarding powered scooter use in those ports. Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  4. Regarding tis discussion, the following was issued yesterday: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20510-fincantieri-cuts-steel-on-third-pinnacle-class-for-holland-america.html The did not, however, mention the name of this lady. Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  5. I have just looked at your extensive review of this cruise on the Zaandam and now blame you for the 5 lbs. I gained reading the menus! I am hoping that at least some of those wonderful items will be available this April. Thanks again for posting all your fabulous reviews and photos, and hello to Carol! ~Barbara~
  6. Hi, Mike! Thanks so much for your post and the great photos. I will access your site for Zaandam info, too. I have booked the April 24th 10-day to New England and Canada, and am really looking forward to experiencing one of the older HAL ships that I have not sailed on before. Any recommendations? ~Barbara~
  7. Thank you for the caring comments. I appreciate them!
  8. Hi, Marilyn. I have been following the thread via the emails I get notifying me of new posts, but I have not been here at CC for some time. I am having real problems with being one-handed, too. Typing is very difficult, so I have stayed away, since as you know, I am prone to commenting profusely. I am frustrated and still in pain, so am not very good company. My birthday was awful, and I have been having a full-blown pity-party as a result of all this. I wish I had better memories of my much-anticipated Edge voyage. You are correct that that is the area where I tripped and fell. Looking at the photo you posted above, I note that there is supposed to be lighting around the base of that platform thing. I do not recall seeing lighting there, but even if it was, you can see how the layer that is protruding out is not lighted well, and because it is so dark, and when there are so many people around that area, it is difficult to see. You just don't expect the bottom of something to stick out farther than the top. Sorry for being repetitive. Anyway, thanks for the good words. You always have a great, positive attitude, and I appreciate it. I need all the positive I can get right now.
  9. It certainly IS a hazard! I am still recuperating from the broken arm I sustained in that fall, and will have a really obvious scar on my forehead right above the bridge of my nose, and one about the size of a silver dollar on my elbow, too. When Eden is crowded with people, as it was at the time of my accident, it is difficult to walk through that area, dodging furniture, people, and that platform. It is not marked or highlighted at all, and the dark color of it blends into the dark carpeting, making it easy to trip because it is not very visible.
  10. Just FYI, one of the people in my group had a suggestion for future cabin crawls. Set it up for a specific time period, say 2 to 3PM only, and hand out a list of available cabins and the type of each. Tell the hosts that they will have people arriving at their door during that time only, and no later. That way everyone can make their own way to whichever cabins they want to see. After all, how lost can they all get? The ships are marked very well regarding traffic patterns, deck number, fore and aft, etc. This would also, hopefully, help prevent the large crowds arriving at a cabin at the same time. At the end of the specified time, the hosts can meet in whichever area is selected, such as the GP, and go together to each cabin, where the resident can open the door and show it. Marilyn, your idea was brilliant, but I think we just had too many people who wanted to be involved, and who did not like being part of a large group that needed to stay together as a group. Patience is needed for this kind of thing and you can't have everything. Anyway, bless you for all you did to organize it, and don't ever stop trying! Personally, I loved it and had a great time with everyone! I will not apply for a job as a tour leader, however. ~Barbara~
  11. Aw, 'twern't nothin' as the saying goes. Barbara and I really enjoyed meeting you and Henry, too. Even though we have posted back and forth, we really did not know each other, but you made it feel as if we were long-time friends. You are such a sweet and caring person. Thank you, too, for offering to assist B2 and me with the scooter to the car. X really did a great job, and Rita, the Front Desk Manager, had it all set up for Sunday morning, in spite of such short notice. A staff member came to our cabin to help with the luggage, which Rita had told us to keep with us, rather than putting it outside our door. I was able o drive the scooter one-handed, so that was a help. Thank goodness for the controls that toggle forward and back on both sides! Now, steering is another thing. The X staff cannot leave the ship, so they had a wonderful woman from the Port who met us at the gangplank. She was a supervisor of some sort, but I was unable to get her name. I am sorry for that, so will have to try to contact PE to get a thank you to her somehow. She whisked us through the terminal, immigration, and customs with barely a stop for the facial recognition! Probably a good thing, due to my face being many colors not on the original passport photo. I want to note here that I apologize to all those waiting in the terminal at the elevators, which were being used by almost everyone due to the escalators being out of service. I know you all were waiting patiently and there were also wheelchairs and walkers in the queue. It was not at my direction that my group was hustled to the front of the line and into the first available elevator. I followed my leader's instructions and, honestly was grateful for her assistance and speed. Then she handed us off to another woman who escorted us to the crosswalk to the garage, where we were again passed off, this time to a gentleman, who went the rest of the way to the car with us. I need to add here that at the first transfer, at the gangway, there was also a luggage handler with a cart who loaded our bags on it, and made the entire trip to the car. He and the second man not only put the luggage in the car, but loaded, secured and covered the scooter, all in record time. Barbara said there was no way she and I could have done it, but I know we could have eventually. Not nearly as easily or as fast, but we are both pretty good at dealing with challenges. At any rate, we were out of the garage by 9 AM (they were supposed to come to our cabin at 8, but were late, so that gives you an idea of how fast we were moved around!) and on the way to the airport. I know B2 had lots of time before her flight, and would have really liked to go out and get breakfast, but she bravely sent me on my way home and dallied at FLL