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  1. For NCL someone washing peoples hands at the buffet is standard on all ships. They do a very good job keeping people and the ship clean. It would be overexaggerating to imply that the Washy Washy person is there because there is an outbreak or something like that. 99% of the time its normal.
  2. With the waiver they definitely can. @Broons77
  3. 8 is usually the maximum We were also a group of 9. We booked 8 and we just told the restaurant when we got there. For specialty restaurants it helped to go to the restaurant right when they opened to make the change in person but it was never a big deal.
  4. I could be wrong but I'm almost positive you can. We were able to book them for our cruise last month.
  5. They printed "PC" on his card which meant Parental Consent. Be careful because the cash registers are very smart and the bartenders know to watch to make sure you aren't giving any "minors" (below 21) mixed drinks. It wasn't always an issue but we did find ourselves being watched at certain bars.
  6. Based on the process I went through with an 18 year old, you will probably have a hard time if the parent isn't there. They simply asked for each of our photo IDs and photo copied them and we signed the waiver. They will likely not accept anything except for a parent and child's photo IDs.
  7. I was just on the EPIC with an 18 year old. He had to purchase any beer he wanted to consume which meant more profit for NCL. I could give him beer from my unlimited package but the ship technically had the right to take it away because he didn't buy it. The only unlimited beverage package anyone under 21 could have is Soda.
  8. I've been on ten NCL cruises and never had a major problem with anything. There are likely 4000-5000 people on each sailing and ten come back and write negative reviews. They want to vent and likely overexaggerate any issues they had. Keep in mind the latest reviews are from the holiday season when they pack loads of people onto the ship and it probably overwhelmed the staff on a brand new ship. By the summer, most kinks would be worked out and you shouldn't have a problem. As a word of advice, book all of your reservations for specialty dining and main dining rooms as soon as you are allowed to online. That way you can eat when you want, stand in minimal lines and not worry about eating really late because that was all you could book on the ship. If you have multiple cabins, book a different restaurant in each cabin and then you'll have options each night.
  9. Kind of a hidden secret but you are able to call the concierge if you are platinum latitudes. A very helpful perk.
  10. I was also on this cruise and I would agree with much of this review. As far as comedians go, we did not enjoy the comedians on this cruise. The guy who opened, who was one of the two “headliners” wasn’t that good and the main guy that night spent 45 minutes making sex jokes. We didn’t go to any other comedy shows.
  11. Gambling age is 18. The catch with the Alcohol waiver is that the 18 year old still has the soda package if that was chosen. They have to purchase any beer or wine they want to consume. Their package doesn’t change to include alcohol until the passenger is 21.
  12. We were on the Christmas cruise last month and got the letter too. Our cab dropped us at 11 at the entrance to the port and we walked about half a mile (ten minutes) to the ship. The only wait we had was completing each of the steps (bag drop, security, check in) and we were on board by 12. Its either go early or wait in lines. It is true that there are no seats in the terminal.
  13. Captain Marco. General Manager (formerly hotel director) Nelson. Cruise directors name is slipping my mind but to be honest he wasn’t great. Didn’t see him once.
  14. We just got off the EPIC a few weeks ago. It was a great time. Embarkation couldn’t have been easier, just be ready for some traffic. Food was great and entertainment was also good. Very similar to our previous NCL cruises so that’s where you should base your expectations. I will say it was crowded at time but service was never poor. Also, book reservations as soon as you can online and you will never have a problem.
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