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  1. We are on the Westerdam sailing June 16. HAl said orange was in reference to the Netherlands. Just thought it would be a fun get together.
  2. Received a new email from Holland America and it mentioned an Orange Party. Being new to HAL, I did not know about this. Sounds like fun! Are these parties well attended? Have you gone? Love the idea of seeing everyone in orange.
  3. Thank you for the response!
  4. Our ship, Westerdam, docks in Seward at 4:30 AM. We need to catch our tour bus at 8:00 AM. Which should we do? If we set out our luggage the night before, what time can we expect the bags to be available for pick-up? Or, would it be better if we carried them off ourselves? We have some older folks in our group and am not certain they can manage their bags themselves getting off the ship. Thank you very much!
  5. Thank you, Glaciers. That looks perfect, except the web site says there is nothing available for my date. I will contact them to see if that is in fact the case.
  6. We (a party of eight) will have several hours before our 8:00 PM flight home after our cruise. Are there any city tours that leave from the Anchorage airport and return? Perhaps a free shuttle to transport us to a tour location? I am thinking a taxi or car rental for that many people could get expensive. Any suggestions would be so grateful!
  7. Thank you! We are booked!
  8. We are wanting to do the Bering Sea Fisherman's tour, and my question is does it matter which web site I use to purchase tickets? Is there a difference as I am guessing everyone ends up on the same boat? Is there only one boat?
  9. Thanks for the answer! Also, thanks to everyone for updating me on the possibility of the price increase. I had not taken that one into consideration!
  10. We are discussing the advantage of the signature drink package and have been looking at rogerjett's beverage menu photos. I realize this package would be for any drink under the $9 price. If I want to order something more expensive, what happens? Am I told by the bartender, "no, not included"? Or do I pay a separate price for that drink? Or can it be made with a less expensive alcohol? Thanks!
  11. Thank you everyone for your replies! In my mind I already knew the answer to this question, but I thought I would check with the experts. And I really do not like the boats with “hundreds” of passengers! Thank for your help!
  12. My group of travelers cannot decide on whether or not to do a whale watch tour. Is it possible to book a last minute tour at the pier when we arrive in Juneau?
  13. Beachfrog


    I plan to bring my Sperry's. Will I look to much like a tourist?!
  14. Thanks, guys. I guess I am stressing over this too much.
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