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  1. A Tad o/t , but just wanted to say a big thank you to all the contributors to this thread. The quality of the continuing discussion makes the thread prescribed reading
  2. Jim Walker (Cruise Law News) has named the elephant.. it is called Ponzi... Carnival is essentially running a quasi-Ponzi scheme, he said. "It is collecting money for new cruises, which will probably not take place, to be used to eventually refund fares which Carnival owes to it's customers for the past several months." I opine that this may turn out to be one of the biggest consumer rip offs ever….is anybody listening ? There is a sense of despair here in Au about the state of the US and the functional IQ of many of it's constituents.. very sad times….
  3. The cruise lines and associated peripheral orgs, must find a way to be sailing soon.. or perish. One option is to create 'in house' travel insurance that covers all the possibilities. They can sell the insurance at a discount to get things started and then ramp up the charge until it covers the costs. This option gets them sailing and creates a monopoly insurance spin off that , in time , might be very profitable.
  4. Don't pay in full Indeed, and I am truly sorry for you and very sad to see the once great Silversea reduced to greedy penny pinching to survive
  5. Accurate and fast testing is indeed a primary requisite for cruising to prosper, however the incubation issue will likely prevent any meaningful restart. There is probably a statistical numbers game happening atm , where very short cruises produce only an occasional traveller who becomes symptomatic during the cruise. How many are actually boarding negative , incubating , spreading and escaping at cruise end without being "caught" ? It took quite a while before all the Hurtigruten infections were testing positive. Leads to a very damning reinforcement of the petri dish model as researchers eventually catch up with the shifty marketing.
  6. Are you pessimistic enough about the prospect of the cruise lines surviving to think no one should have any money on any future cruises? Yup….there are better gambling odds about .. ymmv of course
  7. OT , but very interesting that Terry needed a refresher on QE. If one assumes that Terry occupies, say , the upper 15% of financially informed US citizens, what hope do the bottom 60% of citizens have of understanding the world financial situation and their personal risk status ? Leads to .. no wonder so many folks seem comfortable giving cruise lines extended, no cost/no effective liability, lines of credit.
  8. Very interesting discussion and the umpire seems unnecessary. I agree with you both The world has an unprecedented volume of liquidity sloshing about and looking for something to attach to. Cruise lines (and airlines and hotels and…...) may indeed attract enough long term cash to stay afloat and restart. Conceptually this coterie may soak up much of the worlds loose cash which might lead to… er anyway... Historically there has always been a day of reckoning and there have been some doozies. Atm , we appear to be in uncharted fiscal territory as the money continues to be printed. I opine that there will be a day of reckoning but there may be sufficient hope, paper , glue and dike thumbs available to delay the day of all reckoning days until I have pushed up several generations of daisies. I won't be buying any cruise or airline shares, but now have some hope for cruising post 2021
  9. Paul Gauguin just recorded a positive in French Polynesia , returning to dock... Reported that Hurtigruten did not screen crew before sailing, only one passenger positive by last report but more expected.
  10. It will be interesting to follow the online angst when the reality of the inevitable equation is confirmed. There will come a point where folks will realise that the cruise lines cannot survive , let alone sail anywhere and want a refund. There will , of course, be no cash left and the wailing will be heard around the world… 🙂 Of course I could be wrong….
  11. I guess they need some credit for optimism
  12. From a corporate perspective there must now be a huge question on the real value of the assets of most if not all publicly listed cruise companies. Actuaries may be checking their insurance cover … 🙂
  13. Royal Caribbean’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand Gavin Smith said that his ships will be sailing in Australia by October My response ? He is dreaming.. not gonna happen in 2020 Cattle class carriers aka petri dish promulgators will be the very last class of ship to ply au waters. Many cattle class customers are reliant on au public medical care which is free and some will take the risk but the older and wiser self funded au demographic will take a lot of convincing to set foot in a petri dish offering uncomfortable habitation restrictions , a disease with no cure , dreadful symptoms, and offering one of the fastest ways to vacate the planet currently available after buses... Ponant have already released their (wish list) manifest for au start ups.. Current clear test evidence and no boarding if even a sniff of illness or temp... Mask on outside the cabin at all times. Mask removal to eat and drink is only exception , no buffet Heavy distancing rules on board and for shore excursions. Border force operatives will be watching future disembarkees with a great interest Why would you bother ?
  14. Ponant offering two expedition ships in the bubble including the Ross Sea. Quick and the dead…..
  15. So the Explorer is returning to Europe from Panama. This seems a heavy death knell for the planned Southern Ocean Itineraries commencing 12/2010. Very disappointing.. The Covid case count world wide continues to escalate ...where will it all end...😪
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