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  1. My reason is simple: the limits for medical that they have are too low. If you have Medicare (USA) you have very limited coverage overseas. I hadn't thought about the cruise company going belly up. But I think the coverage that they sell is brokered through another carrier. (Celebrity is through Arch Ins according to their website)
  2. Someone on the Celebrity board says that the infected folks aren't Dutch (and apparently they sat near them at dinner) soooo it just goes to show how things start to be like playing "telephone" game. But it would be interesting to know if the affected people took J & J. Good news is that they seem well and the vaccine appears to have done its job of keeping people from getting the disease.
  3. Ah, I had seen AZ but read that Holland was going to use J & J after they pulled AZ so who knows?? Just interesting that the Yankees used J & J and had several cases following vaccination...so I may have put 2 and 2 together to get 5. 🙂
  4. Although the MLB is/was investigating this breakthrough case, one thing that they did mention was that the players had all been vaccinated with the J&J one shot vaccine to expedite the players ability to loosen Covid restrictions. Not to bad mouth J & J but it does have a lesser ability to stop the virus from causing positive tests. The people affected may be asymptomatic, as these passengers were, or significantly less serious symptoms. Sooooo... the point of my rambling is that I wonder if the 2 people on board had J & J vaccine or another vaccine with lower efficacy and just got
  5. It would be interesting: I loved the noodle bar, some of the best/easiest food to get on the ship. I wonder if goes away if it is aimed at the Asian market. Ours was the first cruise on Princess and we weren't impressed with the food. We sailed primarily on Celebrity and liked their food better. But food is such a personal preference....
  6. Thanks....When I did the same thing max medical that came up was $250K. Cannot see if Covid treatment is covered.
  7. I'm trying to research this too. I read somewhere on this board that Antarctica was requiring $500000 coverage for medical /repatriation. I don't know if that is for "drive by cruises" or only those that step foot on land. I'm not sure where to look. We had previously purchased coverage for our original cruise (pre-covid) and the carrier had extended the dates, but I am pretty sure the coverage would not have covered a pandemic. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated. Thanks Janet
  8. Yep, me too. I just came on to see if everyone else was having this problem.
  9. I follow an immunology specialist who speaks about the vaccine effectiveness in very "real life" "real people" terms. One of the studies showed that pfizer was effect at 89% effective against the British version and 75% against the South African variant. Effectiveness against severe disease and hospitalization was 97%. Since pfizer and Moderna are similar technology, the assumption is that Moderna will have similar results. So the CDC, despite people's feeling of them being over cautious, really is basing their guidelines on real-time updates. It is excellent news and means that herd immuni
  10. Aren't the cruises from Seattle roundtrip still on after the end of June? If so, that would be 3 months which is certainly better than nothing for the people of AK
  11. I'm thinking the House is less of an issue than the Senate. The dems control the House but they want job creation, not on the ship particularly but in Alaska. So, they will possibly get enough votes. In the spirit of compromise, I think the President will sign. The CDC's new easing of masking restrictions indicate that there could be a likelihood of eased restrictions on the cruise ships/
  12. It is interesting. When our AK cruise was cancelled, I was told by a Princess rep that my cruise would be rebooked into 2022 with the same or similar date. Later I found out that he was in error and we did not get that option UNLESS the cruise was paid in full. We received the option of FCC or refund.
  13. You know, I know there was a door but I don't remember which side it was on. I looked at my other pictures and couldn't see where the door was.
  14. Here is the balcony on D227 the equivalent on the other side of the ship. Nice balcony, but noisy neighbor,,,
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