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  1. We’ve done three 15 day Viking cruises (signed up for #4) and haven’t been bored with the food. It appears that they are trying to offer customers a nice variety with Manfredi’s, the Chef’s Table (love it!), speciality stations at the World Cafe (seafood, pasta), and highlighted lunches and dinners at the Pool Grill (Scandinavian, BBQ). We like the Main Dining Room very much and try not to miss lobster night! We’ve sailed on another line that charged additional fees for speciality restaurants so I really appreciate the fact that everything is included on Viking. If we ever do a Wor
  2. We always buy Travel Guard insurance. We had to cancel a trip a few years ago due to a sick family member and had no problems being reimbursed. I know price depends on cost of trip and age of travelers but we’ve never paid $2,000. Take a look at “insuremytrip” to compare prices.
  3. We were on board Orion when this event took place. Honestly, wouldn’t call it a yacht or a crash. The poor guy piloting the blue (tug) boat was going crazy trying to keep the small boat from drifting into Orion. Enjoyed our time in Auckland.
  4. What additional expenses did you incur? In March our Australia/New Zealand cruise was cut short due to the virus situation. Viking generously offered to make (economy) airline reservations for all passengers, regardless of whether or not they purchased through them. We hadn’t purchased from Viking and decided to try to make our own reservations. We incurred a $98 per person fee to fly out of a different airport and to keep Comfort+. We cancelled all the post cruise reservations we had for hotels and excursions without any problem. The deposits we paid were all promptly refunded
  5. Once you book a cruise, or anything else, don’t look back. I track airfares for months before I buy. Sometimes the price goes up, sometimes it goes down. If you keep checking after you buy, you’ll drive yourself nuts. Just don’t do it! Viking has been more than fair and I don’t think it’s right to complain about their pricing policies or customer service.
  6. I’m in! Experiencing a bit of withdrawal right now from our Australia/NZ trip. Missing the beautiful ship and Orion crew...
  7. I was on Orion and the news article isn't quite accurate. Our cruise was scheduled to end in Sydney on March 20. We were scheduled to stop in Tasmania on March 15 but there was word that Australia was locking down the borders. The captain skipped Tasmania and headed for Sydney. Later that day we were diverted to Melbourne. We docked and went through Customs at the cruise terminal on March 16. The Australians got off the ship and I assume went home. The rest of us got back on the ship. Nobody self-isolated in hotels or other accommodations. Viking offered to rebook all the flights or w
  8. Thank you. We are on Viking Orion. We missed Tasmania and Melbourne and were headed to disembark early in Sydney. The captain just announced that we cannot dock in Sydney and are now headed for Melbourne.
  9. Can you provide the link to this info? We are on a cruise ship sailing into Sydney. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I talked to Guest Services and they said the March 20 cruise is still expected to sail Sydney to Bali. The situation is fluid but they don’t expect any problems. We haven’t experienced any issues on our March 6 cruise (Auckland to Sydney). We’ve heard that 150-200 people cancelled but no problems with those of us here! They asked us to complete a health questionnaire and did a temperature check prior to boarding. Weather has been great and it’s smooth sailing!
  11. We’re onboard Orion now. Viking is trying very hard to maintain a clean, safe environment. There are hand washing stations at every food venue, monitored by an employee. Today I saw a man in the World Cafe trying to slip past, saying he just washed. The employee apologized but insisted he wash his hands again. He did but wasn’t happy. Yesterday I observed a man at the Pool Grill ‘pretending’ to wash, seriously?!
  12. Agree that Viking is doing the right thing offering the ability to cancel. However, our cruise departs Auckland March 6. We left home March 1 and got the email when we arrived in Auckland on March 3. Too late to do anything about it now. Hoping for a safe and uneventful cruise!
  13. The coronavirus is quickly becoming a full-blown global pandemic problem. I see mandatory hand-washing akin to the safety procedures required onboard a ship. If you skip out on the muster drill, I’ll bet a crew member will track you down. There is little we can do to stem the spread of this disease, but we have to do all that we can. Buck up, quit complaining, cover your mouth when you cough, and wash your hands!
  14. We've cruised several times on Viking. Under "normal" circumstances, the waiter assigned to take you to your table in the main dining room stands in front of the wash station and requests that you wash at the sink or use hand sanitizer. I'm expecting things on our next trip to be much more serious. No doubt you will be required to wash up. I don't have a problem with that.
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