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  1. On a cruise a few years ago we ran into a lady and her mother at the casino bar and she had the diamond card on her lanyard. She told us that she paid a very nominal fee for the cruise and had many emails offering her cruises on different sailings on different ships. She hadn't been sailing on Carnival for the same number of years but with these offers she sailed often, Actually she was kind a bragging about it all. I noticed for the rest of the cruise that the only time I saw them was when the casino was open. And I heard a lot about "something isn't right" in her mind in that she wasn't doing well at the tables. This continued every day. On the last evening I saw her mother looking very distressed and found out the daughter was now gambling with there 'going home money' because she felt so far behind. I am not sure how much she lost but it seemed like a considerable sum so I guess she made up for the low fare rate,
  2. Correct. The testing scares me as everything is a big unknown.
  3. We were booked on the Mardi Gras on dec 26 and have a child not yet eligible for the vaccine. With the 24th being a holiday and saturday actually christmas we thought that getting the PCR and the results would be dicey so me moved it to June when she will be vaccinated.
  4. I get mine from CVS and they take them but you have to get them within the 48 hrs before the day of the cruise. For example for a saturday sailing you must do it no earlier than thursday.
  5. I did some searching and couldn't find anything, but wanted to know if there are any additional procedures between cruises on a B2B?
  6. I enjoy this reading. As far as luggage dropped with the porter, Carnival will try to locate it wish some success but if it makes it into the ship it will go on the cruise without you and when the ship returns they will Fedex it to your home.
  7. I would like to see what the results are for you as far as how Carnival handles it.
  8. This is happening on a lot of cruises. There seems to be certain ports that the cruise line opts to go to if there is a problem with a port. One thing is that it is out of their control and up to the port or nation itself. Things are slowly getting better and heck I am just happy to sail. We did have a Christmas cruise booked and decided to move it to Jun 2022 because we have a young one that isn't eligible for the vaccine and getting the test would be very dicey. Carnival moved it for us at no charge. I appreciated that.
  9. Totally agree it would be of a great benefit to know and be able to decide for myself what I feel is a good or bad risk. I hate having to rely on bureaucrats. And that 'orange' thang seems backwards to me also.
  10. I don't know of any way to get that information. The cruise lines are being monitored by the CDC. Also the rules may loosen up Nov 1. But if you are afraid of the virus can you still enjoy the cruise? The cruise ships are running with a 95 percent herd immunity which no community has reached but at the same time it is a group of people in closer quarters,
  11. Sep 18 on Magic also, I arrived 15 mins early and was still not thru security when my group was called.
  12. Hi we sailed from Port Canaveral last month. I was 15 minutes early and they didn't blink but there was some staff checking the paper that has your time on it. If driving in give your self time to drop off bags and then get over to park and walk back across the street. There was a roped snake line and I would guess maybe 200 or so people in it. At the end of that line they did the covid check-in and really looked over the paper work and matched it all to a photo Id. That was before security and they did turn people around. Then after security we had to go to the old fashion desk check-in like it was a few years ago. The terminal was pretty tight over all with people bunched up.
  13. It may be a thing of the past. It was on one class of Carnival ships yet I dont remember which one. It was right outside the comedy club to the right of the entrance. There was a opening in the floor that you had to walk around to enter the club. The cigar lounge had a bar and was very peacefull
  14. Not always true, on some ships there is a cigar lounge we can smoke in.
  15. You are an optimist, and I really like an optimist and you may be right. With the UK, I have been in shock with the decline and the vaccination rate is only 57% full and 67% with one dose . Some are saying they hit herd immunity. India is also dropping but it appears they got to a herd immunity the natural way. Meanwhile Israel is losing the battle even with higher vaccination totals. I am concerned of some sort of shut down here in NC as we will be maxing out our ICUs before end of month. I do think that the cruise companies are also very concerned about the way this variant is spreading. I will do what they ask until this variant is contained.
  16. i sure wish you are right. I am sure there will be a lot of push back in the next few months.
  17. I just called my POC and Carnival and he said the antigen test.
  18. I have 4 cruises scheduled before end of year. Just told the wife about this thread and she is cancelling all 4 as we cannot get the test and still make it to the boat. We dont have smart phones so I would have to have the results in 48 hours and there is just no way the labs can do that.
  19. I think you are correct but there is one thing the public fails to think about. Everyone can catch covid19, because the virus doesn't ask you for your shot card. The virus moves in and tries to establish a beachhead in the respiratory system. But in short order antibodies push it out but during the window of time a person would test positive. So you will have "breakthrough" cases. I think the cruise lines are doing a great job and controlling outbreaks especially with this Delta variant. My concern is peoples over reaction to the situation.
  20. Thanks for your response, I am just thinking christmas eve and christmas day there wont be any PCR test run or just a few.
  21. Some how I feel I am moving to becoming an ex-cruiser. The cruise lines need to support those that support them.
  22. One would think that all this would have been thought out by the powers to be before sailing. That kinda erks me to no end. It would have been better if you at least got solid answers that didnt change. I do hope yall test negative soon and that you dont get any symptoms. I have 4 cruises set up between now and the end of the year and I am seriously rethinking those decisions.
  23. Very interested on how things unfold for you. Is everyone satisfied that it wasn't a false positive? Are you both feeling ok??
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