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  1. No crystal ball needed. As for next time, I can only say you might want to think twice about booking a cruise in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.
  2. Wrong. Many saw it all coming, not just the "doom and gloom" crowd. And there will likely be more cancellations and protocols ahead, and more lines going under.
  3. One of the many reasons a lot of folks wouldn't cruise.
  4. I'm not convinced there's much pent-up demand for cruises, except in the rhetoric of cruise-line CEOs and among diehard CC members (and a lot of the latter seem to be jumping ship as they find the CLIA and Healthy Sail recommendations either too restrictive or not restrictive enough). And I'm sure the previous mess with Covid on ships has put a lot of people off, particularly potential first-time cruisers. And in the near term, many folks may be struggling with the economic impact of lockdown and thus not spending on cruises.
  5. Actually, CCL is up almost 100% since its low in April. But CCL was 60 in January, and even after its 10% "move" yesterday, only at 15 now (i.e., DOWN 75% from 9 months ago). In other words, its up 8 points from it's low, but down 45 from its high. But as many people here have pointed out, the stock price has virtually no bearing on the company's future viability. And there's no need for name-calling here, please.
  6. And if they do survive, they will be shadows of their former selves and will still face lots of challenges.
  7. One day's activity is virtually meaningless. CCL is up one day, down the next. CCL was at 25 back in June, today it's 14, same as it was in August and in May. And just because people are buying and selling the stock doesn't mean the company is healthy, it's just investors riding the roller coaster. I'm a stockholder, and CCL is on very thin ice. Ditto the other cruise lines. And when the CDC renews the no-sail order, the stocks will likely be in the top-movers again, but heading south. Again.
  8. Completely untrue. You can get it from someone coughing or sneezing as you pass. But they can't contact-trace everyone you pass, so the CDC's metric for contact tracing is 6-ft./15 minutes. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/2019-ncov-factsheet.pdf
  9. My two cents... These recommendations, or a plan for a plan, highlight again the complexity of the obstacles that face cruising. I've long felt the cruise lines do a pretty good job when things are going smoothly, but they're terrible at hitting the curve ball. I don't forseee them clearing the many hurdles for quite some time, if ever, and then a lot of chaos.
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