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  1. I loved the horse races! We bought a horse on one cruise and called it “ My Buc-n-horse” and decorated it with pirate beads and a Bucs flag. During our race, I was in last place until the very end and then I won!! $450!! Royal, please bring back the horse racing!
  2. I pack a table top fan in my carry on for every cruise and it has only been taken once and that was Grandeur out of Baltimore. I did get the fan back after the cruise. I say take it and see what happens, knowing that they will give it back to you, if it is confiscated, in the terminal after you disembark.
  3. I loved the horse races! I won one of the horse races back in the day! ($350) Dh and I decorated our horse with Bucs stuff and named him “My Buc-N-Horse”. Hi Tobyhilda! Hope all is well with you!
  4. That’s what I do. Buy the magnet sheets(5 x 7 I think) and then go to the scrapbooking section and buy stickers to put on the magnet sheet. We have a Michael’s close by, so that’s where I go.
  5. For the people on the next sailing, I take a small table top fan (plugs in)on every cruise and pack it in my carry on. Only had a problem once in Baltimore when they wouldn’t let me take it on, so they held it at the cruise terminal and I picked it up when we disembarked.
  6. Dh and I both came down with noro the last night of our Indy cruise January 2018. We went to medical around 10:30 pm and got medication and filled out forms. It really surprised me that no one called the next day to check on us. They hadn’t notified our cabin steward, because he came knocking on the door around 8:30am to see if we had left yet and I told him we were both sick and would leave as soon as we were able. Our friends that were cruising with us were also sick the last night. They also told their cabin steward, so he could clean the cabin appropriately. It would have been great if we could have been escorted off the ship and not had to stand in the customs line for 30 minutes. Needless to say, it was a miserable two and a half hour ride home!
  7. We are D + on RCCL and sailing on Celebrity in April for the Pacific Coastal Cruise. I am so afraid that Dh will be bored because he loves the flow rider and any other activity! He is all obout go, go ,go, and I’m all about the relaxation. 😳😳😳
  8. Just was looking for the same thing yesterday and ended up calling. The guy was very helpful, apologized that it was no longer available on the website and said he would give RC the feedback. I wanted to make sure they didn’t mess up my D+ amenities when they changed the website and so all the info was correct.
  9. I was trying to book a cruise yesterday and couldn't even get into my account. I reset the password, got the email, clicked on the link to the website and then it said someone already has that email.....yes, it's ME!!! I guess I am calling tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  10. We had a balcony cabin that seemed smaller and had much less storage space than RC. The buffet was the same food every day, the salad bar doesn’t even compare to RC, but their pizza was outstanding. We really missed the great salad bar on sea days in the dining room. We didn’t care for the shows in the theater. The ship is beautiful, but you never got that wow feeling like you do on Oasis class with all the big open spaces. Dh is 55 going on 13😆 and he whined about being bored(he loves the flow rider) and missing his salad on sea days. It wasn’t a bad cruise and if the price was right we might go again some day, but in all the cruises we have sailed, it just wasn’t in the top 20. We will be sailing Celebrity for the first time in April, so I am curious how that will compare to both RC and MSC.
  11. Really enjoying your review! Dh and I were on MSC Seaside three weeks ago and it was great that they matched our status, but it just doesn’t compare to RC. I really laughed when you posted that MB said everyone should try MSC, because they would come back to RC. It is definitely true!(or was that CLR that posted MB’s comment?) Seaside is a beautiful ship though!
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