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  1. I see the Odyssey in cruising power but it won’t list in reservations or itineraries when I use Odyssey as the ship selected all the other ships are listed. Just FYI
  2. Anyone know if it matters if you use a passport card? Seems like it would be same as passport book.
  3. I’m glad they are adding the new bbq restaurant as well as Fresh Loco. I enjoyed Fresh Loco on the symphony in March. Much better then tasty bites.
  4. Just got the first email from the new amplified Oasis of the Seas. Looks like a new BBQ restaurant and they are adding playmakers and removing Sabor.
  5. We were wondering the same thing.....On our November Harmony of the Seas the 3 island snorkel tour is a little less than the private companies. Does anyone know what tour company Royal uses for the 3 island snorkel power boat tour?
  6. I have the above white charger and have never had any problems bringing it on.
  7. No, we were just on the Symphony and were able to do Wonderland on night one and chops on night four with the BOGO deal.
  8. Does anyone know how much for kids on the BOGO (2 dinner special) ? We will be on the Harmony in November and my friends have twin 12-year-olds and are sailing on the kids sale free fare. Thank you
  9. Yes, thanks for getting the slot pull together. Linda and I had a great time meeting everyone as well! The Quest tonight !
  10. Enjoying the live review ! My wife and I are on board and would love to buy you guys some car bombs of course. We are at your favorite car bomb bar right now. Hit us up !
  11. thank you for the info everyone and we loved the pics Bird Travels! We did contact Cozumel H20. thanks again
  12. Hi, we are sailing on the Symphony in March and interested in going on Royal's 3 REEF SNORKEL BY BOAT excursion when we are in Cozumel. Does anyone know if they specifically go to Columbia Shallow Reef, Palancar Reef, and El Cielo? Or, do they just go to the reef that is right there by the cruise ship? We want to go to those specific reefs....Thank you. 3 Reef Snorkel By Boat COZUMEL, MEXICO DURATION: 3 HOURS 30 MINUTES
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