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  1. 😏 Hard to believe - in the course of the last few days you have dismissed the impact of second hand smoke on others, brought up climate change in a thread about smoking and then ridiculed those concerned about it, dissembled and dismissed established science after deciding that "you know better". Truly sad, though perhaps better described as pathetic. You've taken a forum about cruising and turned it into a personal science denial screed. I'm done here.
  2. ...and you are not convinced that the earth is not flat? Sad.
  3. They modified the assesment but did not alter the direction things at Glacier Park are going. I was there as a teenager and returned as an adult in my 50's. The change is profound and sad. The evidence of what is happening is crystal clear. While the speed at which specific impacts of climate change develop may vary, the directional evidence is clear. The dangers of smoking and second hand smoke have been proven and well publicized for decades. Do you dismiss that science as well?
  4. The fact remains that the Glaciers are shrinking. The replacement signs say: "When they will completely disappear depends on how and when we act. One thing is consistent: the glaciers in the park are shrinking".
  5. Really? So all the scientific studies are fake and biased and you know better?? None are so blind as those who refuse to see....or use Google.
  6. I have to take issue here: 1. Second hand smoke does in fact expose an individual to carcinogens, perhaps less than the person directly inhaling from the source but still significant exposure. There is science behind regulations designed to limit exposure to second hand smoke. 2. I appreciate your feeling sorry for people like me who "believe all the doom and gloom like following the 16 year old Greta from Sweden." There is another word for that "doom and gloom", its called science.
  7. My wife and I will only cruise on the Koningsdam and New Statendam because they feature both the BB King and Rolling Stone venues. We have had no problem with the sound level on either of our last two cruises and found the sound level considerably lower than recent on-land concerts we've been to. Both venues were full with no open seats throughout our recent December cruise.
  8. On Koningsdam, disposable straws, stirrers and cup lids were not initially not available. The lack of lids were particularly a pia when bringing morning coffee from Dutch Cafe back to the room for my wife. A few days later, miraculously there were lids, made of recycled paper rather than the traditional plastic. Most water sold on Board was either in cans or glass bottles.
  9. This is a very logical theory. While the Librije offering on ship is greatly simplified versus the on land restaurant, it is still far more complex to execute than anything else offered on ship. It may also be that Librije is chosing not to renew the relationship. My own restaurant group declined an opportunity as the reputational risk (trusting others to execute on a level you'd be happy with) was simply not worth the money that could be earned.
  10. Did you find any substantive differences between the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam or are they basically identical, except for the personnel?
  11. Unfortunate if they are not continuing DeLibrije. We thought they did an excellent job on our last two Koningsdam cruises. There was excellent turnout a few weeks ago on our December cruise.
  12. We ate at Tamarind multiple times on a recent Koningsdam Cruise. While not extraordinary we thought it very good and certainly not bland. Far better than my only (revolting) PF Chang experience! One evening, I ate from the Tamarind menu while my wife ate from the Nami Sushi Menu. No problem. The Dutch/Indonesian Rijstaffel was very good as well.
  13. We had the Rijstaffel Dinner last night. While not "authentic", particularly in that everything was served plated for each diner rather than family style, it was very good and a nice change of pace. Would most certainly do it again!
  14. We carry on each time; on our current cruise, 12 bottles, and happily pay corkage. Our motivation is primarily the weak selection Holland America offers, particularly when it comes to Champagne and White Burgundy. In Ft. Lauderdale, there is a very good specialty wine shop, WineWatch, which delivers to area hotels.
  15. Having it tomorrow on Koningsdam...
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