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  1. The TA is going to contact NCL but I suspect they’ll offer him the soda package instead. That doesn’t really solve the problem.
  2. Thanks for your replies everyone. I think getting separate room keys is the answer - assuming they’ll give me one for the studio. As as far as buying the beverage package - it comes as a perk with the balcony. We think it’s a good deal. It basically pays for itself with two drinks a day. We also all want the SDP. We’re just trying to figure out a way not to have to pay for one if We don’t need to. I do appreciate the comments about the husband. We are not trying to control his recovery, just trying to be helpful. But appreciate the comments.
  3. Yeah, I have heard that you can room access only on your cards if all agree. That might be the way to go.
  4. Agreed. We want to keep things clean too. We don’t want to be walking around with each other’s cards. In the first place, I don’t look like a 65 year old man named Tom. LOL. We just want to officially change who’s in which cabin while keeping the original perks that were paid for when we booked.
  5. Yeah, this is the issue. We have no interest in playing games with room keys. We want to keep it above board without having to keep track of keys, etc. and want to keep separate accounts. I guess the question is can we officially change who’s in what room while keeping the same perks we paid for if they are different categories of cabins. Theres also a so a very real issue here. He is an alcoholic. Clean and sober for two years. Neither he or any of us want him to have a card where he’s tempted to order a drink because it’s free and he’s been forced to pay the gratuities on the drink package. It seems there has to be an official way to do this.
  6. Hi everyone. I have a question. We are planning a cruise. There are three of us - a married couple and myself. We obviously need two cabins - one balcony for the couple and a studio for myself. The balcony comes with all Perks and the studio with one. The husband does not drink and doesn’t want the drink package. But he does want the meal package. His wife and I both want the drink package. If we book the couple together he will be forced to pay for the gratuities on the drink package and I will have to pay for the meal package. Is it possible to book the two women in the balcony and then switch rooms when we get onboard, with me in the studio? That way we’re all getting what we want/need. Any advice is appreciated!
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