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  1. Thank You so much! We wanted a 12 day cruise or longer so that’s one reason I picked the Anthem. Some of the 6 ports of cal seem amazing as well. Thanks for your honesty, and I’ll have to get on an Oasis class soon with Royal Caribbean! Hope your day is going well! 😄🚢🏝
  2. I have a question that is probably more personal preference, and opinions my differ. I’m curious how everyone would rate the Anthem of the Seas, and give it a ranking out of all of the Royal Carribean Cruise ships. For example, Harmony #1, Mariner #2, or whatever you’d rank the Anthem. Thanks so much in advance for everyone’s personal opinion! 😄
  3. How does the Anthem of the Seas rank compared to other Royal Caribbean ships in overall personal opinions? Thank You! 🚢😄
  4. Anthem or Harmony? Which one is better from past cruisers? Thanks in advance! 😄
  5. I noticed that for sure. Maybe when the Oasis gets Renovated in November though. I think my itinerary is much better on the Anthem for sure, but the decision of the Oasis Class ships makes it a tougher decision. Thank You! 👍
  6. I couldn’t agree more with you with the better itinerary on the 12 day in my personal opinion. I was just thinking about the differences in ships. Yeah, I did know that the Oasis is getting amped up a bit I’m not sure what exactly there going to change however. Yeah, I can’t go wrong with Barbados, St Lucia, Puerto Rico, St Martenn, St Kitts, and Antigua out of Miami I don’t think. I’ve always seemed to enjoy the southern ones more but I guess it never hurts to try new places. Curacao, St Thomas, and Aruba I enjoyed quite a while in another Southern Carribean that was out of Puerto Rico though. As for the Western Cozumel was fun, Jamaica, and the Grand Caymans I though were a nice mix. I’ve never been to Honduras, Costa Maya,, Haiti, or Coco Cay yet. Thanks for your input I’m kind of particular and as I always say it never hurts to listen even though it’s likely more personal preference.
  7. Question- What is everyone’s Favorite Royal Caribbeans Oasis Class Ship? Thanks! 😁
  8. Yes, you are all correct as it was late when I was typing the question. I did just mean the Oasis Class. I’m not sure if I can edit it or not. I do a lot of research and do keep up to date quite well with all of the refurbishments and such. The only reason I brought up the Anthem is because I’m going on a 12 day Southern Caribbean cruise. It Cruises our of a northern State however, and personally I like going from the cold to the warm. So thinking of possibly changing from the Quantum Class Anthem of the Seas with back to back 7 day cruises for a western and eastern Caribbean cruise all though I do love the current itinerary on the Anthem to the Southern Caribbean despite personally I don’t think you can go wrong really with anywhere in the Caribbean on a 14 day cruise. It’s my hope that clears things up a little. I have never had anything to complain about in any Cruise I’ve been on so far just looking for recommendations incase I do decide to change. Thanks to all for understanding and of course feedback is still welcome, and I truly appreciate the feedback from all of you that like to Cruise as much as I do. Thanks!
  9. Hi all! I was just curious what’s everyone’s favorite Oasis Class Cruise Ship is out of the four? The Symphony, Harmony, Allure, and Oasis? Maybe the Anthem, too. Thanks in advance as any feedback, recommendations, suggestions gratefully appreciated. 🌴🚢 😄
  10. That’s really comforting to know, and I gratefully appreciate your feedback on your recent Cruise on the Anthem. I’m currently booked for a 12 day one in December, out of New Jersey, however thinking about maybe switching to one of the four Oasis Class ships and going back to back for 14 days out of a port in Florida. I’m a warm weather kind of individual so trying to make the right decision even though I know that would both be great. Thanks again, and I hope you had an amazing cohoe Cruises on that Anthem! 😄
  11. Thank You as well! It’s fun finally being a member of this amazing site to talk cruising with others who enjoy the same! 😁
  12. Thank You so much for your quick response. I greatly appreciate it! I’ll be cruising on the Anthem of the Seas later this year so I guess it won’t be done until then. Hopefully the cruise will still look clean and sharp. I haven’t been on the Anthem yet hopefully it will impress! Thanks again!
  13. I’m curious when the Anthem was last Dry Docked, and more importantly when the next Dry Dock for the Anthem of the Seas will be. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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