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  1. Summerprincess- We are on the same cruise. There is a Roll Call for the cruise at: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2715026-31-october-2021-island-princess-14-day-mediterranean-israel/ You might want to consider joining us. <<<Karen>>>
  2. Try this site: http://themecruisefinder.com/CruiseAds/ Not much there now, though. <<<Karen>>>
  3. gkkapp


    we have booked a new cruise.
  4. The Malbork Castle tour was excellent. We did this on a Princess cruise so cannot speak for other cruise lines. We had a great lunch at a restaurant near the castle, Gosciniec & Hotel nad Wisla . Roads in Gdansk are VERY busy. This is one port that I would advise doing a ship's tour as getting back to the ship on time can be a problem. On our first visit we did a private tour with some other people and cut it really close getting back . <<<Karen>>>
  5. Here's what we did in 2012 using the "Paris on Your Own" excursion: Today we booked a ship's tour – Paris on Your Own. Basically we paid for a bus to take us from the ship into Paris and get us back in time before the ship sailed. We had a very early breakfast in the buffet, and went to the ship's theater to await our tour group being called. The trip into Paris was uneventful and took about three hours. The scenery along the way was nice. Arriving in Paris we rode down the Champs Elysee, past the Arc de Triomphe and were let off near the Place de la Concorde. Luckily, we quickly f
  6. Been there a few times. Nice knitted sweaters, hats and gloves at pretty good prices (last there in 2013, missed it in 2016 due to rain!!). They also have linen goods like shawls and table cloths. They had both adult and children's sizes. In 2016 there were more booths at the dock area but prices might have been higher. <<<Karen>>>
  7. For Belfast try City and Causeway Tours https://www.cityandcauseway.com/ We had a great tour with them this past May. <<<Karen>>>
  8. We have been on 3 Princess Baltic cruises, 2010, 2013 and 2016, and will be on again in June. Each year there was a folkloric show in the evening of the first day. All were very good and just long enough. Your kids should find it to their liking, lots of music and lively dancing. Then it's off to bed so you all are fresh for the next day. Lots of people stay on the ship for the show rather then pay extra for one. <<<Karen>>>
  9. Gee- I hope all is well, too. I did see that his website was down but thought he was just redoing it. He is so good I hope he hasn't given up guiding. I looked at his Facebook page and.....he used my Trip Advisor review on it . <<<Karen>>>
  10. Hi Coral- Last May we did The Guernsey Explorer 90 minute bus tour: https://www.visitguernsey.com/see-and-do/things-to-do/the-guernsey-explorer/ While not a complete tour it gave us a general idea of Guernsey. We booked the first tour, around 10:00am, so we had time to stroll around St Peter Port afterward. I must say that I had back problems and could not have walked for a long time or spent a long time sitting. The tour worked well for us and I am now pain free after spine surgery back in October. Off to the Baltic's this summer. <<<Karen>>>
  11. If you want Red or any other private tour operator now is the time to book. Tours fill up fast. Not sure why his website is down but emailing him through his Facebook page should work. He was quick to reply when I contacted him about this time last year. <<<Karen>>>
  12. Are these two tours ship run tours?? We have been to Kirkwall twice and used private tours both times. This past May we used Red's tours. Looks like his website is "underconstruction" so try: https://www.facebook.com/redsorkneytours/ I put together a group of 6 people by posting on the roll call for the cruise. Red did a great job . Kirkwall and the Orkneys are amazing. His Neolithic Sites tour was great, much better then the tour we took our first time there. There is so much to see there and you don't want to see it looking out of a bus window. Here's a copy of my review on Trip Ad
  13. I am re-posting this review of our 2016 tour in St Petersburg with Best Guides. We are going again in July and will use Best Guides again for another custom tour. This was our third Baltic cruise so we decided to do something different since we had done the “standard tour” twice using a different one of the big well known companies each time.. I am interested in religious art especially icons and Novgorod, south of St Petersburg, is the birth place of Russian icon painting. Could we go there? Internet research turned up several new to me tour companies offering tours to Novgorod.
  14. In Kirkwall last May I purchased some hand spun yarn at the craft fair on the upper floor of the Town Hall building. I believe it is open when cruise ships are in. https://www.facebook.com/orkneyartsandcrafts/ <<<Karen>>>
  15. We used City and Causeway Tours: https://www.cityandcauseway.com/ last May and they did a great job. Tell them your time frame and I'm sure they could work something out for you. <<<Karen>>>
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