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  1. I'm thinkin' the same thing. Kind of makes me question the logic behind many of the government's rules and objectives. Maybe no one explained to them that many of us book on a B2B basis; so let's keep 'em in the dark.
  2. Ideas like these will solve the whole problem; they will likely be responsible for eliminating 90 plus percent of the cruisers. I for one will be looking at other ways to vacation.
  3. The short answer is YES. I can't wait until it opens up again. I'm far more fearful of catching something on the plane flying to the port area than on the cruise. I'm betting the safest place to not catch anything is on a cruise ship after this gets behind us. I'm also sure once they start up again the cruise lines will make sure they are as clean and bug-free as they possibly can be.
  4. Very fair of Princess. It is things like this why my wife and I prefer Princess over all the other cruise lines.
  5. Good luck, but I wouldn't count on it. To me it really doesn't make a lot of sense to not have multiple sizes to fit everyone. The usual robes Princes supplies wouldn't likely fit one or two percent of the passengers on board.
  6. We have always found the robes to be sized appropriately to fit a 8-year old very skinny girl. I ounce asked our steward about getting a larger size and he said he would check into it. Later he gave us a couple larger ones that he had swiped from the Lotus Spa and told us not to wear them outside of our cabin or he would get into trouble. Fearing that we would get our steward in trouble we have since given up. No more robs for us.
  7. I'm assuming Scubaqn was likely going through the Princess credit card company for the purchase of the gift cards in order to capture the discount pricing. Our situation is a little different, but I thought I would pass our experience on anyway. We received a gift card from our daughter who purchased the card in a retail store for $100 and gave it to us as a Christmas gift. We used the card on our cruise last month and it went through without a hitch. We simply took it down to the customer service desk and asked that it be added to our on-board account. No problems at all.
  8. The Best Sale Ever is only a good sale if you planned on purchasing the very expensive drink package anyway. If you don't drink at all or only drink moderately you would likely be better waiting for another sale to come down the pike. That is what I am doing. Tom
  9. We recently booked a 3-way back to back cruise. Within a couple of weeks after booking we received one of the cruise cabins assigned. We then waited for about 2 months for the second one to be assigned and finally our last cruise was booked about 2 weeks before its departure. I think the timing has more to do with the availability of cabins and how booked up they anticipate the ship to be. In other words if plenty of cabin are available and they don't think the ship will be full up they may wait until just before boarding time. I've even heard of people that didn't know which cabin they would
  10. As you cruise gets close (a few days out) they may eliminate the opportunity to purchase it. So, my best advice is don't wait until the last minute to order it. Some folks prefer to purchase their water at Walmart or some other discount store then check it in with their luggage the few dollars you save by doing so isn't worth it in my mind. At 7 bucks a case it is well worth the convenience of having it in your room waiting for you when you arrive and not having to lug it around with you. Tom
  11. Usually we cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, but this time we are shipping out of San Pedro. On the Fort Lauderdale cruises Princess provides the ability to book a shuttle service on board to get you back to the airport after your cruise. Does Princess have a similar service from the San Pedro dock to the LAX airport and if so does anyone know the cost? Thanks, Tom
  12. We have booked a 3 cruise b2b (on a guaranteed basis) and received our ocean medallions, but our cabin for the last cruise hasn't been assigned yet. Not sure how that is going to work out. We booked guaranteed cabins for all 3 legs of the cruise. Our first 2 cruise cabins were assigned fairly quickly, but we now have our OMs in hand and still our last cruise cabin assignment remains in limbo. I was wondering if at some point in time we would have to go to the customer service desk to get our OMs reprogrammed, or maybe it would all happen at check-in desk. If anyone has had any first hand exper
  13. We are facing a similar transportation problem from LAX to our motel in San Pedro. Now that Super Shuttle is history, which we frequently have in the past and found to be acceptable, we are thinking about "Go Airport Shuttle". It seems to be very reasonably priced and delivers you right to your hotel/motel. You might want to take a look at their website. I personally have no experience with this service, but it looks like a reasonable approach to our shared problem. It would be good to hear from anyone that might have used this service. Happy Trails, Tom
  14. You are right! Super Shuttle is history now virtually everywhere. Too bad we have used their service many times throughout the country and have always found it to be okay. Tom
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