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  1. Definitely check around a holiday for a drink promotion. I bought it for $45 last year and during the 4th of July sale I repurchased it for $39 for the Anthem sailing tomorrow. I know times of year and ships have different promotions, but find a price that suits you and you can always repurchase if it drops.
  2. It sounds like your TA booked non refundable deposit. The only recourse may be with the TA if you were not told that was what category you were booking. Unfortunately, I believe you are out of luck getting a refund through RCI. You always had the option of booking a refundable deposit unless you were booked in a suite.
  3. Great review so far. I love the train, it is much more laid back than air travel.
  4. dacsmom

    Room Service not free on RCI?

    It all depends on what you want. Continental breakfast is included and you will pay a small fee for anything else. But you could order everything on the room service menu and it would be the same charge. I believe some of the suites are different though, they have room service included.
  5. I am eating in Chops for lunch. They had a nice deal through the cruise planner.
  6. I like either the KYSS bag or the Vacation Vault.
  7. I love the Tutti salad. Probably one of my favorite meals. Soon, very soon......
  8. dacsmom

    I think I got a good deal??

    You got a great deal. I have had connecting cabins in the past and have had no problem at all with noise. The only thing I did not like was the chair instead of a sofa but the guarantee price was so much better. Go and have a great time.
  9. dacsmom

    Tipping question

    If you have the deluxe beverage package you have already paid the gratuities. If you have not prepaid tips they will be added daily to your account. No need to tip any more unless you want to.
  10. dacsmom

    Website pain

    You are too late, the cruise planner is unavailable 3 days prior to sailing. Just go to the port on cruise day and they will take care of you. They have the manifest and will check you in. It will take a few more minutes but you will be fine.
  11. dacsmom

    WOW bands - your thoughts?

    I love the WOW bands. It is really convenient getting into your stateroom.
  12. Thank you for your thoughts. I love sailing solo, I do what I want when I want. I do wish that RCI had something like NCL does with the solo lounge, it is a great way to meet people and share dining and excursions.
  13. dacsmom

    Specialty Dining Package

    Need more information to give an opinion. Did you get some kind of email offer from the cruise line or did you go into your cruise planner and buy a BOGO? Was it an offer from your TA? BOGO has to be used the first and second night. (some have had luck moving the second night, but that is rare)
  14. dacsmom

    Deck 8 bump out cabins

    I love the hump cabins and will grab one whenever I can.
  15. You don't get to choose. You go to whichever dining room they assign you to. It will be on your Sea Pass card.