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  1. Just traveled to Belize this week. Be very careful with traveling by taxi. I am by far not a nervous person nor a novice traveler however we attempted to go to Kukumba Beach and were bombarded with many offers from the time we stepped off the tender. Walking through the terminal, out to the taxi stand we were approached with one offer, passed off to three different men and led down a sketchy road to the cab stand. When I went to confirm the price for travel it went from $15 total for the 5-6 mile trip to $30 pp. We told the guy thanks but no thanks and decided to shop a bit and returned to the
  2. Just got off my cruise today. We were allowed to disembark as usual. Crew and passengers were informed last night that Carnival is ceasing operations until April. Nothing seemed out of ordinary in comparison to normal disembarkation procedures.
  3. Not sure if there is a specific illness that can prevent you from boarding. We left last Sunday (returned today). We had the health screening form and temperature checked. From what I can tell no specific illnesses prevented anyone from boarding. You could always call and ask although right now calling is probably nearly impossible. Hope this helps.
  4. Drinks. Steakhouse or Chef’s Table. Treats for the kids. It’s an added bonus to what we would’ve spent.
  5. Sailing on Sunday out of Galveston. Gladly accepting our OBC. I refuse to follow the mass hysteria. Follow universal precautions and enjoy yourself. Can spend my life paranoid.
  6. Woke up to my email this morning. We’re leaving Sunday. Had no plans of canceling. This is a great incentive.
  7. Saw this story and immediately thought about those whose upcoming cruises that could be potentially affected. Bummer especially when you’ve planned and anticipated. I would say stay in constant contact with Carnival but unfortunately it may be a late decision. New Orleans this time of year isn’t bad but it is busy due to college football and the holidays. Good luck.
  8. We always get FTTF and usually arrive around 11:00 and are in our rooms before 12. You can ignore the arrival time on your boarding pass.
  9. As for the specialty restaurant reservations, I usually receive a response within one to three days. I think it all depends on when and where you book. As for FTTF, we always get it. For me, it is so convenient. Priority boarding and tendering (if it's a tender port), separate guest service line, and most importantly, our room is ready upon boarding. That way we aren't lugging around bags for hours, waiting on the lido deck. For some, it's not worth the cost. I find it to be a necessity. Availability can be limited. We've been lucky to always get it. I say go for it if you can.
  10. For my birthday this year I received a complementary bottle of wine, spa passes, and cake in the MDR. It was actually pretty nice. This was on the Freedom.
  11. IMO 4 people in a balcony room on the Valor (sailed on it last year) would be pretty tight. Having one small restroom and not a lot of places to move around, might make the trip unpleasant after a couple of days.
  12. February in Louisiana could be like winter in the morning, Spring in the afternoon. Regardless, you are only departing/returning from New Orleans. The weather will hardly be a factor long enough for it to affect your trip. We sailed this past February out of Texas (similar climates) and other than fog, the temperature wasn't a factor.
  13. I have traveled to Mexico with my minor daughter several times and have never once been questioned, not by Carnival or Mexican officials. I understand the concern though. Your daughter should just make sure she has the proper travel documents, whatever court papers she has, and leave it at that. Try to enjoy your vacation.
  14. Royal Palms is more for adults. We were in grand Cayman a few months ago and we visited Calico Jacks on 7 mile. It is better for groups with children.
  15. Personally we like to board, go to freshen up in the room and then go up to the main pool deck for sail away. I like the atmosphere.
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