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  1. Followed one just yesterday.. looked like a one handed aircraft carrier
  2. caused them to reconsider … "some" of them may have had a look at the Worldwide Covid positives graph which has been climbing steeply for the past month. "some" of them may have also quietly considered the likely state of the proposed ports that the ship "hopes" to visit.
  3. I remember that ta, good doctor, it was instrumental in us booking the same route in 2102. We had a great cruise BtoB Tokyo>Vancouver ; in spite of my fears I/we was/were so settled that I felt quite displaced on embarkation...
  4. the young men and women we see on Silversea and other cruise lines won’t be at the head of the line They may , in fact, be at the head of the line as cruise companies need vaccinated staff and will find a way to make it happen.
  5. Good to see a few engineers here, love to chat on board sometime.. I actually did what the cartoon alludes.. Massacred a very very v….. expensive design for a flood plain development with a left field proposal for a Roman road. I won the job , saved the developer a mint and made myself a few dollars in the process…..
  6. My contributions to these discussions have been generally negative. I would like to redress the balance a tad and say that the combination of vaccination and a quite mysterious "x factor," has the infection rate worldwide falling like a stone. I am nowhere near ready to give my money to a cruise company , BUT opine that cruising and travel in general now seems likely to slowly ramp up as time passes. There is a world of hurt out there and the Renaissance will be slow.. but at least I now believe it is happening.. Hallelujah !!!! ..the x factor??.. someone prophesied
  7. I love to see this. It would make driving the ambulance so much easier Here ( downunder) folks are very sensitive to the ambulance sirens and make a path like Moses turning back the sea. ( not so bothered about the law tho.. they can find their own way through..) On a crowded freeway there are cars going everywhere frantically trying to clear the way and.. always.. one dopey dunderhead in la la land who has no idea and sits there in the way with the sirens screaming behind him…sigh...
  8. In their enthusiasm for personal protection from active Covid, folks forget that although vaccinated , they may still carry and spread the disease. How many countries with limited vaccination programs , will welcome a ship or aeroplane load of happy super spreaders? This is a long game and we are just at the beginning.
  9. Hey JP, heard anything about abstention from alcohol prior and post vaccination ? We are freaking out here 😰
  10. Cruise companies have had plenty of time to plan for the future. If they decide that a clean sheet is the best option, there will be no warning. The whole point of liquidation in a planned way is to cut clean and fast, minimising share selling and opportunities for the disaffected to act. I have no idea what will happen , the vaccination fairy may wave a magic wand or…..
  11. I wish everyone the compliments of the season and hope for a better life in the future
  12. Always atmospheric to read about you folks all snowed in. We are starting our summer wet season with a bang ; this week we have had periods of high winds , torrential rain and power outages with the main cyclone season still a month or so away.
  13. JP, with my apologies, I pinched and cross posted your truly brilliant dummies guide to Covid Vaccine
  14. I perceive that there was almost unanimous support for the original lockdowns and border controls. As a nation, we were and remain , united and accepting of the physical and financial discomfort. I hear little real angst about continuing travel restrictions, although we are truly "chomping at the bit" to be free... We look at other places and are grateful for our unity and the good management of all tiers of government regardless of their left or right philosophy. United we stood…Amen...
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