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  1. As noted, the free water should be there in your cabin, based on my experience. You probably need to go to Guest Services for the free drink - we don't bother, since we have Cheers!
  2. The free water is there. Or at least, was for us last week on Magic. Speaking of which, they didn't have any pins for Gold VIFP folks (possibly also D/Ps too) - I went to Pixels to pick ours up and was told they didn't get them to the ship in time, and I should email Carnival to get them sent by mail. So I did that today, using the email mentioned previously. I wonder if I will ever get a response?
  3. The first image is a mock-up done before the Magic got her new paint job. Someone in the art department took a stock photo (the wrong one) and played photoshop for a bit.
  4. There were a number of people snorkeling there last week. I don't think it is a super-duper experience full of miles of coral or anything, but it is easy to do - the water is very calm and clear (at least it was when we were there). We brought our snorkeling gear but left it on the ship because we just wanted to float. Next time we will definitely bring it. EDIT: forgot to say - angel fish swam past me, amongst other fish species, just standing in three feet of water, and someone said they saw a stingray, so there seems to be some level of stuff to observe!
  5. We sailed on Magic last week (4-9 Sept). We had received an email a couple days before sailing asking us to please wear masks at all times when indoors due to some recent cases amongst the crew. The cruise was very enjoyable, and wearing a mask as requested was not a big deal to us - I'll probably write up a thread on it shortly. If I have to wear a cruise for my next cruise (December), I will still go and I will have a good time! For the most part, pax wore masks almost all of the time when just walking around indoors, and when first seated at a bar to order a drink. But once the drink arrived, I rarely saw anyone put the mask back on between sips. Similar for eating at Lido etc - once at a table, the masks came off. But when someone started moving again, they generally did mask up. So the overall intent was followed while mobile, but the practicality of drinking, socializing, chatting, etc, especially at places like Alchemy, meant the masks were pretty well off most of the time. At the Piano Bar, they had the papers blocking every second chair at the piano. If you were a couple/group, you could sit together, but you were supposed to leave a gap of one chair to the next couple/group. That often didn't last too long. I don't recall seeing a (non-entertainment) crew member ever without a mask on, except when using a microphone for announcements, etc, like the Maitre D' in the MDR.
  6. No. Carnival in general does not do this (any more - when did they last do it regularly?). Basically, their approach is if you really want that balcony, please give us more of your money...which I understand. Because if they started giving our free upgrades, many people would book interiors hoping to get an upgrade, and Carnival would lose out on revenue.
  7. Technically, you aren't able to cruise if that offer was to a specific person - it usually says so in the terms and conditions. Some people (who?) report that they have boarded without that primary person and never had a hassle. At least one person has related a story of a friend who got denied boarding because primary person (wife) was not present. So...YMMV, roll the bones?
  8. So as Host Carolyn said, that is far enough out that almost anything could happen. I would not want to guess at the possibilities.
  9. As of today, AZ is approved by the WHO, so as long as you got both doses, you are considered fully vaxxed by Carnival because of this statement on their website: Do you accept any kind of vaccine? Any vaccine approved by the FDA or the World Health Organization (WHO). Also, AZ is looking to get approval from the FDA for use in the US.
  10. My understanding is that they are allowing full cancellations or rebookings for as long as the oxygen policy is in place - through the end of 2021, IIRC. When are you booked? It isn't "Carnival" not accepting the mixed AZ vax doses, it is the CDC and WHO.
  11. Unfortunately, it is all about the available bandwidth. There is only so much "pipe" available between the ship and the satellites, and some of that is reserved for ship operations, and with many people on board now wanting to use the wifi to stay connected or stream video etc, then there is only so much that each device is going to be allotted. Maybe when Musk's Starlink goes public, that might help, if the cruise lines opt to utilize that.
  12. Carnival made a big deal out of making sure you watched the video (starring Shaq) when you got to your cabin. On one of the TV channels as "on demand" or something. I wonder why it wasn't "enforced" for your cruise? From an article here on CC: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6246/ Passengers will then be required to watch a video in their cabin explaining the procedures for in case of emergency.
