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  1. Thanks for the info. We are on the Ovation Sept. 27 so this is good to know. My first request will be for the Nespresso machine! Did you enjoy the cruise?
  2. Has Seabourn followed the lead of other cruise lines and placed individual coffee/tea makers in the suites yet? I appreciate my morning coffee on awakening and do not wish to wait for room service, if I don’t have to.
  3. Thanks for that info. We will have our TA check it again. I’m sure there will be more cruisers who will need a PCR test before they can return home.
  4. We, too, are Canadians sailing on Ovation Sept. 25. Seabourn said today that both antigen tests and molecular Covid 19 tests are available onboard and we can request the one we want. At the end of the cruise this should enable us to get the test required for returning to Canada.
  5. Thank you all for posting these updates from Greece. We are sailing on the Ovation in late September when we expect temperatures to be considerably cooler than those you are experiencing but it all sounds good! Did you feel any effects from the earthquake?
  6. We are not interested in booking anything else until we get the money back from our cruise that was cancelled in March. Seabourn have had our money since last October. Despite being told frequently that the there is money there and it has been approved, we have not seen it yet! So, no more until we do!
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