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  1. Frenchberet

    Australia & New Zealand

    Hi, we are looking at Australia & New Zealand for our next Viking Cruise. Would like to know if anyone had very good or bad experiences with the optional excursions. We are interested in doing a private Lord of the Rings tour in Christchurch. Any recommendations for a tour company? It doesn’t look like there are any overnight stays (except Sidney), is there sufficient time in port? Appreciate any info you can share. Thanks! 😊
  2. Frenchberet

    Onboard Orion...Meet and Mingle

    We cruised on the Sky a few weeks ago. I think 52 people signed up for the Meet & Mingle but only 20 actually attended. Viking was prepared with food and drink, that’s a shame.
  3. Frenchberet

    In room coffee makers for hot water?

    Most nights I stopped at the World Café to get a cup of tea before retiring. Our steward must have noticed the empty cups and left a pot of steaming hot water for me. Very thoughtful.
  4. Frenchberet

    Viking has discontinued the pre-cruise gifts

    We did Into the Midnight Sun July 2018, great cruise! Headed back to Norway for In Search of the Northern Lights. What’s “MO”?
  5. Frenchberet

    Viking has discontinued the pre-cruise gifts

    We did a river in 2017 and an ocean in 2018, no gifts.
  6. Frenchberet

    What would you do?

    Book the trip. If you’re working directly with Viking, tell them about your upcoming cruise and maybe they’ll offer you some part of a discount. It’s worth a try.
  7. Frenchberet

    What is Dress Code in MDR (Viking Sea)?

    In Hawaii (just kidding). As long as the shirt has a collar, I’d say it meets the criteria!
  8. Frenchberet

    Viking Ocean guaranteed rooms

    We’re new to cruising and wondering what are the benefits of booking a guaranteed cabin versus selecting one when you book? Is there a price discount?
  9. Frenchberet

    Crossing the Tasman Sea

    Hi Little Monty, thanks for taking the time to post. Sorry you are experiencing rough seas. We are looking at this itinerary for 2020. Do you think time of year (January versus March) or direction (Auckland to Sydney versus Sydney to Auckland) makes any difference in the weather or sea conditions?
  10. Frenchberet

    On board offers ..

    Thank you, it’s helpful to see something in writing. Hope you are enjoying your trip!
  11. Frenchberet

    Silver Spirits Package

    Thanks. We’re not big drinkers either. The SS package was an incentive when we signed up. Thought it might be nice to have an after dinner drink some evenings.
  12. Frenchberet

    Silver Spirits Package

    Hi, first time with SS package. Are drinks at all the bars included, ie Torshavn, the Atrium, Explorer Lounge?
  13. Frenchberet

    Dinner Reservations on the Star

    I’m kind of surprised with this too. Why did I bother to get up at 3 am to make reservations if I could have just made a phone call? ☹️
  14. Frenchberet

    Dinner Reservations on the Star

    You’ll need to make reservations for the Chef’s Table and Manfredi’s. No need to worry about dinner in the main dining room or World Cafe.
  15. Frenchberet

    Just Venting

    When you travel with other people I think you need to have a conversation up front. If they choose not to book the same cabin class, they should understand that you may need to split up on some of the excursions. I don’t think you need to do everything together. Contacting Viking and having them add seats for your friends seems unfair to those who ‘follow the rules’. Just my two cents.