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  1. Chaos reigns and we are indeed living in interesting times . Better to be sipping bubbly on the spirit than cooped up on the Diamond Princess or the Westerdam or one of the other mega ships currently at sea wondering where they may be allowed to dock.
  2. Let's hope a cure / more knowledge of how it's spread is found soon to end this uncertainty The reality is that this is a new bug and there is no treatment and no cure All the world's med labs are burning the midnight oil.. BUT.. a vaccine is at least a year away from common availability China is suffering enormously and a global pandemic is quite possible , we just don't know the detail of the virology Laying low and staying home , clean and safe are the best options.. sadly opposite to the incubation crib that is the modern cruise ship. SS are busily managing the shorter and longer term issues, I opine that we will soon hear their plans.
  3. In Australia , our experience has been that SS_au are all one might expect from a "high end" cruise line. Working through a very competent au based ta , SS present to us as caring , competent and knowledgeable. We could not ask for more...šŸ˜Š
  4. I tip when visiting the US because I accept that it is a part of the social fabric. I have, however, seen the dark side of tipping and find it difficult to separate from bribery. A passenger , upon embarkation spread many many hundreds of dollars into accepting hands. The result was obsequious attention from ss staff that I found unsettling, as others necessarily received lesser service to meet the demands & expectations that had been pre purchased.
  5. To be fair to the op ā€¦. the public areas of the ship are always comfortable enough but the temps do vary from place to place, so a very light sweater or cardigan may be useful especially if one is sensitive to temp changes. As I understand it , the ship has always had some suite temperature control issues , not huge differences but enough to be annoying for some folks.
  6. The reports here seem to confirm the softening of Silversea's expedition agenda. There has been a massive tightening of shore excursion opportunities in the Baltic to meet their AECO commitment and it appears that they are carrying these procedures to the Antarctic. Hard to blame SS as it seems fair to tightly manage the impact of the ever increasing multitudes setting foot in once pristine environments.
  7. special person you rojaanā€¦..šŸ„‡
  8. I am about to "sea test" Coral adventurer, one of two new ships with au operator , Coral Expeditions. Specialising in the au coast, Papua east and west ,the adjacent Indonesian islands and the Indian Ocean. Reports suggest a well run operation with a minima of waffle and a maxima of adventure We shall soon seeā€¦.
  9. Between us we travel with a lot of meds. All scrip meds are in orig packs but supps are in ziplocks. All scrip meds backed up with current letter from gp. All meds in carry on. So far never had an inquisition .. anywhere.. and there have been a lot of anywhere'sā€¦.. Have seem swmbo's copious store of stuff given the once over but never tested. Au Border force have been watching too much tv and have become more sensitive They do tend to wave us confident homecoming residents straight through . Summary : It's a gamble with the downside being a delay; however I opine that the odds are good if you don't fit the a profile ..
  10. IMO, a recent "expedition" on the cloud was no such thing. Soft and safe and quite entertaining it certainly was.. but expedition, in the traditional sense , ??ā€¦nope. SS has to sell what will sell and, for most perhaps, the softer the better. I will consider future "expeditions" (sic) with great care, with the cloud now a most unlikely future candidate. Diffrn't strokesā€¦..
  11. marketing these 'transition' cruises appropriatley Indeedā€¦ The cloud is not the traditional ss expedition ship ; it's a soft transition from mainstream Nothing wrong with that.. save that different expectations fail to be met "Hard core" xpeditioners can be very disappointed by the softness and "delicate" transitioners can be overwhelmed Both Iterations have valid expectations. Sadly SS , with only two "expedition" ships has failed to differentiate in the marketing leading to some ruffled feathers
  12. Silversea Expedition programmes are all inclusive and there are seldom extra cost options available. Private arrangements can be made alla same any cruise ship. The individual port options for each cruise are usually pre- published ; the actual, on the day activities, are dynamic as they are driven by weather and sea conditions. In the past , SS expeditions had a well earned reputation for producing wonderful adventures "on the fly" , taking advantage of local circumstances and opportunities. I believe that the expedition process is now much more structured , choreographed , pre plannedā€¦. and boringā€¦... Think sheep herding from place to place, stand here for X minutes look at the ***** and then walk back to the zodiac in single file wth no deviations. This new way has been partly driven by ecological requirements ( as all the wild places are overrun by the hordes ) , as well as a more American legal spin on risk management from RCI.
  13. Hi Jilly , I have been following your blog Are you going to do a review of the ship? I am looking at Cairns to Wewak and/or Wewak/Darwin but single per diem is eye watering
  14. Hi JP and all. I think I may be on your ignore list , but if you read this : Coral Expeditions is a small au company spreading it's wings a little. They have a nice new ship and some broader Itineraries This may suit : https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/islands-indonesia/komodo-dragons-krakatoa/ I expect that it will have a similar vibe to the best of SS expeditions.. less some of the frills. I am hoping to be able to try them out in the next few months
  15. Very poor satellite connectivity above 70 degrees. If the ship happens to be in a sweet spot in terms of sky view there may be some connectivity around 70 Above that mostly none with no other practical or cost effective alternatives.
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