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  1. Especially since I have 2 kids that want to go. $12 for 1 extra hour for the 2 great! I am fine with that. $50 NO WAY!
  2. Last year when we were on the epic the cost was a per hour fee. When I go online it is a per session fee. Has anyone been on recently who has used this and seen the cost. My daughter normally asks to stay 1 more hour, which was for at 6/8 per hour, but 24 for the session we won’t be doing it.
  3. hahaha, this is the funniest video. It "nearly" tilted onto its side. The "virtual view" is hilarious. They show what a 45 degree tilt would look like, and that would mean decks 8 & 9 were in the water for 5 minutes. Did they notice that there are no videos showing flooded rooms? And I have been on a cruise when we were out in rough sees and a stabilizer broke (our honeymoon on Princess) it was a little scary, but nothing compared to these individuals being so dramatic. I love the one who posted photos of their clothing thrown all around the room, opened luggage. Really? it was so rough that it threw your clothing around the room and opened your luggage? I get it, it was after midnight, people had been enjoying their unlimited packages, so their view on it might be a little off.
  4. Evening all, At the end of March I will be heading out on the NCL Escape. What information would you like for me to post here? I will try to keep a list and post as I go. Let me know!
  5. Thank, we have the slot pull and cabin crawl also planned. Thanks! I have sent you a message, thanks for your help!
  6. Hi all! I know you are all very knowledgeable, do any of you know of places that might be willing to donate trinkets for a meet and mingle door prizes? Thanks all!
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