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  1. Covid-19 is a unique situation where another individual's choice can kill or disable an innocent. Selfishness is not a virtue.
  2. The problem isn't getting vaccinated. The problem is those who selfishly refuse to get vaccinated and continue the cycle of spread.
  3. Tell that to the fully vaccinated teacher in our school district who is now in hospital and on a Respirator. Too early for the victory lap....
  4. Sorry, but this post is a false "Political Narrative". Just because you don't like reporting doesn't make it inaccurate.
  5. 6 weeks ago....Last night, absolutely nothing. Peaceful and quite enjoyable.
  6. I live and own 3 businesses located in downtown Portland. This is utter nonsense. Absolutely not true. Protests have been primarily in a 4 square block area and have been peaceful for months.
  7. Not sure what anyone talking of the unrest in Seattle is referring to. I am typing from a Hotel adjacent to Pike Place Market. Had a nice Dinner, and a walk afterward. No issues. Far too much media blowing up minor protests into major issues. Likewise in my home city of Portland. Fear mongering sensationalized by some in the media with a bias against the issues that led to protests.
  8. Your definition of "silly" is my definition of common sense. Everyone, Passengers and Crew should be vaccinated. My definition of "silly" is trying to equate Covid 19 and a norovirus. Perhaps you don't know any "long haulers" but death is not the only relevant statistic when considering the long term risks of Covid-19.
  9. Reading through this entire thread leads me to believe businesses will have to make a binary choice to either: 1. serve potential customers who are pro-vaccine or 2. serve potential customers who are anti-vaccine My businesses are pro-vaccine and I am choosing group 1; I hope HAL does likewise.
  10. "Fearmongering", "Unneccessary", LOL - that is the kind of thinking that led to the mess we have and continue to experience.
  11. I too "have a seat at this table'. It sounds like we have very different sorts of establishments, customers and State governments. I served on our Governor's Hospitality Industry Advisory Council and am happy to say that our relatively strict policies placed us among the lowest States for per capita incidence of Covid. We work in close quarters and all of our employees will be fully vaccinated before we reopen for indoor service. No exceptions. We will require indoor guests to prove vaccination. No exceptions. We recently made reservations available for our
  12. I am happy to reply but have been out much of the day. Our restaurants are known as among the best restaurants in the region and have gotten considerable national press. One is higher priced, prix fixe, French. The other is Wine Bar/Bistro style. Our State was completely shut down for much of 2020. During the Summer months we were allowed to offer takeout, outdoor service with socially distant seating and parties no greater than 6 and indoor service to 25% capacity with masks required for all. Our State shut down Dining in early November with only takeout allowed. The
  13. Those unwilling to accept the vaccine are delaying our reaching herd immunity and putting all around them at risk. There are multiple vaccines based on multiple technologies. I am all for Vaccine Passports and Vaccination Requirements for Airlines and Cruise Ships. I absolutely will not get on a vessel without a vaccination requirement. I am in there restaurant business. We will be reopening in mid May once our entire team is vaccinated and we will be requiring patrons to prove they have been vaccinated. That doesn't seem off-putting - we are already fully booked throug
  14. 1. While practicing Judaism is a choice, being born Jewish and the ramifications of it (like *** Germany) are not. 2. Being Gay is not a "choice". 3. Being Vegan is a personal choice but one with no impact on others. What is arrogant is your final paragraph.
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