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  1. If one is into classics, there's Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Nile".
  2. We were looking at Gibbs Cay for an excursion (trip got cancelled) because two of our party are mobility impaired; it would have been great to have them able to interact with the rays without having to clamber down a ladder.
  3. If you will be in Key West between April 20 and April 29, 2019, you will be on hand for the Annual celebration of the Conch Republic. There's too much to discuss here and now, but if you Google "Conch Republic" you will see just how fun-loving the folks of Key West are.
  4. LoveTravelJamaica caught just about everything; if you choose Negril, one of the activities there is Cliff Jumping, if you feel adventurous.:eek:
  5. +1 to Tom.Kitten: that head-rolling technique is used by therapists to help people with inner-ear/vestibular disorders to reacquaint a misbehaving balance system with the new distruptive sensations and misinterpretations of the cochlear system. Been there, done that.:eek: One of the meds used in treatment is meclizine (D-Vert) which is usually effective to take the edge off symptoms for equlibrium problems, assuming the problem lasts more than a few days.
  6. Then don't worry about it: concentrate on enjoying your own cruise instead of seeking out "virgins" to feel superior to. Let them make their own way, their own fun, and their own mistakes--it makes for a more interesting and memorable cruise.
  7. Our ship on the outbound leg took a left hook to avoid a storm at sea moving toward shore. Even with stabilizers, there was ample ocean motion to make carrying a tray of food in the Windjammer quite an experience. ;)
  8. If this is any indication of how I'd advise you, check out my signature: 12 years and counting, and I'd STILL jump at a chance to go play with the 'Rays:hearteyes:. It's a "bucket list" item I recommend to everyone.
  9. To those planning on using a patch: remember--you will tan everywhere _but_ the skin covered by said patch. Which may look a little odd when you remove it. :confused:
  10. You're preaching to the choir, here. I did miss pickle and chutney when diving into the Indian section of the Windjammer.
  11. Just be glad it wasn't from New England--the exchange rate would be murder!
  12. Yeah,but thank God the ratio of spontaneous human combustion has leveled off, though.:rolleyes:
  13. Yes, it's chewy. Yes, it's fact-heavy. Yes, it can take a while. Keep at it. Coming to realize and understand just what it took to complete the canal will be quite breathtaking after you have completed it.:)
  14. It's a great experience--have a blast!;)
  15. Fuul! Yes!!!! The food that built the pyramids! Protein and fiber and good fats (olive oil) and carbs (from the pita)... And Koshari, and baba ganouj and hummas with garlic, and... Sorry. I _like_ Middle Eastern food, too!:hearteyes: Having shared a household with a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I, too, have come to appreciate flavorful food over just large slabs of meat.
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