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  1. Saw this story and immediately thought about those whose upcoming cruises that could be potentially affected. Bummer especially when you’ve planned and anticipated. I would say stay in constant contact with Carnival but unfortunately it may be a late decision. New Orleans this time of year isn’t bad but it is busy due to college football and the holidays. Good luck.
  2. We always get FTTF and usually arrive around 11:00 and are in our rooms before 12. You can ignore the arrival time on your boarding pass.
  3. As for the specialty restaurant reservations, I usually receive a response within one to three days. I think it all depends on when and where you book. As for FTTF, we always get it. For me, it is so convenient. Priority boarding and tendering (if it's a tender port), separate guest service line, and most importantly, our room is ready upon boarding. That way we aren't lugging around bags for hours, waiting on the lido deck. For some, it's not worth the cost. I find it to be a necessity. Availability can be limited. We've been lucky to always get it. I say go for it if you can.
  4. For my birthday this year I received a complementary bottle of wine, spa passes, and cake in the MDR. It was actually pretty nice. This was on the Freedom.
  5. I have traveled to Mexico with my minor daughter several times and have never once been questioned, not by Carnival or Mexican officials. I understand the concern though. Your daughter should just make sure she has the proper travel documents, whatever court papers she has, and leave it at that. Try to enjoy your vacation.
  6. Royal Palms is more for adults. We were in grand Cayman a few months ago and we visited Calico Jacks on 7 mile. It is better for groups with children.
  7. Personally we like to board, go to freshen up in the room and then go up to the main pool deck for sail away. I like the atmosphere.
  8. Oh I also had early saver discounts and travelers insurance and was charged nothing to make the change.
  9. Just ran into a similar problem last week. I booked our 2020 Spring Break cruise and then realized I read the calendar wrong so I had to reschedule. I called Carnival, in a panic, to see what could be done. I was pleasantly surprised to have not only have all the money paid transferred to the correct cruise, the cancellation fees were also waived. The rep who helped me was excellent and did all she could to accommodate my mistake. Definitely appreciated her because it could've gone a lot different. Good luck!
  10. We have never had to share a table with others when it's been just two of us. We choose Your Time dining and usually walk in and are seated immediately.
  11. Sounds like we made a good choice. I love the idea of viewing it as an "excursion". Thanks for the insight.
  12. Nope, not in my experience have I witnessed anyone be dress coded in the MDR.
  13. I personally have used three methods, cash, credit, and debit. I found cash to be the easiest because you control how much is placed on the account and when it's gone, it's gone. With the credit card, we ran into the additional hold being placed when the limit was reached. Not that it was a problem, however, some people aren't aware. I never had any issues with my debit card taking a long time to have charges fall off.Overall I have just decided cash is easier.
  14. For the price (less than $5 a case), I found the water to be a good value. We balanced drinking the waters and our own sodas over the 7 day period and felt like it was a good move. I personally wouldn't purchase a bubbles package if you're going to bring your own soda. Bring a stainless steel or temperature control tumbler and take it with you to meals, prefilled. That's what we did and it worked out fine.
  15. We were on the Freedom this year for the Super Bowl. The game showed all over the ship, including poolside. There was several events geared towards the game that involved food and drink specials.
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