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  1. let's see if they actually come back. Scrapping the Celebration was clear as the no sail order keep getting extended further. Now their site is shutdown. Doubt they had the funds to stay afloat for a year without any business.
  2. RCCL and the rest will probably make similar announcements shortly. States are going into various lock-downs now, so I doubt most will be able to cruise anyways. At the best case scenario, the test cruises with the volunteers will begin in February with the chance they start up in March with just 3 & 4 day cruises on the Mariner & Navigator to CocoCay.
  3. the "like" button was available this morning, but appears to have recently disappeared. Hopefully just a slight glitch.
  4. Feeling like this will take longer to get going. Maybe these trials take place end of February with the hope of re-starting by April 1. Especially with the US skyrocketing with cases now.
  5. A probable free cruise, but likely just 3 or 4 days to CocoCay. I also doubt drinks would be included.
  6. Navigator probably out of Miami & Mariner out of Port Canaveral? Crew have been slowly arriving back, so my guess if maybe these sailings start by mid-January. A month of trial cruising then maybe a slow restart by President's weekend?
  7. Seajets, a Greek cruise line, has acquired 6 cruise ships recently. The once Holiday(most recently CMV's Magellan), plus HAL's Veendam & Maasdam, P&O's Pacific Aria & Oceana and CMV's Columbus. Seajets previously only operated Ferry services throughout Greece & Cyprus.
  8. "Volunteers of the Sea" sounds like a bad experiment. For anyone that joined the group and are hoping to get on one of these trial cruises, what are the guidelines, etc.? Do they list when & where they'll sail?
  9. RCCL could make that a 7-day & just do Labadee & Aruba. Day 1: Depart Miami Day 2: at sea Day 3: Labadee Day 4: at sea Day 5: Aruba(all day) Day 6: at sea Day 7: at sea
  10. The speculation has been that when cruises restart, they will be just 3-7 day cruises. possibly to just their private islands and maybe Mexico. It'll take time for cruise lines to get back 100%, so it seems reasonable for the longer cruises to be put on hold for now.
  11. As expected. Gives them time to get the new protocols in place. Maybe there's some cruising happening come January.
  12. who is cruising throughout the Caribbean? What line(s) have started cruising?
  13. Why would they give out info about the trial cruises when they're not available to the public?
  14. 7 day cruises probably just out of Port Canaveral and Miami to start going to CocoCay and Labadee. Might also have 7 day cruises to Cozumel and Costa Maya as well.
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