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  1. This was a year ago and maybe things have improved. After speaking to the chef and all others concerned, in person and in writing, maybe the MDR has improved somewhat. We will see in October on the Eclipse. Yes I think think the Ops topic has been derailed, im sorry for my part in it. I think this was supposed to be some sort of comparison to the past.
  2. As I said so long ago, on three cruises in a row, we could not eat what was served on multiple occasions in the MDR. When you cant eat something, it is called inedible. I will always stand by that. If you cant eat something because of poor quality or awful taste, it is INEDIBLE. How much more of a definition does the word need. Others cant believe something could be inedible, they are fortunate that they did not have our experience. Then there are those that say they will never eat in MDR again. Really does not matter what word is used to describe the meals in MDR, the outcome is the same. The Buffet was very good for dinner, we are prepared to eat there again on the one sailing we have coming up.
  3. We share your sentiments. Others will ask you why you would sail again on Celebrity or maybe they just ask me.
  4. well here is one that is still surprised by my posts but not others...so many have said Celeb food in MDR is now inferior but only my posts get attention...interesting...
  5. I got viciously attacked for saying that on the last 3 cruises in 2018,2019 the food was inedible on the two ships we sailed on, eclipse and infinity. After 3 nights in MDR on the eclipse, we ate dinner in the buffet for the rest of the cruise. Some here wanted me to explain every which way what inedible meant. I think it is pretty clear. Since then , we have done a Viking O, cruise and are about to do some Oceania. Wonderful dining on Viking, no matter what stateroom you have. Here MDR is almost for those in steerage..after all what can we expect....if you want better, you have to spend and spend.....aqua, suites and above.....that is how classist Celebrity has become. are we still sailing Celeb? one out of seven cruises booked is Celeb..that says a lot, since we are elite plus and have spent many years and dollars with Celeb only. for the one Celeb cruise I am prepared again to eat in Buffet...have no expectations..why then am I doing another celeb cruise...it is the only one I found that sails round trip to hawaii from LA.
  6. on one of our first cruises with Princess, all got a ticket for participating in all kinds of activities... if you were interested in collecting the tickets, you traded them in for some kind of memento at the end... that satisfied all... on Oceania it is the worst I have ever seen...many challenge the staff conducting the trivia and insist that further research be done for the answer they insist on....the debate rages for the entire cruise... viking ocean, no prizes of any kind are given...you participate to meet others and enjoy the camaraderie... Celebrity has a variety of methods, it is inconsistent from ship to ship and to the whim if the activities director... I have seen on many cruises, the same teams win over and over again...it becomes silly , all can predetermine who will win...... but the most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed is a passenger who right after playing, will go directly to the library, with his briefcase, to study....that is intense.... my preference is to get a ticket for participation, that satisfies everyone...those who want a prize at the end collect them, those who dont care for it, can just enjoy the non competitive atmosphere.... and yes I have suggested this method many , many times on our Celebrity cruises...the answer I get most often will surprise you, I am usually told to participate and then come out at the end , if I wish to collect some kind of prize.... what methods do others prefer, so the ridiculous, the laughable and the disgusting can be diminished?
  7. what region to look for Black Sea in the available itins? asia?
  8. ok...got it...the answer to another level between Elite plus and Zenith is NO.... that should put to rest all the speculation that was done earlier... over and out....
  9. I didnt read through all the posts but did anyone get any kind of an answer regarding a new level between elite plus and zenith? Not that it really matters to us anymore we have only one celeb sailing and all the rest elsewhere, where there is very little classicism, all get treated the same, all is included. Yes paying a bit more, but not that much more and getting a lot more.
  10. there are some very good promos for the carib that have replaced the cuba itineraries...a great getaway from winter and a good way to enjoy the ship...as the carib ports need very little time in them.... yes the MED is very port intensive...you will miss meals and activities, since the whole point of going to the med is to enjoy the ports.... just my opinion.....
  11. will keep checking the on line reservations... we have a Cat G guarantee, all insides are sold out...so interesting what we will end up getting...
  12. bewildering...really dont understand what they are trying to do...
  13. how can you tell if a cabin has been assigned? by looking on line at your reservations?
  14. agree with you exactly.. a friend called to see if a better cabin was available....they would not tell her, since she uses an agent, so she said it was for someone else, they told her availability and the fact that there is a promo on it... she relayed the info to me... a 400pp saving on the new years insignia sailing.... since our agent did not inform us, we would not have known... yes Celeb web site is awful, but I sure know when there is a promo...
  15. O on line, does not show the promo. Of course this is the first place I looked. I got the info I needed by calling O and pretending to be a new client. The point I am making is that it is too bad it is not more transparent. As for my agent, you are right, he should be able to respond immediately. Have not found one yet that does. Have never minded checking things out on my own, only with O have I not been able to.
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