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  1. Still does. They spun them off as Yum Brands but remain the majority shareholder
  2. But they CAN use it. All of it (assuming they're over 16). They just have to pay for it like everyone else. People are free to choose how to spend their money however they wish! I don't want to hear any bitching about it nit being fair if they made the choice not to pay for it.
  3. It's amazing that people still don't understand or recognize political grandstanding. This isn't even a slow news day!
  4. I book all of our cruises. It used to be directly with NCL and now with a TA to get extra discounts. For some odd reason my guy sends cards, emails and calls my wife on my phone. He's NEVER addressed me. I find that annoying and would never use him simply out of spite.
  5. The answer is yes. I only know because I asked NCL 4 times and much like Stingray, I save everything. 3 of the 4 times I asked, the reps said yes. The other time, they didn't know the Epic had a Starbucks!
  6. Yes but we're talking about 2 different things. You're right that contractually they can do almost anything. But that doesn't make it the right thing to do. They sell the idea of a vacation with multiple, different places to visit, either on your own or through their official tours. I feel that changing that after final payment is a material change. The RIGHT thing to do is offer to return the money in full. I'm not saying they're obligated, they will do that or that anyone else has to agree with me. But that's where I personally draw the line and what will
  7. Personally not thinking about it at all. I hate the policy but understand it.....for my 2021 cruise. I'd be pretty upset if they still has the policy in fall 2022! The one caveat to the above is the policy should be made clear BEFORE final payment. I have a Dec cruise. Final payment is early August. As of now, the policy is only for July and August cruises and then will be reevaluated. I feel it would be wrong if they take my money and then put the rule into place without offering a full refund. It just reeks of dishonesty. If the policy is made, allow us to decide if
  8. If you're in Port, the laws of the country you're docked at will apply. The Captain has sole authority in international water but not when in a country. I think the reality is you'll be detained at the exit and law enforcement of the local port will be called and take you in custody.
  9. Based on this thread, they not only allow children into the Haven but they let them drink at the bar!
  10. Lightweights 😉 7MM on AA. One year I did 302 nights in hotels averaging less then 2 nights per stay. I like cruising because I get one bed for a week!
  11. You are quite a character (meant in a good way). While I don't agree with everything you wrote, ice definitely enjoyed reading it. Takes me back to when I traveled weekly for work for 20 years and prided myself on knowing more than the airlines or hotels and spent hours every night on flyertalk.com. Thank you for the effort you've put into this.
  12. Our Camilla experience on the Jade: Wife and I booked aft Penthouse. Not Haven but has many of the perks. We were relatively new to cruising so I researched pretty carefully the appropriate and inappropriate requests. Having traveled 45+ weeks a year for work for 20 years, We're pretty self sufficient and know exactly what we like in a room. My simple (in my opinion) requests: for the afternoon snack, please either bring sugar free options if they're sweets or do not bring sweets as my wife is diabetic. Secondly, can we have a pitcher of ice water each night.
  13. Any chance your butler was Camilla?
  14. Total or per day? We did the Jade 18 months ago and I swear the majority of recommendations were $50 to $100 PER DAY for the Butler and concierge. No judgment, what you tip is your business. Just looking for clarification as I have a trip on the Epic in Dec. Fingers crossed it sails as planned!
  15. Yes, maybe they can pay for it with the payroll taxes generated by all the cruise releated jobs that aren't currently working. Let's try to function in the real world and not in a political blog. The solution to lost jobs isn't paying people more money to not work. Let me add, I really hope you don't have any friends, family, neighbors or customers who rely on those businesses or they might change their opinion of you.
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