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  1. No sweat - I just wanted to make sure I understood the mechanisms.
  2. Moot point now, the wording has been removed. But...it would be legal discrimination, in the name of (your) safety. Same reason people under a certain height cannot go on certain rides or down certain water slides. And this was brought about due to the unique conditions of the coronavirus - it isn't standard practice. That's why the wording is gone (again).
  3. Looking at the link you provided, the page has been updated today (8 July), and does not seem to contain that wording any more. So possibly just a transient error in cut-pasting.
  4. Being updated "July 7 at 3:44 PM" might just mean someone edited the webpage or source file to correct a typo or other minor change without impacting or updating actual content, or worse, went in to view it, and hit "save" instead of "exit without saving" even though no changes were made.
  5. AFAIK, the OBC can only be used for on-board purchases - you can't have it applied to your cruise fare. $200 in OBC is nice, and we'll spend it easily on added drink tips (we'll have Cheers, but we like to top up the "zero" bill with a small tip) and photos and probably t-shirts or other trinkets. In theory we could wait to book a Carnival Shore excursion once on board, and the OBC could go towards that, but we'll book well in advance - probably still through Carnival.
  6. I haven't received the Radiance->Breeze swap email from Carnival yet (yes, I checked junk and other possible folders). I guess they are still processing away. I expect to get it sometime today, I guess, then the cabin re-assignment on Friday from what I understand. We're OK with the swap - we were on the Breeze last September to Bermuda. But we were looking forward to buying a different ship model to add to our collection...
  7. Listen, I don't need to hear any logic or reason from you! Carnival is out to make my life miserable, it is the sole reason why they exist! 😜 Thank you for putting that very succinctly.
  8. It appears Carnival has experienced enough drink sharing via faked medical certificates that they accept the occasional loss of business by couples that truly would qualify. It's annoying, but I suppose you can only blame all the cheaters who came before you.
  9. Calling Carnival this week is probably not a great choice - they will be overwhelmed as it is, and I bet knowledge of all the changes is not yet fully promulgated. I'd wait a bit, see how things evolve. But that's me - I don't need the stress of calling, especially knowing everything else that is going on.
  10. If your cruise is/was cancelled by Carnival, they will offer a full refund of whatever you have paid to date. But be patient - apparently the refunds are taking months to process. Then you just need to decide when to book again, when you feel comfortable.
  11. Sorry about your surgeries - obviously they tend to distract from the details of cancelling a cruise and getting a refund. If you booked a fully refundable deposit and the cruise was cancelled before final payment was made, then you should receive the entire deposit back, regardless of whether it was Carnival or you cancelling it - that's the nature of fully refundable deposits. Did you buy insurance? Maybe that is the part that is non-refundable. You say you talked to your "vacation planner". Is that a Carnival PVP, or a third party travel agent? Maybe your PVP/TA told you they booked a fully refundable deposit for you, but they were wrong or misled you. You need to review the booking info you were sent at the time of the original booking. It is possible some wires are getting crossed between you, your PVP/TA, and Carnival. You should contact your PVP/TA again and ask for clarification.
  12. Indeed. My work involves scheduling lots of inter-related activities that include international shipping and travel to international sites. Oddly enough the COVID-19 situation has tangled it all up - and the lack of knowledge about how & where people are going to be allowed to travel is quite frustrating. I am sure the complexities of my work pale in comparison to the task of building a cruise ship. Carnival probably knew for sure a few weeks ago that this was going to happen this way, but they would have also had an obligation to clear all the contractual hurdles in the re-negotiated build out before announcing everything. It is annoying, but that is how it has to be.
  13. It is possible Carnival is limiting bookings right now until they sort out the re-bookings required due to the cancelled Mardi Gras, Breeze, etc dates.
  14. You get totally bumped. Your cruise is cancelled outright. If enough folks cancel their Radiance (now Breeze) bookings out of Pt Canaveral, or if the Radiance bookings that are re-assigned to Breeze don't occupy the cabin you picked, maybe you can re-book once they open that up. But it will not auto-transfer, as far as I can tell.
  15. So...have we beat the dead horse to death again? Bottom line: get it if you want it. Justify that decision as you see fit. Folks invent arguments over the weirdest things.
  16. I'm not going to discuss the aspects of current numbers in Florida or the US. IMHO there is not enough "data behind the data" to have any useful context, as a civilian. But I will state that the EU doesn't want travelers from the US. I think that acts as a pretty good litmus test for the current conditions.
  17. It depends on the conditions/offers that Carnival establishes when/if they cancel. I would not want to wager on how Carnival will allow FCC/OBC to be applied if there is another round of cancellations. They are running out of runway, as it were, for where the new bookings can go, and this may be compounded by possibly fewer ships available.
  18. The first statement is an opinion, or speculation. It is not fact. The only facts we know are that there are no booking available through March. We do not know why. Speculations include: 1. Carnival plans to cancel, but is not announcing anything yet. 2. Carnival is unsure if it will be possible to cruise, so rather than take people's money and cancel on them, they are just "pausing" new bookings. 3. Carnival intends to sail, but is limiting capacity to current bookings until the industry better understands how to move forward. Until an announcement is made or bookings re-appear (or the sailings actually occur), there are no other facts available to the general public.
  19. I'd agree with this - yeah, I can find dive bars where the beer is cheap (and the talk is too, a dead-end situation), and the well liquor even cheaper, but of I go to Bahama breeze or even Buffalo Wild Wings, drinks are $6 to $8 minimum. We, um, exercise our Cheers! package quite well. Even on port days it is well worth our while. But we are on vacation, and have functioning livers, it seems.
  20. Interesting. In case it disappears: Ms Duffy states that the Radiance transformation will continue. "Plans continue to complete the transformation we began for Carnival Radiance..." The video is apparently an Internal Use Only video sent to employees, not for public distribution, so YouTube might pull it, esp since a commenter (who appears to be a Carnival ship staffer based on profile photo) says they reported it.
  21. We live in Central Florida. If you had asked me a month ago whether I would re-book my December cruise on Radiance should it get delayed, I would have said "yeah, sure!" Now, with the recent explosion of cases, I am very shy about whether I would re-book. I don't even want to vacation in my own state right now, and other states don't want me visiting (rightly so). If my cruise gets cancelled, I'll just take the refund and wait it out. Same for my booking on Mardi Gras in April-ish. If I never cruise again, I'll look back fondly at that time in my life when things were a little more carefree.
  22. Shaq is the CFO (Chief Fun Officer), not the COO (Chief Obstinate Officer?). 😁
  23. The question arises from someone suggesting the Radiance/Victory was already in dry dock, completed what was needed there, and is now out of dry dock and (slowly?) undergoing other internal renovations. She doesn't need to be in dry dock for everything, just the hull mods/repairs/clean-up.
  24. Well, assuming the rioters (are you including peaceful protesters too in that phrase?) are local, the CDC has no jurisdiction, as pointed out earlier in this thread - it is up to the state or local Gov't to enact and enforce health and safety measures, including social distancing. I have to wonder: the CDC has a mandate to do what it can to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. If they had instead done nothing so far in terms of imposing restrictions, if they had simply said "hey, COVID-19 bad, social distancing good, but make your own rules up", in retrospect would everyone be happier?
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