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  1. What fun this is reading your report! I am enjoying your trip with you!
  2. Beachfrog

    Do you book excursions thru HAL?

    I am the OP, and I want to thank everyone for your responses. Very eye opening! I guess I should not have been so black and white in my options. This will be our first experience with excursions, and your replies have been very informative! I have been researching private tours, and while they sound much better in their descriptions and pricing, I am wondering about cancellation policies. I know everyone has their own penalties/fees involved. But would you say HAL has a better cancellation policy in place as opposed to say for example, Harv and Marv’s whale tours? They state, No refunds for no-shows or cancellations within 14 days of tour date. Since we are travelling with such a large group, I am sure someone will have to drop out at the last moment and could lose $$$. Two weeks out sounds like a lot. Thanks again!
  3. I was wondering what the percentage is of folks who book EXC excursions vs outside tours. How do the tours compare? Other than perhaps prices, are they the same?
  4. Beachfrog

    MSP Airport help

    We only fly with a minimum layover of 60 minutes. I've gotten to old to run between gates!
  5. Beachfrog

    How many is too many?

    Good point! I looked: Royal Princess, 3600 total capacity Viking Orion, 930 Grand Princess, 3100 Westerdam, 1916 Star Princess, 3100 That's a lot of tourists! Should be fun!:D
  6. Beachfrog

    How many is too many?

    Ships in port that is. I was cruising the internet and found a Cruise Ship Calendar for 2019. I saw for our Alaskan cruise there could be as many as five ships in Juneau. Is Juneau big enough to handle that many people? I have dealt with three ships before but not five! How many ships have you guys seen in one port?
  7. Just tell folks you are the designated driver.
  8. Beachfrog

    Walk me through this lost luggage scenario

    lisiamc I love the hearts! Are those cut from duct tape? We have brand new luggage, but unfortunately, the bags are black. Macy's clearance sale. I was looking for something "unique" to mark them. Perhaps I can do something similar.
  9. Beachfrog

    Walk me through this lost luggage scenario

    Probably--that's the key word isn't it! Not stressing--just being pro-active.
  10. Beachfrog

    Walk me through this lost luggage scenario

    Thanks everyone for your help! We have flown many times with no issues except once to Cancun coming home. I don't think I would worry so much for everyday travel. But a cruise is different--shopping is not as easy. I would hate having to start all over after the agonizing I have over planning cruise outfits! I will definitely cross pack, place itineraries all over the place, make sure I have phone numbers, hope for the best, and have a celebratory drink when we arrive with everything intact!
  11. Beachfrog

    Walk me through this lost luggage scenario

    Purchase case tracking device. Naive question: really?
  12. Beachfrog

    Walk me through this lost luggage scenario

    Thanks for the replies! Gosh, I hope too I haven't jinxed anything! I wasn't sure if the airport folks would look inside the bag for any paperwork. We have lost a bag before when coming home from Cancun, but it arrived on the next flight. Just trying to be prepared for any issues and not loose my cool!
  13. Let's say for example one of my checked bags does not make it to the airport prior to my cruise for any number of reasons. I have read that sometimes these lost bags mysteriously show up before sailing or at the next port. My question is--how is it known that I am on a cruise? I have not yet attached my cruise line luggage tags. Do I have to actually tell someone I am on a cruise with no luggage? Is it in a computer somewhere? I have also read that sometimes these bags are gone forever.:( Thanks. #hopingthisneverhappens
  14. Beachfrog

    When to book flights

    Our cruise isn't until June, 2019, but our party is getting anxious on flights. There will be 6-7 of us flying into Vancouver. What would you guys say is the average time frame on booking flights? One year out? Six months out? 54 days? ;p Thanks!