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    Sports Bars

    There is one downtown its called Kelly's it's on ave 10 south. Most cabbies will know the place.
  2. Yeah be all means no matter what company shut it off while on the ship. I turned mine on after we docked in mx and it switched from ship to land a based carrier.
  3. Nope, the light house is on the southern tip of the island.
  4. If you could post a link, it sounds like playa mia, but not sure. BTW its cold up here!!!
  5. [quote name='Redhead51']Was it the Wyndham or was it Aura? Aura is adults only and costs $75.00 pp.[/quote] Based on the date he mentioned it was the old section of wyndham, the Aura section didn't open until spring of 08. The difference in the two is of course one is new, has a huge pool, and is adult only. Its the same resort, just a different section.
  6. I don't know of any "free phones" I would call your cell carrier and ask if they offer international roaming, i know ATT does and it cost like 50-60 cents per minute to call home, which was not bad I guess.
  7. You did not mention your sons age, but it should give you both things that you can do. I think the cooking class needs to be pre booked, but not 100% sure on that.
  8. I guess that depends on what your drinking and how many you have.:D
  9. I think she is all set, you cant contact them directlt as no one will reply to that email. Cruise lines don't sell Nachi, and you can't just show up with out a reservation.
  10. You can take a taxi out to palancar beach, they have a snorkel tour, food and drinks. Bruce R another CC member speaks highly of it.
  11. You more ofter expirience smaller groups, get individual service, and save money. Cozumel is one place I would not hesitate to book on my own unless I was going to do a mainland tour.
  12. I agree I think it would have been posted here, if something like that did happen. There are ports I would stay on the ship, Cozumel is not one of them. I asked my wife if she felt safe in Cozumel, and her reply was yes more so than the Bahamas.
  13. Actually what you are seeing is the cruise lines demanding places to 1) not sell to the public, or 2) do not sell for less. Uvas host a few different tours, and probably felt pushed into a corner.
  14. I think you should read what eles that company offers, she made your day right and paid you to go elsewhere. You have no clue about what you are saying.
  15. Were is this article that you speak of, and when did it happen? I know there are parts of jacksonville I will not get out of my vehicle, The media is saying parts of mexico that are not even close to cozumel. Yes as with any place you should be aware of what is around you, but I never once thought twice walking around town, getting in a cab or anything.
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