for a loooong time alone. I thank her and love her for that. She is the best travel friend ever! I am very grateful to all who helped us through the disembarkation process and to the car. As you can imagine, it is very frustrating to first of all be injured, but secondly to be unable to take care of yourself and your belongings as you know you should. The embarrassment and pain are there, too, but frustration reigns at times such as these. I had to just sit there and let everyone else handle it. Now THAT is a challenge for me! Thanks, Jazz! I am really slow, albeit methodical, in my one-handed typing of late. The worst problem I have noticed is that the spellcheck wants to correct/change things that are correct or the way I want them. I have to watch that little gremlin very closely! My leadership on the cabin crawl was not as great as you are making it sound, but we had a good time (at least I did and hope my group did, too). It was really fun, regardless. Thanks, Marilyn! You are the best ever! Your offer of disembarkation and scooter loading was the nicest thing ever, and I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. I just kept hoping that X would be as good as they were, and that I wouldn't have to ask you to help. Just knowing that you were available helped me relax enough Saturday night to catch a few short naps and that was truly helpful to me. I am doing better today, but still looking like an extra in a horror movie. My face has colors not even seen in the 64-crayon box. It is interesting to see peoples' reactions when I am out in public, because I forget about it, since I am not looking at me. Kinda funny, really. And, every day the size, position, and colors change, so it is interesting. Yes, interesting is a good word for it. Again, a huge thank you to all. I could not ask for a better group of friends and fellow travelers. You are all the best! Bon Voyage!! ~Barbara~ (The broken and bruised Bunny. )
  12. Thank you, Mary, for your kind words. And, to everyone else who posted caring comments to me after Marilyn's post, Thank You all, too! I am not able to post a separate message to each of you, and have just gotten more into reading all the posts, since I spent Sunday driving home, Monday at the Orthopedic office, and today at my Primary Care Dr's office. I have seen WAY too many medical facilities since Saturday, and hope to make it through tomorrow with a safe trip to the grocery store and a quiet day at home. I am too old for this much of this kind of excitement. I wish that typing was easier for me, because I have lots of comments to make about Edge. However, I am unable, lucky for you! Thanks again, EVERYone! Bon Voyage to you all onboard this week, or on a future voyage. ~Barbara~
  13. hcat - So sorry I missed wishing you Happy Birthday on your very special day! I am very glad it was a wonderful one for you!
  14. That is definitely correct! Believe me, I know first hand. Due to injuries sustained on Saturday, I am unable to type with both hands, so have been quiet since I returned home. Thanks to everyone who has commented so well on our January 20th voyage. And, thanks to all of you who I met during out trip. It was really, really fun seeing you all in person, and getting to know you. Thanks, especially, to Marilyn for all you did for all of us beginning with the sailaway get together, and throughout our CC M&G and the Cabin Crawl. (I LOVE my diary book!) I hope to see lots of you on future X sailings! ~Barbara~
  15. Thanks. I actually thought of dry cleaner bags or large trash bags when I first read your original comment. Great Minds think alike? Of course! See you soon! Safe Travels and Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  16. They delivered it to the wrong ship!!! TeeRick, maybe you can bring it with you next Sunday when you transfer to the Edge! Bon Voyage! See you next week! ~Barbara~
  17. My thoughts on reading your original post regarding the reward were that you should possibly find someone you trust that is going to sail on Edge and have them hand deliver your reward to Arturo in a Thank You card from you. That way, if they cannot find him, you will be assured that you will get the money back so you can try again at a later date with someone else. I know the time is limited before we all cruise on the 20th, but maybe there is someone near you in north-central FL who can do this for you on another voyage. That way you would know for sure that he did get it. Just a thought...
  18. I thought the Coast Guard was part of the military. Isn't it? We did the TA from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome (Civitavecchia) in mid 2013, and it was the same - no stops except for luggage retrieval. Thought maybe we had been cleared through immigration and customs by the ship's records when the ship was cleared. They were already part of the EU by then, so we were unfamiliar with their processes.
  19. Or sit on them, making the sofa higher... Just wondering, what DO you do with your suitcases if you don't store them under the bed?
  20. Maybe if they wire our jaws shut and super glue our lips closed, too.
  21. Marilyn, you are killing me here! Gave me the munchies and I was trying to lose a couple of pounds before next weekend.
  22. You're right, Katie! However, that blue is not "EDGE Blue" and the angle of the bow does not look like the Edge to me. Plus, that photo looks like it was taken in Alaska or somewhere similar, and of course, Edge has not been there yet, whereas HAL ships have. Here's the EDGE nose-to-nose, as it were, with the HAL Nieuw Statendam at Port Everglades on December 23. They are beautiful, but different in shape and color, I believe. Will be looking forward to meeting you on our January 20th adventure! Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  23. Hi, Katie! I didn't think of that. So, they are watching a HAL commercial??? I guess I was thinking that the TV would be at the window end of the desk area. Putting the TV in a frame like that seems kinda pricey, and not that good for the TV, either, because it cuts down on the ventilation. But, hey, obviously I am not the designer. Bon Voyage! ~Barbara~
  24. Referring to the trio of photos of the proposed new cabins, has no one noticed that in the first one, the picture on the wall looks more like a HAL ship than an X ship? That is their dark blue hull with the white band at the top for sure! And, in the second one, that picture looks like a tornado coming down to suck up the occupant of that side of the bed. That is more than ugly - it is scary! Now we have to plan on carrying something large enough to cover the artwork, too? Obviously, X has no one really, really looking at these ideas. Wow.
  25. Don't know if you can get more than 10 feet from that vase though.
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