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  1. Thanks to all for replies. I was looking for way to keep up with group members when on ship and on shore. Also called AT&T. They have several phone and text packages for while on ship. $50 for 50 minutes phone and unlimited text when ship away from land. And then day rates of $10 per day for unlimited while in Bermuda. That make $80 for the week for full use of phone while on shore and unlimited text with limited phone while on ship. Has anyone else done something like this?
  2. Can cell phones be used to keep in touch on board ship? Does X have an app that can be used?
  3. Does X still do set timed seating or is it all flexible dining?
  4. Right, that is specifically what I wanted to know. Sorry about the wrong term for chic night (knew it wasn’t formal any more :)). I was wondering if recent cruisers could tell me for sure which nights. I want to book specialty dining and want to make sure I do not do it on chic nights as those tend to be some of the better MDR nights. So if anyone knows for sure which nights, I would love to know. Thanks again.....
  5. Can anyone tell me what nights are Elegant Dining nights on the 7-night Summit to Bermuda cruise? Thank you......
  6. What nights were “elegant” nights? Thanks.....
  7. Please, could you also post back what days were the whatever they are now calling the 2 former formal nights? Thx
  8. Thx. Anyone know what nights are Evening Chic on Summit to Bermuda 7 night cruise?
  9. What are current policies? I read something about Chic nights? What nights are these on Summit to Bermuda? Thx.....
  10. Aug 19, so it is more than 4 months out. Might depend on number of available cabins, etc as well as time out from sailing?
  11. Thanks for the heads up had I not known. I wasn’t thinking when I typed that. 😊
  12. They allowed us to book a corner aft family suite for the 3 of us. 😊
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