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  1. Agree, very happy with Royal to let us keep our original price.
  2. The rep sent us the new invoice while we were on the phone and the new cruise was immediately in our cruise planner page.
  3. Thank you Royal! We had a NOV 2020 Harmony of the sea balcony cabin for eastern Caribbean itinerary. As you all know before the lift and shift we would have lost $200 to change cruises as we do not want to cruise this fall. It’s just too soon for us. I called yesterday and used lift and shift to move our cruise to oct 2021 eastern Caribbean on symphony of the seas. They no longer have category 8d so they put us in the 4d category. We got a great deal on our harmony cruise for only $1400 and $150 OBC. The new symphony cruise for 4d was $3300. They switched us for the same price and even gave us the OBC of $150. It was only a little More then $100 due to the tax and port fee increase. Also, the itinerary dose not have to be exactly the same, just at least one of the same ports. Very happy with Royal and this new policy.
  4. I know the Allure amplified was called off but does anyone know if they will add anything to the ship, or just leave as is and send it back to the US with nothing new or even renovated?
  5. Good point, but it's not so much I think we will get sick on the cruise, I'm more worried about being stuck on the ship if someone does have the virus. Royal's new policy makes it so we lose nothing and can use the FCC for our Oasis cruise in November. Hopefully, things will be different and less crazy by the end of April.
  6. We are also on April 25 SOS sailing. We are leaning to canceling and just go to Disney World for a longer period then originally planned. No decision has been made.
  7. Well done Royal! Thank you. We are on the Symphony April 25. Now, we have options if we do not want to go.
  8. Last year we went on victor bidding tour and that included couple hours at Bananarama resort. Had a great time. We are going again next month but this time we have arranged a day at Infinity Bay Resort which is a little down the beach from bananarama. Transportation is with them as well. You can contact this email if you want a day pass and transportation. activities@infinitybay.com
  9. We took Victor Bodden’s tour to the sloths/monkeys and then we went to the beach. We had a great time and highly recommend them. You probably could book at the port but you can book with Victor Boddin a head of time and there is no deposit.
  10. It should be about 30 minutes from Coxen hole to Infinity Bay Resort, unless they are still working on the main road to get there. When we were there last April they were working on the road and only one direction was allowed to go at a time. I would imagine the construction on the road is finished now.
  11. We got our transportation through Infinity Resort. They told us to email here to schedule the transportation. We emailed and he was very responsive and emailed us right back for confirmation. Here’s the email activities@infinitybay.com
  12. Hi, we are scheduled to go to Infinity in April with the transportation. We were told it was $20 per person for infinity day pass and $20 per person for round trip from Coxen Hole. (Royal cruise port). Where did you read bad reviews about the transportation? Thanks
  13. Thank you for the great review! We board tomorrow so we are all very excited. thanks again!
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