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  1. Hi Copper, Is there any update on the CD for NADM for the May 25, 2019 voyage? Also, do you happen to know who the captain is? Thanks so much! Syd
  2. Thank you! Yes... lots of turnover for sure
  3. Thank you so much Copper! Last question, I promise:)... which ship will CD Joep Koreman be on this summer? We have sailed with him numerous times and loved him. Thanks again! You are so helpful
  4. Hi Copper, I was wondering who the CDs are on the June 2, 2019 Nieuw Statendam cruise and the June 1, 2019 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise. Thanks so much! Syd
  5. We will be on the 3/10 to 3/17 NS sailing, so I hope he will still be on
  6. We will be on the 3/10 to 3/17 NS sailing, so I hope he will still be on
  7. Hi everyone, I am sailing on the Nieuw Amsterdam this Sunday and I have a few questions. Who is the CD? Also, what are the current shows on the ship? Thanks! Syd
  8. Hi Copper, Can you please tell me who the CD is going to be for the February 17, 2019 Nieuw Amsterdam sailing? Thanks! Syd
  9. Thank you everyone! It all makes more sense now. I am going to call HAL in a few minutes and try to still book a room.
  10. Hi everyone - I was going to book the January 13 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise for my family, but the Neptune Suites are showing as sold out. On Sunday night, there were 8 Neptune suites available, but by Monday night, there were none. Do you think it is possible for all 8 of these to go in 24 hours? Thanks! Syd
  11. Christina Purcell is a wonderful CD. However, her Facebook makes it seem like she is no longer a CD. Could this be true?
  12. Hi John, I was just just wondering if the CD for the January 13, 2019 Koningsdam voyage has been announced? Thanks!
  13. Hi John, Do you know who the CD will be on the January 13, 2019 Koningsdam sailing? Thanks!
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