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  1. You mean a free pen. Getting a tshirt by playing Trivia on Celeb , you practically have to sell your soul. Have several of them, yes I am soulless. lol We did have fun on our first, recent VO cruise. Met wonderful people, saw first run movies, enjoyed the pool almost by ourselves as well as the therapy pool. Of course I should keep all this to myself. So let me correct my post. VO is dull, full of old, boring people. Its like sailing in a mausoleum. Dont make the mistake we did. Stick to Carnival, Hal, Princess and oh yes Celebrity. Especially since now Celebrity is advertising, CHILDREN sail free.
  2. We found that eating good food, having amazing service, relaxing on a beautiful ship was great "fun". It was our first Viking O, cruise. we booked two more. Just wish others didnt like it quite as much so the rates would not keep going up. So grateful to get away from those who love to be with children, casinos, belly flops, loud music, tasteless decor etc. There are plenty of lines that will offer you all that. By the way, there are NO prizes for Trivia. Correction , a drink from the bar, but those are all included during meal times.
  3. Discussions of this type have gone on for several years. For a long time now, there have been conversations that Celebrity is considering a new level between Elite plus and Zenith. People give all kinds of suggestions and it goes nowhere. What makes this post at this time any more relevant than those in the past? What is making this more imminent than in the past? What have I missed? We are at 1700 points and will never make Zenith and have stopped even thinking about it. A new level may bring us back to Celebrity. For now we have happily gone elsewhere.
  4. I really appreciate all the advice. The promo is for reduced air, it is not free, $799 to san juan and back from Barcelona. Jan 31 the promo may change. It is a TA cruise for Feb of 2021 and all is available since it is so far in advance.
  5. We will be on the ship in two weeks. There is a cruise we are interested in that has a promo that expires/changes on Jan 31. Would you wait to book on the ship or do it before the Jan 31 expiry?
  6. But I heard from someone that it is not lost, you can use it on a future cruise. Does anyone know if this is true?
  7. Several lines no longer offer ANY straws for anything. Some have gone to paper ones. Looks like Viking O still offers plastic.
  8. Are there plastic straws? paper straws? no straws?
  9. is there anything about the Edge that is amazing as we were told it would be?
  10. Many have switched to Oceania so the better deal may not be for long. Try it. Be prepared for low key environment. All venues available to all not just Suites as with Celeb. We are Elite plus with Celeb but are giving it up for a couple of cruises on the Viking and one coming up on Oceania.
  11. I emailed you back... I am so sorry to hear all that you are going through... thank you for the information....
  12. Lee or Andrek...could you please email me the contact for the tour company in Montevideo ... nancyshaw027@gmail.com thank you so much...
  13. Lee..could you please let me know how to get in touch with the guide you have booked for a private tour... my email nancyshaw027@gmail.com
  14. yes you are right...but in this case I was responding to a comment made to me....and also adding that I like the new change, using the card for your drinks in a variety of areas...
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