  13. Perhaps a minor typo in the name, due to strong similarity with that other line's offering? Or one could argue, using a language-style grammatical article "La" in front of a short-form of the actual name is a valid reference? https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/cucina-del-capitano
  14. The thing with threats is that by definition, they are inaction until there is action, and the action is usually what we are trying to avoid. If everybody took the attitude that masking was to be ignored, I would hazard a guess that cases would increase significantly, and once that hits the fan, there will be no takebacks.
  15. In general, it is desired you wear your mask unless active taking a sip. How firmly that is enforced may vary, but with some recent upticks in cases on board with the crew, I would bet they will feel better if you keep the mask on as much as possible.
  16. I would wait until you know one way or the other. Did they specify a timeline for completing the survey, or is it just the "next" think that needs completing?
  17. Well, it does restrict me from having fun, but I have come to terms with that restriction after several warnings... I kid! A better analogy might be swimwear and swimming: we have accepted that covering certain body parts to some minimal standard is appropriate, but in general we do not require people to wear shirts and pants when in a pool (in western societies). So to some, the mask is like a t-shirt in a pool - yeah, it doesn't kill me to wear it, but I'd rather not. And singing along in the piano bar has got to be more fun without a mask, but I will abide and wear mine!
  18. I would imagine they are sailing those restarts because they have already pre-sold enough cabins, and they know if they cancel it just kicks the can down the road and they will then have ships still idling at a fixed cost. So if they can get crew and "enough" pax on board to lose less money than not sailing, it is still potentially worth it.
  19. If Carnival insisted on masks for photos, their Pixels revenue would drop significantly. So I will assume it will be like it was at Disney for a while: mask up generally, but you can drop the mask for photo ops, but please put them back on when done taking the photo. A common-sense approach.
  20. So...just out of curiosity, you are suggesting that it would be better if the mask rules were not enforced, and no-one cared, so that when cases do have a random outbreak or two the CDC or other authorities can say "OK, shut it down! No more cruising!"? I would like the rules to go away, but for the right reasons.
  21. Carnival is increasing the requirement to wear masks indoors. Specifically, for my cruise on Magic tomorrow (finally!) they sent out an email that noted there had been a few cases of COVID amongst the crew, and as a result they are "asking" that pax wears masks at all times when indoors, except when actively eating/drinking or in your cabin. So...my wife and I will be spending a lot of time on the Lido deck and at Serenity, I guess!
  22. From the Carnival website: https://www.carnival.com/Legal/covid-19-legal-notices/covid-19-guest-protocols?icid=advisory_cruisehealth_072821 CARNIVAL PLANS TO OPERATE THE FOLLOWING SAILINGS THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2021 UNDER THE VACCINATED CRUISE STANDARDS: Carnival Vista® from Galveston Carnival Horizon® from Miami Carnival Breeze® from Galveston Carnival Miracle® from Seattle Mardi Gras™️ from Port Canaveral Carnival Magic® from Port Canaveral Carnival Sunrise® from Miami Carnival Panorama® from Long Beach Carnival Glory® from New Orleans; Sailings starting September 12, 2021 Carnival Pride® from Baltimore; Sailings starting September 12, 2021 Carnival Dream® from Galveston; Sailings starting September 19, 2021 Carnival Miracle® from Long Beach; Sailings starting September 27, 2021 Carnival Freedom® from Miami; Sailings starting October 9, 2021 Carnival Elation® from Port Canaveral; Sailings starting October 11, 2021 Carnival Valor® from New Orleans; Sailings starting November 1, 2021 Carnival Legend® from Baltimore; Sailings starting November 14, 2021 Carnival Pride® from Tampa; Sailings starting November 14, 2021 Carnival Conquest® from Miami; Sailings starting December 13, 2021 Carnival Radiance® from Long Beach; Sailings starting December 13, 2021
  23. Elation was already scheduled to return in October. These are the (new) Nov/Dec sailings - if a ship already planned to sail before then, then nothing has changed unless specifically noted.
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