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  1. The last Boston to Bermuda round trip is from September 12-19. The cruise after it is the first New York to Bermuda round trip from September 24- October 1. Does anyone know what the ship will be doing for 5 days between these cruises? Is there a charter? Thank you. Crystal Rich
  2. I would not select 9876 because it has a door that connects with 9874.
  3. I just booked my first Viking Ocean cruise for December, 2022. The booking was made on May 31, 2021 and a deposit was made on that date. I find it most unusual that Viking wants the final payment to be made by June 30, 2021…..18 months before sailing. Any comments from frequent Viking customers? Thank you in advance for giving me some feedback on this.
  4. I do not use Facebook but thanks for the suggestion anyway. Still cannot get the video to play. Crystal Rich
  5. I am unable to get this video to play. Is anyone else having a problem getting it to play? Thank you. Crystal Rich
  6. Another suggestion is to eliminate all tender ports as social distancing is obviously impossible in these tiny boats. If suitable docking ports are unavailable then add an extra sea day. Crystal Rich
  7. We have been on 47 Crystal cruises. For 20 years we have been on the pre- Holiday and Holiday cruise on Serenity. Your concerns are ours as well as the Waterside layout with all the 2 tops are too close together. They would have to remove tables and stagger the dining times to perhaps 5:30, 7:00, and 8:30 fixed seatings. We stay in a penthouse suite and like your idea of spacing out fewer people in the specialty restaurants. What concerns us the most is the inability to conform to the social distancing in the bars, theaters, hallways, and elevators. We suggest that unless you are in your cabin everyone should wear a mask until you get to the Cove, Avenue, or Waterside. It is perplexing how they could operate the Bistro and Marketplace unless they assigned staff to serve all the food. We look forward to reading Crystal’s thoughts next week regarding the steps they propose on the ships due to Covid19. Stay well and all the best to the fabulous Crystal crew and our fellow cruisers. Crystal Rich
  8. Would someone onboard the Symphony now please tell me who the manager is of Prego and Umi Uma. We are boarding in a few weeks and really looking forward to these two venues! Thank you very much. Crystal Rich
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